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    Made A Good Call

    | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers

    (I have been on the phone for about 45 minutes with a customer that is very upset.)

    Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, that the store did not check to make sure [Product] would work in your area. I can look into it and see why not.”

    Customer: “You know that it was [Store] that sold it to me. Is there any way you can contact them?

    Me: “Ma’am, I can give them a call and if you wish I can call you back afterwards.”

    Customer: “That would be great. Talk to you in a few minutes.” *click*

    (I am about to call the other store when my coworker, who has been listening in, interjects:)

    Coworker: “You’re not allowed to call the stores, you know.”

    Me: “What? I have done it before.”

    Coworker: “Nope, it’s not allowed.”

    Me: “Well, I guess I’m in trouble then; I have done it every time a customer says something happened at a store.” *picks up phone to make call*

    Coworker: “If you call I’m going to report you to the manager.”

    Me: “Go for it.”

    (I then call the store and inquire why they did not check to make sure the product did not work. It seems it was a trainee that had filled the order and failed to see that they needed to make sure there was even coverage before completing the order. I hang up just as my coworker and manager come over.)

    Coworker: “Go ahead and tell [Manager] what you told the customer.”

    Me: “That I would be giving her a call back after I called the store to find out why they sold her a product without checking the coverage.”

    Manager: “Have you called the store?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

    Manager: “Good. After you call the customer back take an extra 15-minute break.”

    (She then walked back to her desk. After work she said I was one of the most dedicated employees she had. Made my day.)

    Finally Tipped Off

    , | BC, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Employees, Food & Drink, Money

    (I am 21 years old and slightly scruffy looking, but hold a prominent position in an ultrasonic based oil and gas service company in northern British Columbia. I take a vacation down south for a family get together. I go out for breakfast.)

    Me: “Hello. I am looking for the restaurant. Can you help me?”

    Security Guard: “Sir, if you want to go into the casino, I need to see some ID.”

    Me: “That is fine; I was unaware that the restaurant was in there.”

    Security Guard: “It’s not. There is a concession there that sells chips but I need to see your ID first.”

    Me: “Look I just want to sit down at a nice place and have a nice meal. If you insist here is my ID.”

    Security Guard: “Okay, sir, the concession is up the stairs and to the left.”

    (I go up to the concession and ask the woman if she could help me. She promptly points me in the right direction. I head down to the restaurant and get a table where I am placed in the farthest back corner with no view.)

    Waitress: “Yeah, what can I get you?”

    Me: “I will have the candied salmon eggs benedict with a glass of orange juice, please.”

    Waitress: “Are you sure? That is quite expensive.”

    Me: “I can afford it, I assure you.”

    Waitress: “Okay, I’m ‘sure’ you can.”

    (I receive my food and it is quite good, but I flag down the waitress to get a refill.)

    Me: “Hello. Can I get another orange juice, please?”

    Waitress: “You know you have to pay for that, right? They are not free refills. This isn’t a cheap restaurant.”

    Me: “Ma’am, I understand that you probably have a lot of people come in that try to dine and dash. I understand that I am not dressed according to my economic status. However, my mother raised me alone on a waitress’ salary and I have always been a believer in very good tips for good service. You have treated me like scum since I walked in here. People are never who you think them to be and I am quite insulted by this. Do you see that brand new fully loaded 2012 Chevy pick up?” *uses key fob* “That’s mine. I am an honest hard working person who is on vacation. But you know what, since you’re so concerned with my money, don’t worry. Now that you’re not getting a tip the bill will be a lot easier on this poor soul.”

    (The waitress’ face turned bright red and she couldn’t even look at me.)

    This Employee Might Not Go The (Long) Distance

    | WI, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers

    (I’m a quality assurance specialist at a call center. My job is to make sure the agents I work with are following the rules when they speak with their customers. For this department, those customers are all businesses. I have just finished auditing a call, from a brand-new agent, in which the customer ordered several new phone lines. The agent did pretty well, but forgot to ask if they needed long-distance or an international calling plan on those new lines, so I had to mark her down for those. She scored a 92%, which for her first QA is pretty darn good! Less than 10 minutes after sending that, the agent is at my desk.)

    Agent: “I need you to change this score.”

    Me: “That was a pretty good score. Why do you want it changed?”

    Agent: “I offered them tech support!”

    Me: “And I gave you credit for that. But you didn’t ask about long-distance or international. When signing them up for new lines, or when returning old ones, it’s important to ask about those. If they need either one, and you forget to ask, it can be a huge mess.”

    Agent: “But I asked about Internet!”

    Me: “And I gave you credit for that, but you still didn’t ask about long-distance.”

    Agent: “But I even asked about cell phones!”

    Me: “Cell phones and long-distance are not interchangeable.”

    Agent: “But I NEED a higher score! My QA affects my bonus!”

    Me: “Only if you get below 88%. You have a 92%. That is pretty darn good.”

    (The agent makes a disgusted sound and stomps off. A few minutes later, my fellow QA person came back from lunch. Since the agents frequently try to play us off of each other, I decided to warn her.)

    Me: “We may have another compulsive arguer on our hands. [Agent] came by and tried to get me to change her score. But she got a 92, and that’s her first QA ever.”

    Other QA: “That’s pretty good, especially for her first one. What did she miss?”

    Me: “Signed up a customer for 14 new phone lines, but forgot to ask about long-distance and international.”

    Other QA: “That’s such a nit-picky thing.”

    Me: “I know, but I’ve had to QA calls where the customer got $40,000 in long-distance charges in a single month because somebody forgot to ask. Believe me, those are nasty! It’s just so much easier to catch it before the order goes in.”

    Other QA: “Good point. If she pushes, I’ll back you up.”

    (Fast-forward one week. I again have reached that agent’s name in my list of people to audit, so I look through her most recent recordings and pick a call at random.)

    Agent: “Thank you for calling [Business]. This is [Agent]. How can I help you?”

    Customer: “Oh, thank God! My boss just got the email confirmation for our new phone lines, and there is no long-distance on there! We are setting up a new call-center for our sales department; we CANNOT be without a long-distance plan! How can you have new phone lines and not even ask about long-distance plans?!”

    Agent: “Let me see… Yes, the order is still in processing. We can still make changes. I’ll add that on there right away.”

    Customer: “Whew! Thank God, my boss is having a heart attack over here!”

    Agent: “Will you be needing an international calling plan as well?”

    Customer: “You have those? I think we might, can you send me some information on it?”

    Agent: “Certainly!”

    (I checked. Sure enough, it was the same customer!)

    Both Are Fulfilling Their Calling

    | Mexicali, Mexico | Bad Behavior, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (We’ve been getting calls from a rather pushy collector regarding the boss’ daughter’s cell phone bill, to the point where we hang up on him the moment we recognize who it is. This time I answer the phone.)

    Caller: “I called yesterday wanting to speak to [Boss' Daughter] but the person who answered didn’t know what she was talking about. I demand to speak to her immediately.”

    Me: “Sorry about that, but [Boss' Daughter] is not in right now.”

    Caller: *getting pushier* “At what time can I find her.”

    Me: “Not sure. I think she is out of the city.”

    Caller: *even pushier* “Then transfer me to someone who knows.”

    Me: “I can transfer you to anyone else here, and they will all tell you the same thing. She is not in, and we don’t know if or when she will be back.”

    (This same particular conversation goes on for a bit: he demanding I transfer him to someone else, or to speak with the boss’ daughter directly, and me refusing to transfer him as everyone else is tired of dealing with him at this point.)

    Caller: *getting exasperated* “Can you at least transfer me whoever is in charge of the bills?”

    Me: “Again, sorry, but she called in and won’t be in today.”

    Caller: *threatening* “Well, I’ll just keep calling until you transfer me to [Boss' Daughter].”

    Me: *suddenly cheery* “That’s cool. One of my duties is answering the phone.”

    Caller: “Yeah, well one of my duties is to keep calling, even if you guys keep hanging up on me.”

    Me: “Cool, we both keep on calling and answering the phone which is what we get paid to do.”

    Caller: “Don’t you have other things to do?”

    Me: “Well, I can do both my regular work and answer the phone at the same time, so it’s a win-win for me.”

    Caller: “Uh… well, let [Boss' Daughter] know we called and that we are expecting her payment.”

    Me: “Sure thing! I’ll let her know you guys called as soon as she gets in. Goodbye.”

    (The caller hangs up for good.)

    Sadly It’s The Same Old Yarn

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Employees, Money

    (I am the customer, shopping a yarn and knitting shop that is rival to the one I work at. I notice a knitted cardigan on display in the yarn aisles and approach a lady at the counter. I really like it and want to start on it that day.)

    Me: “Excuse me. Could you tell me where the pattern is to the blue cardigan hanging in the yarn aisle?”

    Cashier: *snapping at me* “You can’t have it for free.”

    Me: “I only asked you where it is.”

    Cashier: “Well, you can’t have it for free. You HAVE to buy that pattern.”

    Me: “I didn’t ask for you to give to me for free. I asked you where it was.”

    Cashier: “It’s in a book and I’m not about to give it to you for free.”

    Me: “Okay, will you tell me which book it is in?”

    Cashier:  *points to book on display BEHIND the counter*

    Me:  ”Can I see it, please?”

    Cashier: “It’s not free. You have to buy the whole book.”


    (I go off to look for the recommended yarn. Another staff member walks through the yarn section.)

    Me:  ”Excuse me. Do you know where this yarn is?”

    Staff Member: “I don’t know anything about the yarn section.” *walks off*

    (I head over to counter and pull my out phone to ring my work.)

    Me: “Hey, [Colleague]. I’m at [Rival Store] and am being given shocking customer service. Can you check to see if we carry this knitting book and yarn please?”

    (It turned out we did. I just had to wait a couple of days till my next shift.)

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