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    The Key Is To Not Panic

    | Muskegon, MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees

    (I am having a full dental exam, and shortly after I am seated in the chair, I realize that my keys are poking me in a rather uncomfortable way, and mention this to the dental assistant. She kindly suggests I place them on a countertop in the room, and I do so, along with some insurance papers. At one point during the visit, another male employee in a white coat walks into the room briefly and then leaves. Cut to the end of the visit and I am preparing to leave, when I realize that although my insurance papers are still on the counter, my keys have disappeared!)

    Me: “Excuse me, where are my keys? Remember, I left them here?”

    Dental Assistant: “Yes, I do, and I don’t know. Are you sure you didn’t pick them up?”

    (I check my pockets, we both check the floor, and she even looks in the waste container, but they are nowhere to be seen. By this point I am about to have a panic attack because I am miles from home and have no way to get into my car, or assuming I can get home somehow, to unlock my door.)

    Dental Assistant: “Hold on and let me check to see if someone picked them up.”

    (She disappears in the back for about three or four minutes, and all the time I am dreading the worst and wondering how I will get home, since there is no public transportation where I live. Finally she returns, keys in hand, with this explanation…)

    Dental Assistant: “Another employee thought they were my keys, so he thought he was playing a joke on me by taking them!”

    (Needless to say, I had a little chat with the clinic administrator before I left, who seemed genuinely horrified that one of their employees would behave in such an unprofessional manner. I certainly hope that employee at the very least got a good lecture on the inappropriateness of his behavior – after all, for all I know he could have copied my keys while he had them in his possession!)

    We’ve Reached A Dirty Fork In The Road

    | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink

    Dad: “Ma’am?” *waves to the waitress* “I’m sorry, but half of these utensils are filthy.”

    Waitress: “Oh, my! Here, let me go replace them for you. I’m sorry!”

    Dad: “Thank you.”

    (The waitress comes out with a new set for everyone. My dad finds out that these are just as filthy as the bunch he sent back.)

    Waitress: “Let me get the manager to figure this out.” *goes to the kitchen*

    Manager: *comes out of the kitchen, holding a handful of dripping wet utensils* “Here!” *slams his fist onto the table* “You pick which ones you want!”

    (My father left when he saw that in the middle of the utensils the manager grabbed was a slice of tomato.)

    Weight Gain Equals Job Loss

    | TX, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink, Health & Body

    (I have always been on the small side. At this time I had just gotten over the flu, and so I was a bit skinnier than I normally am. I was really craving a chicken sandwich, so I decided to get one.)

    Me: “Can I get a chicken sandwich with no lettuce and no mayo, but add tomatoes? And a small diet coke.”

    Worker: “No.”

    Me: “Sorry?”

    Worker: “I’ll get you a large regular coke and a cheeseburger, because you need to gain weight, anorexic freak.”

    A Salted With Spit

    | PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink, Health & Body

    (My family had finished moving furniture into my cousin’s house. Afterwards we all go out to eat at a well known restaurant. Everything is fine until after we get our food. Our salt shaker seemed to be clogged, and we flagged down a waitress to help us.)

    Dad: “Excuse me our salt shaker is clogged. Can you get us a new one?”

    (The waitress takes the salt shaker and instead of getting a new one, she blows into it, spits on it, and rubs it with a napkin.)

    Waitress: “It should be fine now.”

    (We haven’t gone back since.)

    It’s A Numbers Game

    | Denmark | Bad Behavior

    (I work with customer service/refunds and returns for a large electronics store. I am handling customers alone while my colleague is getting lunch. I have one particularly troublesome customer, but she is the only one waiting. While I help her, the store starts filling up with other customers, and I hear one of them asking the others:)

    Customer #1: “Is the queue on a number system?”

    Customer #2: “No, it isn’t.”

    (Once I finished with the first customer, I leave the register for a brief period, came back and in a clear and loud voice say:)

    Me: “46! Number 46!”…

    (Every single customer started frantically looking around for the numbers dispenser, while I tried my utmost to keep a straight face. When it finally dawned on them, all the customers started laughing and the hassle of waiting was forgotten for a while.)

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