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    No Knives Over The Chives

    | USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Food & Drink

    (My sister and I go out to dinner at a fast food chain. It’s almost empty, save for us and a small family. My sister gets a baked potato as a side. When we get our food, the cashier notices something.)

    Cashier: “Oh, s***! There’s no chives!”

    Sister: “Oh, that’s fine. I don’t really care for them.”

    Cashier: “What? Are you sure? We can get you something else if you want.”

    Sister: “Nah, it’s not a big deal. It’s fine how it is.”

    Cashier: “All right, uh, okay. Usually people throw a fit about this stuff.”

    Sister: “Oh yeah, I used to work at [Other Chain]. We got them all the time.”

    (The cashier insisted on refunding half my sister’s food, but she refused to accept it.)

    Getting A Kick Out Of Loitering

    | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

    (I’m a regular at a video game store. I’m standing off to the side, charging my phone. A customer walks up, then stops a bit before the register.)

    Cashier: “I can help you here!”

    Customer: “She was here first, though.”

    Cashier: “Her? Nah, she’s just loitering. We’re just too nice to kick her out.

    Carefully Careless Comments

    | Sweden | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers, Health & Body

    (I work as a personal caregiver for a disabled woman. I’ve recently quit the job, but am on an emergency call list, should they have no one else to call in. After six months absence, I’ve been called in.)

    Her: “You’ll never get rid of me!”

    Me: “Yep. Like chewing gum on a bus seat, you keep sticking to me and I can’t get you off!”

    Her: *pauses to stare at me*

    Me: “You’ve missed me.”

    Her: “I’ve suddenly forgotten why!”

    Shaved From Embarrassment

    | The Netherlands | Awesome Customers, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (It has been a very long day and my brain has switched to auto-pilot, going through the routine automatically. I am working the cash registry and we keep perfumes, after-shaves, and smokes behind the registry.)

    Customer: “Do you have [Brand]?”

    Me: *turns around and starts looking through the shelves of eau de cologne and after-shaves* “Yes, sir. We have the scent and the after-shave. Which one do you want?”

    Customer: *snickering* “Does it look like I’d need the after-shave?”

    (I turn around, and stare at his face with a full beard. He is still laughing and I’m trying to save face.)

    Me: “Uhm… maybe for somewhere else?”

    (The customer bursts out in laughter while I realise what I said and start to die of embarrassment.)

    Customer: “I do shave there, miss, but I wouldn’t want to use after-shave on that!”

    Our Beef With The Beef Isn’t With You

    | Zel am See, Austria | Awesome Customers, Employees, Food & Drink

    (My father and I are on a skiing trip and trying out a new restaurant. I order the venison stew, and my father orders the sirloin steak, asking to have it done medium rare. The food is pretty good, but there’s one glaring problem. The stew has beef in it – rib meat – not venison, and what my father has gotten is clearly not sirloin, but some other cut which isn’t quite as good. Since we’re really hungry and tired from skiing all day, we decide not to make a fuss. The waitress approaches us at the end of the meal.)

    Waitress: “Did everything taste good?”

    Father: “Yes, it’s good. It’s not what we ordered, but it’s good.”

    Waitress: “…What?”

    Me: “Well, I can tell this isn’t venison in the stew, and whatever is on my father’s plate isn’t sirloin steak. And he asked for medium rare, but this is rare bordering on raw.”

    Father: “We just thought you could pass it on that people CAN tell the difference.”

    Waitress: *looking like she’s about to panic* “I’m so sorry. I—”

    Me: “Please. We know this isn’t your fault. You’ve been nothing but kind and pleasant to us all evening. You don’t cook the food here. We just wanted whoever it is who does to know that using cheaper meat than what’s on the menu will only lose you customers, okay?”

    Waitress: *looking close to tears* “I’m really very sorry. I didn’t know. They just hand me the food.”

    Father: “It’s okay, really. Here’s a tip. You really deserve it. I hope you get that cook sorted out.”

    (She all but bolted from there, looking relieved, mortified, and like someone was going to feel the flat of her hand very soon. Hopefully, things worked out in the end – my father and I certainly didn’t return there.)

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