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    Systematic Failure

    | FL, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Ignoring/Inattentive, Technology

    (I make a quick stop to pick up an over the counter allergy medication, and after a minute or two of choosing between two brands it’s finally my turn.)

    Me: “I’ll take two boxes of the Claritin D, please.”

    Tech: “Certainly. I just need your ID.”

    (After a few minutes she still hasn’t given it back, and is looking confused.)

    Me: “Um, is something wrong?”

    Tech: “Well, the computer isn’t finding you in the system.”

    Me: “Oh! I’ve never been here before. I’m not in the system.”

    Tech: “Don’t worry, I’ll find you in it. This is your correct birth date?”

    Me: “Yes, but I’ve never—”

    Tech: “Don’t worry! I’ll find you!”

    (This continues for TWELVE MINUTES before she goes to speak with the pharmacist, and I quickly cut in.)

    Me: “I AM NOT IN THE SYSTEM. I have never been to this store before. You can’t look me up!”

    Pharmacist: “…[Tech], you need to enter her in as a new patient, not try to look her up.”

    (It took me almost twenty minutes to check out!)

    Non-Flights Of Fancy

    | Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Geography

    (A coworker is a recent immigrant from The Philippines, who used to work in Saudi Arabia. She is relating her experiences to her coworkers, including our manager.)

    Manager: “So how far is Saudi Arabia from The Philippines, anyway?”

    Coworker: “I don’t know the actual distance, but it’s about 11 hours travel.”

    Manager: “…Driving?”

    (I was straining hard to keep from slamming my head into a table at that point…)

    Should Have Said Zip About The Zip

    , | USA | Employees, Extra Stupid

    Me: “Thank you for calling [Major Satellite TV Provider]. My name is [My Name]. May I have your name and the zip code on your account, please.”

    Caller: *provides those things*

    (I type them into the computer and wait for the result. The customer is chatting away while we wait and mentions that they’ve recently moved. I tell them:)

    Me: “You’d not believe how many people give us their new zip code when they’ve not updated it in our files yet, as if our records spontaneously update when someone moves.” *chuckle* “My search comes up with zero results for the last name and zip code you’ve given me… and you’ve given me your new zip code and not the one that I have on file, haven’t you?…”

    (They at least had the grace to sound apologetic.)

    Truly Modem Workers

    | St. Louis, MO, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (I work in a call center that deals with doctor offices that are often techno-phobic. Today, I have one with an Internet outage. It’s usually a simple fix if they will take five minutes.)

    Me: “Do you see the modem? It will have a lot of flashing lights on it, and may say [Brand Name].”

    Nurse: “I don’t have time for this. Get out here and fix it!”

    Me: “Okay, but I’m in another state that’s at least a 12 hour drive from you. I can put in a service call, but that will take 2-3 days to be dispatched, or if you can take five minutes, I think we can get you back up.

    Nurse: “Hmph…”

    Me: “Which would you like?”

    Nurse: “What am I looking for?”

    (Five minutes later, she was back up and happy as a clam that SHE fixed it.)

    Witless About Wheat-less

    | Brattleboro, VT, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (A friend and I are checking out a pizza place we haven’t been before. The cashier sees us looking at the menu and comes over.)

    Friend: “We’re just looking. She—” *indicating me* “—can’t eat any wheat so we’re not expecting anything.”

    Cashier: “Well, we have vegetarian options.”

    Friend: “No, no. WHEAT, not meat.”

    Cashier: “Oh! Then you should be fine then. We don’t have any of that!”

    (My friend and I stare at each other a moment, a bit flabbergasted.)

    Me: “Like wheat flour…”

    Cashier: *looks a bit clueless before turning to peer back at the kitchen and calling to the cook* “What kind of flour do we use? Does it have wheat in it?”

    Cook: *stares at her in disbelief a moment before turning to me* “It’s regular white flour.”

    Cashier: *all smiles as she turns back to me* “Then you should be fine!”

    Me: “…Thank you.”

    (My friend and I turn and start to leave.)

    Friend: “…Did that really just happen? How do you get to be an adult and not know what flour is made of?!”

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