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    Category: Extra Stupid

    The Key To Listening

    | Peoria, IL, USA | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Language & Words

    (I’ve just arrived for my shift and need a second person to go to the back with me so I can get my money, as I don’t have a key.)

    Me: “I need someone with a door key, please!”

    Coworker #1: “I don’t have a door key. Ask [Coworker #2].”

    Coworker #2: “What?”

    Me: “Do you have a door key? I need my money.”

    Coworker #2: “I do have a door key!”

    Teller Supervisor: *from another room* “STOP CALLING PEOPLE ‘DORKY’! THAT’S NOT NICE!”

    The Cake Coupon Is A Lie

    | North Bay, ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (There is a page for a manager to the checkout, which I take.)

    Me: “What’s the issue here?”

    Customer: “Your cashier is refusing to use my coupon.”

    Me: *examining the coupon* “So this is a dollar off for pound cake… It isn’t expired… and the product is correct. [Cashier], why aren’t you accepting this?”

    Cashier: *puts the cake-mix down on the scale with an exaggerated, exasperated sigh* “Look, this ISN’T a pound of cake!”

    World Peace: A Shoot ’em Up

    | Sioux Falls, SD, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid

    (While browsing at game store:)

    Clerk: “Are you looking for anything in particular?”

    Me: “World Peace.”

    (I’m a smart-a** and expected a smart-a** reply.)

    Clerk: “Let me check the computer.”

    (I followed to see what happens next while her coworker looks on in bemusement. She checks the computer.)

    Clerk: “Do you know what system it’s under?”

    (She was serious.)

    Not Determined On Terminology

    | The Netherlands | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Technology

    (I’m presenting a user interface design to my team.)

    Developer: *pointing at imagery* “So, this is an overlayer?”

    Me: “That’s an overlay, or a modal screen, indeed.”

    Developer: “Ah, so, an overlayer.”

    Me: “It’s overlay, not overlayer.”

    Developer: “No, it’s overlayer.”

    Me: “Overlayer sounds like a combination of overlay and layer to me. ‘Overlay’ is a word, and a ‘layer’ is a Photoshop term. Overlayer is not commonly used in this field. Just call it an overlay, or modal.”

    Developer: “Whatever, it’s just an overlayer to me.”

    Me: “Can we just stick to one word to avoid confusion? Overlay is the right word for it. Just use it.”

    Developer: “It’s overlayer.”

    Me: *facepalm*

    (This provided for a lot of confusion in the following meetings with team members, managers, and even stakeholders. The same happened for ‘throbber’, which is a little-known, but short and simple word for ‘thingy that spins when you are waiting for something to load’ – the term they insisted on using…)

    Didn’t Apply Themselves To The Application

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Extra Stupid, Job Seekers

    (A customer approaches me at the counter and hands in his job application.)

    Customer: “So, do I just go in back now and find out when I work next week?”

    Me: “What? No. Handing in an application doesn’t make you an employee. There’s interviews that have to be done assuming your application is even picked, bud.”

    Customer: “Oh…”

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