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    Category: Awesome Customers

    Make An Early Booking

    | Long Beach, CA, USA | Awesome Customers, Bosses & Owners, Job Seekers

    (I am 14, and I spend all my time hanging out at a particular bookstore, browsing, drinking their coffee, and reading.)

    Customer: “Excuse me; I’m looking for a science fiction novel.”

    Me: “Sure. Do you know who it’s by or what it’s called?”

    Customer: “Well, I wasn’t sure which one; it’s a gift for a friend…”

    (The customer tells me what their friend is interested in, and I recommend some of my favorite authors and help them select a book.)

    Me: “I don’t really work here, so you’ll need to see an employee to pay for it… No need to apologize. I just like this place.”

    Manager: “Excuse me; I keep seeing you doing that…”

    Me: “Yeah, I just like talking to people about my favorite books. I hope I’m not overstepping or anything…”

    Manager: “No, it’s great. You should apply for a job!”

    Me: “I’m too young, sadly. I checked the application form already…”

    Manager: “When you’re old enough, then. You practically work here already. I’m not really supposed to promise people jobs, but I think we can make an exception for you.”

    (I had to move out of town a few months later, but 16 years later I still wonder what my life would have been like if I’d been able to stay and work for them and have my first job in a place I loved!)

    He’ll Have The Obnoxiously Sweet Ham

    , | Australia | Awesome Customers, Coworkers

    (I am working with one coworker who is in a horrible mood and refusing to serve customers unless she absolutely has to. She was wiping a bench and I am carefully washing raw chicken juice off my arms to serve a man who is standing right in front of my coworker, patiently waiting as she ignores him. A loud, slightly deranged regular comes in and, assuming the other customer is being served, approaches me.)

    Loud Customer: *cheerful* “Hey love! How are ya?”

    Me: “I’m good. I hope you’re well! Sorry, but I have to take care of this gentleman here first. You’re next, though. I promise.”

    Loud Customer: “S’fine, what about the other lady? Lady! Hey, heeey! I need some brawn! Pork brawn, thank you, love!”

    Coworker: *defeated sigh*

    (She serves the loud customer and I serve the other man. The loud customer is VERY loudly chattering away about some conspiracy theory and why he doesn’t eat certain hams. My coworker and I both wind up at the wrapping station for our orders at the same time.)

    Coworker: *mutters darkly, so only I can hear* “Holy f****ing h***.”

    Me: “Ha. I love him! He actually made you do your job.”

    Coworker: *cracks her first smile of the day* “I know; I hate it.”

    (As the loud customer left, he practically yelled at my coworker to feel better. Apparently being obnoxious isn’t so bad, as long as you’re sweet at the same time!)

    Serving A Fair Lady

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Awesome Customers, Movies & TV

    (I am a hostess at a fairly high-end restaurant. On a quiet night, I am scanning through the reservations and organize the parties in different sections. I noticed one reservation under the name of “A. Hepburn.” I am a big Audrey Hepburn fan. At the time of their reservation, I greet an older couple at the door.)

    Me: “Welcome! Do you have a reservation this evening?”

    Customer: “Yes, thank you. The name is A. Hepburn.”

    Me: “Very good. Let me show you to your table, Ms. Hepburn…”

    (A moment later, I turn to one of my coworkers.)

    Me: “I’ve been waiting to say that all night.”

    Guest Employee Of The Month

    | England, UK | Awesome Customers, Coworkers, Technology

    (My place of work hires a new assistant manager. Only recently, my manager has asked him to take over doing the employee rotas, as part of his job description. For ease, these are emailed to us so we know what we’re working ASAP.)

    Coworker: “[My Name], have you seen this?”

    Me: “Seen what?”

    (My coworker points to an email he’s printed out for us. I go to read.)

    Email: “Hi, [Workplace]. Sorry to bother you, but as I live elsewhere, I’m afraid I won’t be able to work your hotel rota over these two weeks. However, I am staying with you guys shortly!”

    Me: “Huh?”

    Coworker: “Look at the name.”

    (I do, only to discover that the email detailing our rotas for the next two weeks was sent not to me, but to a prospective guest with a similar name. Seriously!)



    Finally On The Money

    | Chicago, IL, USA | Awesome Customers, Money

    (I volunteer to answer phones for a charity event to get pledges. We are supposed to answer ‘hello, thank you for calling [Charity]. My name is [My Name]. May I take your pledge amount?’)

    Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [My actual full time job Company]… Er, no, I meant, thank you for calling [Other Company I work at part time]… Wait, no, that’s not right…” *getting really flustered* “Thank you for calling… Oh, heck, just give me your money!”

    (The caller thought it was hilarious and pledged $500!)

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