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    Category: Awesome Customers

    Tipped In Your Favor

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Awesome Customers, Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money

    (I have been asked to help out at a 21st birthday party at work. It’s my first time on table service, working with another staff member. I keep taking orders and drinks out while she mainly chats to the barman. At the end of the night the birthday girl’s father approaches me.)

    Father: “Excuse me. Can you come over here so we can order more drinks?”

    Me: “Sure!”

    Father: *looking around to see where my coworker is* “Here, take this.” *pushes

    a folded up $50 note into my hand* “Put it in your pocket and don’t tell the other waitress how much I gave you. You did most of the work while she did as little as she could and flirted with the barman all night.”

    (Later, my coworker approaches me.)

    Coworker: “Did you get a tip? I got $20. Don’t worry if he didn’t give you as much. It was your first night, after all. You did okay…”

    Good Things Come In Open Packages

    | FL, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Employees, Money

    (I’m hopping into a store to get one thing. I find what I need. It’s the last one they have, but the package is opened and looks badly damaged. Since it’s open, however, I’m able to see that everything that’s supposed to be there is and the product itself is fine. I decide to buy it anyway.)

    Me: “Just this today, thanks.”

    Cashier: “Of course.”

    (The cashier goes to scan the barcode, but then just stares at the package for a good thirty seconds, even though the barcode is still there.)

    Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I just found it like that, and I didn’t see any more. But I figured it was still okay to buy.”

    Cashier: “You… want to buy this?”

    Me: *confused* “Yes… please?”

    Cashier: “You want to buy this at full price?”

    Me: *laughs* “Unless it’s on sale, but I don’t think it is. It’s the last one, and since it was open when I found it, I made sure everything was accounted for. I’ll just take this today, thanks.”

    Cashier: “Sorry about that, ma’am. I’m just shocked you didn’t demand a discount.”

    Me: “Why would I? The product itself is fine, and I’m not going to need the packaging once I get home.”

    Cashier: “You’d be surprised at how crazy some people are.”

    (I now seriously don’t doubt that a bit!)

    Taking Your Sweet Time

    | Boston, MA, USA | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

    (I am in a temp job. I am asked to run to the bank to deposit some checks. I am second in line at the bank.)

    Rep: “Don’t worry, ma’am. Just a few more minutes.”

    Me: “No problem. Not in a rush to go back to the office.”

    Rep: “Oh? So, you are being paid for running to the bank?”

    Me: “Yup.”

    Rep: *all this said with a smile* “Very good. Please help yourself to the candy. We have water over there if you need a few more minutes.”

    Me: “Thanks!”

    (Nice when people can just go with the flow.)

    Pure Polite Is A Rare Delight

    | TX, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Employees, Food & Drink

    (My wife and I go to a sandwich chain restaurant for lunch. There’s a decent line, but the employees are working quickly so the wait isn’t long. My turn comes up to order.)

    Me: “I would like a foot-long [bread], please.”

    Worker #1: *visibly flinches* “Okay, and what would you like on it.”

    Me: “I would like a [sandwich] with cheddar, please.”

    Worker #1: *flinches again* “And would you like that toasted?”

    Me: “No, thank you.”

    (I move down the line to the next station. Worker #2 looks at me expectantly.)

    Me: “I would like pickles, tomatoes, and light mayo, please.”

    Worker #2: *visibly flinches* “Anything else?”

    Me: “No, thank you.”

    (We complete our order, and I go to get drinks while my wife pays for our meals. I overhear the cashier talking to my wife while I’m out of sight.)

    Cashier: “Ma’am, your husband had us worried. Usually when people are extremely polite, they end up exploding and throwing a fit at some point. That was just totally weird to have someone be polite the whole time!”

    Delay Reaction

    | Kansas City, MO, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Bosses & Owners

    (My mom and I are in line at the checkout. The manager walks over and tells the cashier it is time for her to go home after she is done helping us. We chose this register because my mom really likes this particular cashier.)

    Me: “So, you get to go home early tonight? That must be nice.”

    Cashier: *quietly, so the manager, now standing by door, does not hear* “It would be if it only happened once in a while. He’s cut me at least fifteen minutes early every shift for over two weeks.”

    Mom: “We can be really difficult so you’ll have to stay and help us.” *louder, so manager can hear* “[My Name], is that the price you remember seeing for [item]? I was sure it was less than that.”

    Me: *catching on* “It must have been. I think we need a price check.”

    Mom: *after price check confirms item is right price* “Oh, and could you please slow down on the bagging? I don’t want anything smashed or broken.”

    (My mom continues to delay, insisting the cashier stop several times to read the total to her or double check something. Then, she pretends she cannot find her debit card and takes her time entering her PIN.)

    Mom: “Has it been long enough yet?”

    Cashier: “I think so. Thank you.”

    Me: “Okay, mama. I think we should go now.”

    (We walk toward the door, and my mom turns back toward the cashier.)

    Mom: “Thank you, ma’am! You were so helpful!”

    Me: *smiling at manager* “Good night!”

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