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    Won’t Bi From Here Again

    | FL, USA | Bigotry, Employees, Love/Romance, Religion, Theme Of The Month

    (I am 16 years old but look more like I am maybe 13 or 14. I am openly bisexual and wear a bracelet out of pride for my orientation. I am paying for some grocery items.)

    Cashier: “Hello, how ar—” *drops tone very low* “Sweetie, are you are aware of what that charm means?”

    (She is referring to the charm of the word ‘Pride’ in a rainbow color scheme on my bracelet.)

    Me: “Umm… yes, I’m well aware.”

    Cashier: “Honey, you’re much too young for that! Don’t let them brainwash you into thinking you’re gay! You’re still just a little girl!”

    Me: “Uhh, Ma’am… I’m not gay, I’m—”

    Cashier: “See! Told you so! You really shouldn’t be wearing such a horrid piece!”

    Me: “Ma’am… I’m not gay, but I am bisexual. See these colors?” *referring to the blue, purple and pink color scheme* “These are the colors of the Bisexual Pride Flag.”

    Cashier: “Don’t be silly! There’s no such thing as being bisexual! You’re just confused and brainwashed! You should come to our Sunday service; they’ll set you right!”

    (By now I have finished paying and I am gathering my bags.)

    Me: “Ma’am, I am far from confused. I know who I am and a Sunday service will do me no good since I’m an atheist. Have a good one!”

    (As I leave, she has the most shocked and flabbergasted face I’ve ever seen. As I exit, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) meets me with the car and I proceed to tell him what happened.)

    Boyfriend: “Why didn’t you play it up more?! That would have been gold!”

    Middle East Meets Far East

    | New York City, NY, USA | At The Checkout, Bigotry, Employees, Language & Words

    (I pop into a liquor store on my way home. I’m a white female. The cashier behind the register is from Iran, second-generation. He has always been very polite and friendly towards me, and he speaks with a heavy accent. I grab my purchases and get in line behind an older Korean customer.)

    Customer: “Only this, please.”

    Cashier: “What?”

    Customer: *very clearly and slowly* “Only this, please.”

    Cashier: “I don’t understand you. Do you speak English?”

    Customer: “Yes, I speak very well. Please, may I pay?”

    Cashier: *to me* “Do you speak Asian?”

    Me: *completely baffled* “Uh, I think he said he’s ready to pay. He doesn’t need anything else.”

    Cashier: “Okay. Fine.”

    (He rings up the gentleman who leaves without making eye contact with anyone, clearly upset or embarrassed.)

    Cashier: *ringing me up* “Those people need to learn our language, right? He’s lucky you know Chinese!”

    (I was so shocked I haven’t been back to that particular store.)

    Your Attitude Is Handicapped

    | TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Coworkers, Health & Body

    (A disabled customer has asked one of us to come outside and collect a payment from her so she doesn’t have to leave the car. I’m right in the middle of something, so I ask my new coworker to do it.)

    Coworker: “No. She’s probably not even disabled.”

    Me: “She definitely is. She’s in a wheelchair.”

    Coworker: “So? What does she do at home? How does she get around?”

    Me: “I have no idea, but are you seriously refusing?”

    Coworker: “She’s probably rude and lazy.”

    Me: “Actually, she’s not. She’s very sweet. To come inside she’d have to get her wheelchair off the car, get out, get in it, maneuver down our sidewalk, up the ramp, and pull open our really heavy door, all for a 30-second transaction. If we walk out it will just be a 30-second transaction.”

    Coworker: “Well, I don’t pander to supposedly handicapped people.”

    (I helped the customer, and when I told my boss he was livid and fired Coworker then and there.)

    Test Driving Back To The Fifties

    | IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Employees, Transportation

    (While we are shopping for a used car, my husband hears me range from humor to anger about the chauvinistic salesmen talking down to me. At one dealership, the salesman pops the hood and goes into a detailed discussion of the engine with my husband. He then pulls me to the passenger side to discuss the vanity mirror, cup holder, and car color. The salesman then hands my husband the keys for a test ride. His mouth falls open when hubby gives me the keys and gets in the passenger seat. He is actually pacing outside when we return. He runs over to us.)

    Salesman: “How did she handle?”

    Me: “We’re not buying it. It needs a new transmission, the steering pulls to the right, the brake rotors have been resurfaced incorrectly, and it leaks antifreeze.”

    (As we turn to leave, my husband calls back to the dumbstruck chauvinist.)

    Husband: “But I absolutely looooove the vanity mirror!”

    Pretty Woman: A Christmas Special

    | USA | Bigotry, Employees, Holidays, Theme Of The Month, Top

    (I’m shopping for my father for Christmas, but he is incredibly picky. I decide to get him a gift card from a high end men’s clothing store. I stop by on my way home from my job at a kennel. I’ll admit that I’m wearing rain boots, muddy jeans, and a very doggy-smelling hoodie, so I look very out of place.)

    Salesperson #1: “Oh! Ma’am! You’re tracking mud in!”

    Me: “I don’t see any. I think the rain washed it off my boots. If I did, I’m so sorry!”

    Salesperson #1: “Miss, I cannot let you stay here. You can have a cup of coffee, but I can’t let you stay.”

    Me: “What?”

    Salesperson #1: “Why don’t you go home for the holidays? Do you have a home?”

    Me: “Yes, of course I do!”

    Salesperson #1: “Right. I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I’m sure you can’t afford anything here anyway.”

    Me: “Whoa! Wait! First of all, I’m not shopping for myself! Second, who cares if I can or can’t afford anything! I’m here to see if you sell gift cards!”

    Salesperson #1: “Oh… Yes, we do.”

    Me: “Third, I know I look grungy, but that shouldn’t matter. I work at a dog kennel to pay for my own housing. I just picked up an extra shift so I could buy my dad a Christmas gift. Are you going to sell me a f****** gift card or not?”

    Salesperson #1: *goes pale* “Oh… I… Yes, ma’am. Will that be a $20 card?”

    Me: “Do you get a commission?”

    Salesperson: “Yes.”

    Me: “I’d like another salesperson.”

    Salesperson: “Okay.”

    (At hearing this, another salesperson comes over.)

    Salesperson #2: “Yes, miss? How much would you like on your gift card?”

    Me: “$250.”

    Salesperson #1: “She can’t afford that!”

    Salesperson #2: “[Salesperson #1], go to the back. Miss, I’m terribly sorry for my coworker’s behavior.”

    Me: “I understand, I guess. I look kind of gross right now. I just got off a 10-hour shift of manual labor.”

    Salesperson #2: “I understand completely. I apologize again for my coworker.”

    Me: “No worries. Merry Christmas!”

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