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    Won’t Sit, Kneel, Or Stand For This

    | NSW, Australia | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners

    (I have been working at a tool warehouse for about two months and am hating it. My boss constantly shouts and criticizes me for everything, He has just asked me to sort a large tray of screwdriver heads into a small filing cabinet that is, max, two feet off the ground. I am kneeling.)

    Boss: “[My Name]! What the f*** are you doing! You can’t sit on the floor in front of customers. Get the f*** up!”

    (I get up and begin sorting whilst bending over.)

    Boss: “What the f*** are you doing now! Did you not learn anything in health and safety? You can’t bend like that!”

    Me: “So, what am I to do if I can’t sit kneel or bend?”

    Boss: “I don’t care. Just do it. Pick it up if you have to.”

    (The cabinet weighs a ton and I can’t pick it up, but I try nonetheless.)

    Boss: “Are you f****** stupid! Don’t pick that up. It’ll cripple you!”

    Me: “So don’t pick up, don’t sit, don’t kneel, don’t stand… What do I do?”

    Boss: “F****** kill yourself, please. It’ll do me a favour!”

    (The whole room goes silent and looks.)

    Me: “Fine, then.”

    (I pick up the tray which contains literally thousands of heads all sorted according to size and throw it over the back of my head, covering the floor in them.)

    Me: “I quit.”

    Needs To Find A Better Outlet To Vent

    | Savannah, GA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees

    (I’m at the food court and I need a power outlet. Five of the six places are occupied with people eating. The sixth contains a magazine, a drink cup, and an (obvious open) purse on top of the magazine. No one is nearby. I figure the owner has foolishly stepped away to get something from one of the eateries and will return promptly. Or, she’s wandered off and left her things lying around and will notice the total lack of purse and come running at any moment. I choose to eat lunch close to the ‘unoccupied’ table, figuring that when she returned to claim her items I could move to the table. 30 minutes pass, my lunch is finished, and no one has returned for the items or even looked at them twice. I carefully pick up the magazine (not touching the purse) and drink, and move them to a table about 4 feet away. I then plug in my computer and begin to work. 20 minutes later a woman comes storming up to me.)


    Me: “Yes. I waited about 30 minutes for someone to claim it, then moved it because I needed the outlet.”


    Me: “No one. Considering how long you left your things unattended, I’m surprised that no one took them.”

    (I put my earbud back in and turn back to my computer. I am aware of her continued ranting, but as I’ve been pretty obvious about replacing the ear bud, I ignore her. Eventually she wanders off. 10 minutes later, an older man comes over. I remove the earbud. He’s being reasonably polite. I respond in kind.)

    Him: “Did you move my employee’s items?”

    Me: “Yes. They had been left unattended for at least 30 minutes before I moved them. I needed the outlet, so I moved them to the nearest table.”

    Him: “You shouldn’t touch other people’s things.”

    Me: “I actually sat at that table -” *pointing* “- for 30 minutes, waiting for someone to collect the abandoned items before I moved them. Your employee is lucky that someone didn’t come along and take her things.”

    Him: “She says she was watching her stuff all the time.”

    Me: “That seems unlikely, since no one was around for 30 minutes before I moved them, and she didn’t approach me until 20 minutes after I moved them.”

    Him: “She also didn’t like how you spoke to her.”

    Me: “I regret that.”

    Him: *nonplussed* “She says you just moved her stuff and was rude.”

    Me: *done with this conversation now* “She’s welcome to her version of what happened.”

    (I put the earbud back in. A few minutes later, I glanced up and saw the woman ranting at her boss. With the earbuds in, I opted to ignore them. Kudos to the boss for going to bat for the employee. I rarely find a boss willing to stand up for an employee. Too bad this boss chose the wrong woman to stand up for.)

    Sometimes You Have To Put An Animal Down

    | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers

    (I work at a camp over the summer, cleaning and prepping the dining hall for mealtimes. Most of the workers are high-schoolers, but I am in college and one coworker is rather elderly. She bosses us around quite a bit due to our age. This happens one day when we’re all at the end of our nerves.)

    Older Coworker: “[My Name]! You need to go clean the soda machines right now!”

    Me: “I’m about to start vacuuming. Didn’t we agree that you would do the soda machines? What are you working on?”

    Older Coworker: “My hands will get stiff if I do it! I decided that I’m cleaning the windows. The rest of you kids need to do the other work!”

    Me: “But you’ve already cleaned the windows twice today, and that’s all you’ve done! I can leave vacuuming to you and get the soda machines if you want, but I can’t do both.”

    Older Coworker: “You listen to me, you brat! You high school kids are so rude! So incredibly rude! I’m older, so I decide what I get to do and what the rest of you do, and that’s that!”

    (By now, the other workers are staring and seem have no idea what to say, but I’m sick of her.)

    Me: “For one thing, I’m in college. Not that it should matter, because for another thing, that’s not how the chain of command works. We agreed on what we would do, and you regularly ignore that and shove your work onto the rest of us. Now, I’m busy doing my job, and while I would be happy to switch with you—”

    (At this point, she gets in my face and growls and snaps at me like an animal, then turns on her heel and stalks back into the kitchen. Everyone else stares, and then the oldest high-schooler speaks up.)

    Other Coworker: “I knew she was immature, but I have never seen her do anything quite that childish. Good on you. Keep vacuuming; I’m going to go tell the cooks about that.”

    Me: “You don’t have to.”

    Everyone: “Yes, we do.”

    (The cooks gave her a stern talking-to, and while she still grouched about having to do work, she never again tried that strange animal dominance display on anyone.)

    I’ve Got A Ticket To Deride

    | WA, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I am 20 years old at the time of this incident and have had my license for three years. My dad lets me borrow his car to do some shopping. As I’m getting back into the car after leaving the store, I’m about to pull out when someone steps up to my window. I pause and roll it down to find a police officer standing there.)

    Me: “Uh, can I help you?”

    Officer: “License, please.”

    Me: *hands it over* “If you don’t mind my asking, what’d I do? I haven’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet.”

    Officer: “And you won’t be for a long time, kid. Out of the car. ”

    Me: “Huh?”

    Officer: “Out. Now.”

    (I scramble out of the car. He glares at me, still holding my wallet with my license on the inner fold.)

    Me: “I’m no expert at law, but, what cause do you have to stop me?”

    Officer: “You have any proof of ownership for this car?”

    Me: “No, it’s my dad’s car.”

    Officer: “And how old are you, missy?”

    Me: “I’m twenty.”

    Officer: “I wasn’t born yesterday, kid. How old are you?”

    Me: “Uh… you’re the one holding my license and ID, sir. Check it yourself.”

    (He finally opens my wallet and glares at my license. I see his eyes bug in amazement that I am indeed twenty. He snaps the wallet shut and demands registration, which I get from the glove-box and hand to him. His face grows an interesting shade of purple and white as he realizes that the car is registered under my dad’s last name, which I share. He tells me to stay put and wait while he goes to his squad car. I do so and when he comes back, he shoves a piece of paper in my hands.)

    Me: “What’s this?”

    Officer: “A ticket. What’s it look like?”

    Me: “For what?”

    Officer: “Wasting my time.”

    (He storms off and I gape at him. I rush home and inform my dad. Naturally, he’s astounded at this and we immediately call the number provided. When we mentioned the reason stated, the manager on the other end was very quiet for a while and my dad asked if he was still there.)

    Manager: “Yes… I am still here. Ignore that ticket, please. I’ll see what I can do.”

    (He hadn’t quite hung up the phone all the way when we heard the following:)

    Manager: *slightly in background* “THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME THIS MONTH HE’S—” *click*

    He’s A Paid In The A**

    | Wellington, New Zealand | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Bosses & Owners

    (I was hired to work as a barista/waitress for a cafe and restaurant. On my first day I’m warned by one of the other workers that it can be difficult to get the boss to pay you on time. The chefs are all from India and have very little English. The boss is also Indian with excellent English, but the front of house staff are all New Zealand women. After several weeks of issues with pay not being paid on Thursday like promised, and only getting paid for 20hrs instead of 40, I quit.)

    Me: “Here is my letter of resignation.”

    Boss: “But you can’t leave! You’re my best worker!”

    Me: “But you don’t pay me correctly!”

    Boss: “You white girls, wanting to get paid every week!” *laughs*

    Me: “…”

    (I found out a few weeks later that not only had he taxed me and didn’t declare it but he also declared bankruptcy.)

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