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    Protect Yourself From Inappropriate Conversation

    , | HI, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Rude & Risque

    Supervisor: “Hey are you using for protection in bed?”

    Me: “What? What kind of question is that? That’s none of your business.”

    Supervisor: “I’m your supervisor. I have to be sure you’re being safe.”

    Me: “That’s none of your business!”

    Supervisor: “Well I just want to be sure you’re not going to get an STD.”

    (Months later, on the way back from deployment..)

    Supervisor: “Yeah… I had unprotected sex with a complete stranger in port.”

    Me: “Why are you telling me this!? You’d better get yourself checked out before you get home.”

    Supervisor: “Why? She said she was a lesbian.”

    Me: *facepalm*

    Death Of A Sales Pitch, Part 2

    | Peoria, IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Math & Science, Money, Themed Giveaway

    (I’m in the process of buying a car. I’ve brought my dad with me to help. The sales manager has spent 30 minutes attempting to tack on paint and interior warranty, which I don’t want. I’m a girl in my early 20s.)

    Sales Manager: “Okay, so let’s try it this way. Instead of 72 months, how about 63 months? Your payment will only be $10 more than the 60 months with no warranty.”

    Me: “Okay, let me run a couple calculations to see how much more this will cost me over the life of the loan.”

    Sales Manager: *patronizingly* “If you’re going to multiply $10 by 63, that’s incorrect—”

    Me: “Actually, that’s not what I was going to do. And I don’t want the paint and seat warranty. Do you think I’m stupid? I have a cum laude business degree. It’s going to cost me a heck of a lot more over the life of the loan for this warranty, which I don’t even need!”

    Sales Manager: *pulls out a binder and plops it in front of me* “Here are all the people who said they didn’t need the warranty but then reconsidered. Take a look at this and how much they saved in repair costs!”

    (I glance at the binder long enough to see that the savings were minimal; in fact, one person spent more on warranty than they did on car repairs. I push the binder back to him.)

    Sales Manager: “You still don’t want it?”

    Me: “Look, I understand that you get commission when you sell this stuff, but I don’t want it. It’s going to cost me more in interest. I want to go with the original 60-month payment. No extended warranty.”

    Sales Manager: “I don’t get commission.”

    Me: “Really? Because you’re pretty insistent in pushing this on me.”

    Sales Manager: *testily* “I believe in the product.”

    Me: “I see. I’m still not interested, thanks.”

    Sales Manager: *glances at my file* “I see you work for [local bank]. What, exactly, do you do there?”

    Me: “I’m a personal banker.”

    Sales Manager: *defeated* “Oh… well, that’s interesting.”

    (I glance over at my dad, who is trying not to laugh. The sales manager quickly finished up my paperwork. Later, my dad posted a picture with me and my new car on his Facebook account, bragging about how I’d ‘smacked down the sales manager.’)

    Death Of A Sales Pitch

    Taxing Taxing

    | GA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money, Top

    (I am a single parent who gets paid once a month as a teacher. Since we get paid in the middle of December and the end of January, it is always a financially difficult time. I go in to a national chain tax service that is advertising refund anticipation loans to see if I can get some money quickly to help me through the month. It is the first week in January. I am using my last check stub since my W-2 is not in yet.)

    Tax Agent #1: “Okay, looks like you are getting $2,200 on your Federal return, and $150 back on your State return. We can give you a check for $600 today, and when you receive your W-2, come back in and we can process it to get your remaining refund in about 2 days.”

    Me: “Thank you! That will help me out a lot right now.”

    (I get the check and return about a week later. For some reason my W-2 shows I made several thousand dollars less than the amount on my last check stub.)

    Tax Agent #2: “Great news! With this W-2 you will actually be getting back $3,500 instead of $2,200! We can process this today, and after your tax fees and the loan you already have, you will get the rest in about 48 hours.”

    Me: “That’s awesome! I need a new computer and I had hoped I could take my children on a vacation since we have never had one. Thank you for your help!”

    (The agent has me sign the new forms and gets ready to process my return. As he looks at the screen, he frowns.)

    Tax Agent #2: “Hold on a moment, I just need to check something.”

    (He walks over to [Tax Agent #1] and has a whispered conversation with her. He does not look happy. Then he goes to the back of the room and talks to a supervisor. I can see the supervisor’s eyes get larger as he looks shocked. I am getting very nervous at this point. Finally the supervisor comes to me and sits down at the desk.)

    Me: “Sir, is something wrong?”

    Supervisor: “Ma’am, I am very sorry about this. It seems [Tax Agent #1] already sent your return to the IRS using your last check stub. She is not supposed to do that. I’m afraid it will mean your extra $1,300 will be delayed because we will have to wait until your original return is processed, then file an addendum.”

    Me: “How long will that take?”

    Supervisor: “Unfortunately, it may be about two months.”

    (I am unhappy but I go ahead since I have little choice. When my first refund comes a few days later, I go ahead and buy a computer from a rent to own store. They have a 90 day same as cash price, so I only pay about $100 down. I can pay the rest in 90 days and have no interest fees. I also pay the deposit on a vacation. Sometime in February I find out that the addendum had never been filed, so I go back in, complain, and get it filed. By the middle of April, the IRS still has not processed my addendum and even tells me it will be at least six weeks until it is. I call the toll free number again. By this point the person I speak to has several minutes of reading the notes before they can help me.)

    Me: “I just got off the phone with the IRS, and they say that my refund will not be here in time for my vacation. I have already paid for the hotel, but I can’t afford food, gas, and entertainment without the rest of my money. Plus I bought a computer, and I will have to pay an additional $600 in fees if I don’t pay it off in two weeks! This is not my fault. This is [Tax Service's] fault! I need you to make this right!”

    Call Center: “Ma’am, I have never heard of a story like this before. I am going to contact my supervisor and he will call you back in a few minutes. I promise; we will make this right.”

    (Half an hour later, the supervisor calls back and is shocked by what I have been through.)

    Call Center Supervisor: “I am so sorry for all of this. Since it is our fault your refund is delayed, we are authorizing your local store to cut you a check for your remaining refund amount. All that we ask is that in good faith, you pay us back when you finally get your refund from the IRS. Is that okay?”

    Me: “Yes! That is awesome. Thank you for all of your help.”

    (We arrange for me to pick up the check the next day at 4:30 pm, when my work day is over. The next day, around 1 pm, I am teaching a math class when the front office receptionist buzzes my room.)

    Receptionist: “[My Name], your guest is here! I am sending her down.”

    Me: “Who? What guest? I am not expecting anyone!”

    (My class and I are confused, so I open my door. Walking down the hall is [Tax Agent #1]. I am in shock but I stand in the doorway to prevent her from coming in my room.)

    Tax Agent #1: “Hi! I am here with your check! I just need you to sign this promissory note first!”

    Me: “Why are you here? I arranged to pick this up at 4:30 when I get off work!”

    Tax Agent #1: “But I have to be the one to give this to you, and I didn’t want to stay that late. Sign now and I can give you the check!”

    (The paper she hands me says I have 45 days to pay them back or there will be huge fees and a possible lawsuit.)

    Me: “No, I won’t sign this! The whole reason you are giving me this check is because my refund WILL take longer than 45 days!”

    (By this time the woman is physically trying to push past me into my classroom. The teacher across the hall from me, who is fully aware of the nightmare I have been through, comes out to see what’s going on.)

    Teacher: “Take your hands off her or I will do it for you!”

    (He grabs her off of me and escorts her off the premises. Once done, I call the toll free number, where they once again must read for many minutes before I tell them what happened.)

    Call Center: “Ma’am, this is the craziest story I have ever heard. Let me get the supervisor.”

    Supervisor: “[My Name], this is insane! I have no idea what to do now. Here is the number directly to our CEO; I will forward all these notes to him. Please call me back if they can’t help you.”

    (I call the number and they get my information, and tell me someone will call me back by the end of the day. A few hours later, I get a call back from someone high up at [Tax Service].)

    Tax Service Big Wig: “Um, [My Name], the call center supervisor sent us everything. I have verified your story with your local tax store. How much money will it take to make you go away?”

    (I am in such shock that I simply ask for a modest, fair sum.)

    Tax Service Big Wig: “Done.”

    (I receive the check in a few days, and find out that the tax agent was fired. I know I could have sued for thousands, but that’s not me. I do have a cool story to tell, though!)

    Does Not Compute

    | Columbus, OH, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I work in the wardrobe department of a casino. My coworker is very lazy and spends all her time on the computer surfing the web and chatting. My other coworker has had enough and reports her. The lazy coworker is called in to our boss’s office.)

    Coworker: “Ugh! I can’t believe that just happened!”

    Me: “What happened?”

    Coworker: “[Boss] just wrote me up for using the company’s computer for personal use on the clock! Can you believe that?!”

    Me: “Well, you’re not supposed to. That’s why they monitor the computer activities.”

    Coworker: *rolls eyes* “DUH! I know that! My boyfriend is a computer tech.”

    Me: “So why didn’t you just do your job and stay off the internet?”

    Coworker: *doesn’t hear me* “I am just so upset that I can’t work the rest of the day.”

    (She whipped out her phone and stayed on it for the rest of her shift – which was six hours.)

    Always The Same Old Yarn

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body, Themed Giveaway

    (I am placed on a medication that made me gain a lot of weight very quickly, especially around the midsection. Thusly, people who had seen me before weren’t entirely used to seeing me with extra weight. I am looking for some yarn to knit a baby sweater for a friend, and I have the pattern out so I see the exact requirements for the yarn.)

    Owner: “Oh look. You’re back! And I can see why you haven’t been by in so long! When are you due?”

    (This is when she places her hand on my stomach.)

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not pregnant.”

    Owner: “Sure you are! Look at that belly!”

    Me: *with a great deal of sarcasm since people are now beginning to stare* “Yes, thank you for bringing my attention to my weight gain. I’m not entirely sure how I would have gotten pregnant in the first place, seeing as I’ve never had sex, but sure, we’ll go with that instead of ‘my sister is having her first baby and I’m making things for my niece or nephew.’”

    Owner: “Oh, stop telling lies. There’s nothing wrong if you’re not sure who the father is…”

    (That was when I left and never went back. Her yarn selection sucked, anyway.)

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