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    Category: Coworkers

    Getting The Short End Of The Stick(y)

    , | USA | Coworkers, Family & Kids

    (I work in the snack-bar of a grocery store. There is a coffee shop connected to us, and both are run by the store. I am washing dishes when my coworkers walk in. Both are carrying the splash-guards from the blender.)

    Coworker#1: “It’s all sticky!”

    Coworker #2: “You have three kids. How do sticky things bother you?”

    Me: *without looking up* “She has three kids…”

    Coworker #1: *laughs* “And you learn to fear what sticky things they bring you!”

    You Can’t Get Llanfairer Than That

    | Wales, UK | Coworkers, Tourists & Travel

    (A young-ish Australian couple come in. They are keen as beans to try EVERY attraction in the area and I spend a good half hour helping them plan an itinerary for their camping holiday, choosing maps and guide books. They’ve paid for all their purchases and are about to leave, when…)

    Customer: “I have to apologise to you, for what I am about to ask you.”

    Me: “Um, well, I can try and help. What’s the question?”

    Customer: “Can… oh, sorry, but please, can you say it?”

    Me: “Say what, sorry?”

    Customer’s Husband: “Leave the poor lady alone. We’ve taken enough of her time.”

    Customer: *pleadingly* “Please, can you say the town with the long name?”

    Me: “Since you asked so nicely… it is pronounced


    Customer: *jumping up and down with excitement* “Oh, yay! OH, YAY! THANK YOU! A real Welsh person speaking real Welsh!”

    (My colleague chooses this moment to walk back in from her lunch break and inflict her dry humour on the room.)

    Colleague: “[My Name] is English. She moved here five years ago. AND Llanfair PG is made up. It’s not proper Welsh at all.”

    (I have never seen anybody’s face drop so quickly as the poor customer’s!)

    Colleague: “But she DID pronounce it correctly.”

    (Customer cheers up again, and leaves with her husband.)

    Colleague: “What, you were going to let her live a lie?! You animal!”

    On Name Leave

    | Finland | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers

    (We have two female colleagues in our French office; Claudette and Estelle (not their real names). One of them is currently on maternity leave.)

    Me: “I emailed Claudette about my question.”

    Boss: “Isn’t she still on maternity leave?”

    Me: “I meant the other Claudette, the one that’s pronounced ‘Estelle.’”

    Don’t Break Or I’ll Break

    | OH, USA | Coworkers, Health & Body

    (I’m helping a store do inventory, which starts around seven pm and goes on throughout the night. I’m easily the youngest one there, but I learn quickly. I finish my section in half the time I need, and move on to help others. At about 12:30 am, I stop for a quick break.)

    Employee: “Hey, [My Name], do you wanna take a break and grab some food?”

    Me: “Don’t let me take a break. Keep me working. If I go to the break room, I’m gonna curl up on the floor and sleep.”

    Employee: “Gotcha. Section L needs help…”

    Toughness Doesn’t Even Register

    | TN, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Coworkers, Money

    (I’m the manager on duty and have taken advantage of a slow period after a long rush to empty the drawer of the main register at the store’s service desk. There is only one customer ready to check out at the time. It should be noted that I’m a 5’ 3” woman. )

    Cashier: “We’ll be right with you, ma’am. We’re just emptying the drawer.”

    Me: “Shh. Don’t say that. I usually just say I’m fixing the register.”

    Cashier: “Why?”

    Me: “Because they could hear and ambush me on my way to the safe.”

    Cashier: “Oh, you look tough. You could take—” *starts laughing*

    Me: “You couldn’t even finish that with a straight face, could you?”

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