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Makes You Smile Like The Cheshire Cat

| Decatur, GA, USA | Awesome Workers, Pets & Animals

(I am a 20-year-old college student, and have noticed a small black kitten around our campus. After watching him for a while, my friend and I confirm that he is a stray. We decide to trap him and take him to a shelter to get him looked at. We have just been told that they can’t take him, but they will give us some medication to give him.)

Me: “So, these two today and the other in a week?”

Employee: “Yeah. Just be careful giving it to him.”

Me: “I will! So, how much do I owe ya?”

Employee: “Nothing.”

Me: *stunned* “R-really?”

Employee: “Yeah. It’s a good thing you’re doing. Most people wouldn’t, especially if they’re a college student.”

Me: “W-well… I couldn’t just leave him! He’s a kitten. But… thank you so much!”

Employee: “It’s no problem. Good luck!”

(We got the little kitten to a shelter the next day. He was named Midnight and got looked after and rehabilitated. As a broke college student trying to save a kitten’s life, I couldn’t thank this guy enough. He restored my faith in humanity!)

You Have To Be Howling Mad To Work Here

| OK, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners, Pets & Animals

(I’m working cleaning out cages and feeding the dogs, who are housed in a concrete building. The noise is cacophonous. One dog in particular begins howling.)

Dog: “OOOOOooooooo.”


Dog: “OOOOOooooOOOOO.”

Me: “ooooOOOOOOO?”

Dog: “OOOOO.”

(This proceeds for several minutes until I notice that my supervisor is in the building.)

Supervisor: “Were you… howling at that dog?”

Me: “No! Of course not! That would be weird.”

Supervisor: “Oh, okay… Sure is loud in here today, though.”

(Supervisor walks away, looking back at me suspiciously.)

Dog: “ooooOOOO?”

Me: “OOOooooooooo.”

Bring The Whole Animal House With You

| TX, USA | Awesome Customers, Pets & Animals, Top

(My family arrives at our local animal shelter that has a big glass front. I see the inside volunteers watching my family pile out, including my wife, my eight-year-old twins, and one-year-old daughter. Then their eyes lock on me carrying our dog, Rocky. Their gaze follows me the entire way up the walkway and as we enter the building.)

Volunteer: “Can I help you folks with anything?”

Wife: “Yes, ma’am. We would like to see your cats, please.”

(She shows us to the cats and my kids go nuts trying to find the perfect cat. The whole while, Rocky is trying to break loose and the other volunteers are shooting hateful looks at me. Finally the kids settle on a young adult black cat. She is young enough that she won’t be cranky, but old enough that the baby won’t hurt her. The kids look at me and back away. I set Rocky down in front of the cat, Boo, and they seem to be okay with each other.)

Me: “Okay, looks good to me. We’ll take her home!”

(The volunteer helping us looks puzzled.)

Volunteer: “Why did you bring your dog?”

Me: “Why wouldn’t I? He lives in the house, too. Wouldn’t want to bring someone home he didn’t approve of as well.”

Volunteer: “That’s brilliant! Sir, we all thought you brought him here to dump him, and for some reason brought your kids. Then we thought you were going to ‘trade’ him for a cat. Nobody has ever thought to bring their other pets in to make sure they get along with a new adoption.”

(We brought Boo home, and after a short adjustment period she’s just as much a part of our family as Rocky is.)

Not A Morning Era Person

| Canberra, ACT, Australia | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Family & Kids, Pets & Animals

(I’m working an early morning shift at the checkout. It is not my regular shift and I am not a morning person so I’m not very clear headed. My register is next to the door that leads into the mall. I’m ringing up a customer when there is a really loud high-pitched shriek from outside.)

Me: “Pterodactyl!”

(I then realise its just one of the small children outside.)

Customer: “I’m sure that’s what their parents think sometimes.”

Me: “No, no. I actually thought it was a pterodactyl. That was the first thing that came into my head.”

(The customer looked at me funny for the rest of the transaction.)

Milking The Conversation

| CT, USA | Pets & Animals

(I work at a dairy farm milking cows. Every milking, without fail, a conversation like this happens between us and one of the cows:)

Bertha: “Moo.”

Worker #1: “Hi, Bertha!”

Bertha: “Mooooo.”

Worker #2: “What’s the matter, girl?”

Bertha: “Mooo.”

Worker #1: “Are you hungry, Bertha?”

Bertha: “Mooooooooooo.”

Worker #2: “Be patient. We’re almost done.”

Bertha: “Mooo.”

(At this point, just as we are about to let her loose, Bertha always poops in the milking parlor.)

Both Workers: “Thanks, Bertha.”

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