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    A Little Tip From Up North

    | Philadelphia, PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink

    (My dad and I have traveled to Philly from Canada to see one of our favourite bands in concert. I am about 23. We go up to the bar.)

    Me: “Two beers, please.”

    Bartender: “You got any ID on you?”

    (I hand her my Canadian ID.)

    Bartender: *in a snarky tone* “Oh, you’re Canadian?” *scoffs*

    Me: “Yup, and in Canada we only tip bartenders who aren’t b****es.”

    Planted The Seeds Of An Argument

    | IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

    (I worked as a greenhouse rep, basically a vendor for a supercenter that helped out in Lawn and Garden. I helped the associates make all of the flowers look nice and organized for customers. One of the centers that I go to had an associate that would not cooperate with me at all. One day I go into work after being told by my management that the small pots of geraniums need to be tossed. I go to the nearest manager at the center.)

    Me: “So, as much as you won’t like hearing this, I’ve been told that the $1 and $3.65 geraniums need to be tossed, since they’re out of season and no one is buying them anymore.”

    Manager: “No, that’s fine! Do what you need to do, all right?”

    (I’m pretty taken aback, since all other managers have fought with me in the past about tossing plants. This is the first time I’ve seen this manager. So I start my work when enters the associate.)

    Associate: “What are you doing?!”

    Me: “Throwing away geraniums…”

    Associate: “Who said you could do that?”

    Me: “My supervisor and her boss. They said that geraniums are out of season and need to be gone to make room for new plants, so I’m tossing them.”

    Associate: “Why aren’t you saving the pots?! We need to keep account of the plants you throw away!”

    Me: “You mean those pots?” *points to piles of pots out in the open* “I know not to throw them away, it’s not my first day.”

    Associate: “Well, you’re gonna stop this now, or else I’m going to the manager!”

    Me: “No, I’m not stopping, so go ahead. I’ve already told a manager what I was doing.”

    Associate: “Uh huh, sure you have. You’re stopping right now and coming with me!”

    Me: “H*** no, I’m not. I’m staying right here.”

    (At this point she stomps out of Lawn and Garden to get a manager, different one than the one I talked to earlier. Skipping ahead a bit, he gets my supervisor on the phone and she tells both of them the exact thing. I’m skipping to after he leaves, telling me that they’ve reached an agreement to leave a few geraniums in 50% off. I’m fine with that and continue to work. The associate continues the day in this type of manner.)

    Associate: “You know I’ve heard from others in [two different towns that I’ve never been to]. I mentioned your name and they all said that you’re hard to work with.”

    Me: “Really? Cause the only other place I’ve worked at is [Place], and they generally get along with me and respect me since I go above and beyond for them.”

    Associate: “Well, they know of you! And they all had bad experiences. Even your company’s coworkers that have been here said that you love to throw things away.”

    Me: “That’s funny, since I’ve only worked with [Greenhouse] employees twice, and in both occasions I’ve never thrown anything away.”

    Associate: *scoffs* “You always have something to say, don’t you?! Are you always this disrespectful to your elders?!”

    Me: “Not typically; just when they act like a b**** like you.”

    (She threw a fit after that and went off to the other side of the center. Every time she saw me after she had something negative to say. Later on another supervisor from my company came by and tried talking to her about the plants. He told me after talking to her that he was about to punch her in the throat.)

    “Please” Just Get Yourself Fired

    | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I’m at a local baseball stadium with my family. Throughout the first five innings, we’ve been getting increasingly annoyed, because an out-of-state summer-camp bought up all the seats around ours, and the kids have been a nightmare. They’re all running around, throwing things; some of which hit us, standing up in front of us and making us miss plays because we can’t see, etc. Their counselors aren’t doing anything. Finally, we decide to go to the office and ask if someone can talk to the counselors and control the kids, or at least move our seats. There is an employee at the office, who looks to be a rather disgruntled 20-something.)

    Me: “Hi, sorry to bother you but we really could use a hand with the camp-kids. They’re out of control.”

    Employee: “Oh. Well, I can’t do anything.”

    Me: “You can’t do anything?”

    Employee: *sighing and clearly not wanting to do his job* “Nope. Sorry. Ain’t happening.”

    Me: “Well, can we at least move seats?”

    Employee: “Nope. There’s no other seats I could switch you to.”

    (This is a flat-out lie. About half the stadium is empty.)

    Me: “Uhhh, that’s not true at all.”

    Employee: “Ehhh… not in my opinion.”

    Me: “Look, would you move us or have someone talk to the counselors for the camp? We’ve been hit with food and souvenirs they’re throwing around, they’re constantly screaming and giving us a headache, and they’ve even been standing in front of us and making us miss plays in the game. We paid for tickets to the game, not tickets for some kids to annoy us constantly.”

    Employee: “No, I won’t do that.”

    Me: “Why’s that?”

    Employee: “You didn’t say ‘please.’ And I don’t have to do anything for you because it’s not my f****** problem.”

    Me: *taken aback* “Excuse me? I don’t appreciate being talked to like that. Get me a manager.”

    Employee: *smirk, sarcastic tone* “No, you said it wrong. It’s ‘Please get me a manager’…”

    Me: *now angry* “If you don’t like your job, then quit and let someone else who would actually appreciate it have it! Don’t be snarky to me. Get me a manager, now!”

    Employee: “Fine!”

    (He called for a manager, but the manager was busy. He snidely told us it would be “a while” before the manager would come. We ended up leaving because it took way too long, and we missed most of the game waiting for someone to see us. We ended up writing to the management and getting a full refund, and were later informed that the employee was immediately terminated after our complaint – one of several that day – was reviewed. Thank god for that.)

    Eat, Pray, Quit

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Money

    (I’m working at a skate park owned by a wealthy Christian woman. All the employees are Christian, including me and the deeply religious manager. I’m extremely poor and the owner is always a month late in paying her employees (even skipping a paycheck once), yet I’ve remained for over a year out of loyalty to the children who visit us from broken homes. Then this happens.)

    Manager: “[My Name], have you been eating properly? Hun, if you don’t have enough food, you better tell me. I can’t stand the thought of you going hungry.”

    Me: “I’m okay, since I’ve still got those cans of soup you gave me last time. But I really do need my paycheck…”

    Manager: *looks frustrated* “I know, hun. We all do.”

    (Suddenly, the owner comes into the skate park looking very excited.)

    Owner: “You two, come see! Come see what I bought!”

    (We follow her outside. There, parked in the driveway, is a brand new luxury vehicle.)

    Owner: “Isn’t it beautiful? [Husband] and I decided it was time for a new car and we’ve been eyeing this one for a while.”

    (The manager and I look at each other, and my manager’s expression is positively glacial.)

    Me: *to the owner* “It’s… nice.”

    Owner: “Thank you!”

    (More people come outside so the owner turns her attention to them. The manager and I go back indoors.)

    Me: “I’m quitting.”

    Manager: “Good. Get out of here. Find a job that will let you eat properly. I’ll be praying for you.”

    Me: “You’re a true Christian. May God bless you and your family.”

    (I returned half a year later to check up on the park. Under new authority, the manager was now receiving a steady paycheck.)

    Needs To Retire That Attitude

    | Auckland, New Zealand | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Job Seekers

    (I’ve been applying for jobs for about three months and on Monday receive a very interesting call. I answer in three rings.)

    Caller:“That took long enough! Is this [My Name]?”


    Caller:“I’m [Caller] from [Company I have applied to], just touching base on an idea we’ve had here at HR… Now, first of all, due to your being elderly, we can’t in good faith offer you the job… right?”

    Me:“Well, I’m—”

    Caller:“Exactly, good of you to be understanding! Now, the good thing is you have a lot of experience, and as most elderly need to pass that on to younger people and anyway, they like working voluntarily. We decided to offer you the chance to come in here, three or four days a week and train the young staff. Better than just stepping aside for them, eh?”

    Me:“So, I won’t actually be paid for this?”

    Caller: “Oh, s***, no! Not worth the cost of paying for all your sick days; you elderly have all those troubles, right? No, it’s entirely a voluntary position.”

    Me: *feeling a touch insulted* “I’ll have to talk to [Government Employment Department] about doing that, but I’ll consider it.”

    Caller: “Oh, no need to bring in those [homophobic slur]s in that [ethnic slur] bunch! My number’s [Number], call me before Christmas if you feel grateful for the chance!”

    (I have yet to call her back. For information, I was born in 1965.)

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