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    Category: Employees

    A Laundry List Of Incompetence

    | Arlington, VA, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Money

    (The laundry machines in my building use a card system. The machine eats my card with $40 left on it. I call the card company and they say to mail it in and they’ll send a replacement. After a few weeks I haven’t heard anything and my laundry is piling up, so I call them to check up.)

    Phone Rep: “I don’t see anything about it in my system. I’ll need to enter your information now.”

    Me: “Oy vey. Okay, I can’t really wait for a replacement card anymore, so when that goes through can you just send me a refund?”

    Phone Rep: “Okay, so you want a refund check and then a blank card?”

    Me: “No, I’m going to buy a card in the machine here. Just send me a refund.”

    Phone Rep: “So you want a $40 card.”

    Me: “No. I want a refund. I will buy the card myself.”

    Phone Rep: “Okay, so it is a $40 refund and a new card.”

    Me: “…I think we’re having a miscommunication somewhere here. Please do not send me any kind of card. I just need a refund of $40.”

    (We repeated the above almost exactly twice more. I hung up feeling very nervous, but she swore she understood that I would take care of purchasing my own card and she only had to secure my refund of $40… which is why I was very confused when I opened my mailbox today and saw a new card with $4 on it.)

    Finally Tipped Off

    , | BC, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Employees, Food & Drink, Money

    (I am 21 years old and slightly scruffy looking, but hold a prominent position in an ultrasonic based oil and gas service company in northern British Columbia. I take a vacation down south for a family get together. I go out for breakfast.)

    Me: “Hello. I am looking for the restaurant. Can you help me?”

    Security Guard: “Sir, if you want to go into the casino, I need to see some ID.”

    Me: “That is fine; I was unaware that the restaurant was in there.”

    Security Guard: “It’s not. There is a concession there that sells chips but I need to see your ID first.”

    Me: “Look I just want to sit down at a nice place and have a nice meal. If you insist here is my ID.”

    Security Guard: “Okay, sir, the concession is up the stairs and to the left.”

    (I go up to the concession and ask the woman if she could help me. She promptly points me in the right direction. I head down to the restaurant and get a table where I am placed in the farthest back corner with no view.)

    Waitress: “Yeah, what can I get you?”

    Me: “I will have the candied salmon eggs benedict with a glass of orange juice, please.”

    Waitress: “Are you sure? That is quite expensive.”

    Me: “I can afford it, I assure you.”

    Waitress: “Okay, I’m ‘sure’ you can.”

    (I receive my food and it is quite good, but I flag down the waitress to get a refill.)

    Me: “Hello. Can I get another orange juice, please?”

    Waitress: “You know you have to pay for that, right? They are not free refills. This isn’t a cheap restaurant.”

    Me: “Ma’am, I understand that you probably have a lot of people come in that try to dine and dash. I understand that I am not dressed according to my economic status. However, my mother raised me alone on a waitress’ salary and I have always been a believer in very good tips for good service. You have treated me like scum since I walked in here. People are never who you think them to be and I am quite insulted by this. Do you see that brand new fully loaded 2012 Chevy pick up?” *uses key fob* “That’s mine. I am an honest hard working person who is on vacation. But you know what, since you’re so concerned with my money, don’t worry. Now that you’re not getting a tip the bill will be a lot easier on this poor soul.”

    (The waitress’ face turned bright red and she couldn’t even look at me.)

    Owe A Debt Of Ingratitude

    | Italy | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money

    (I have a major credit card from a well know company. I use it with pleasure for several years until I bring my business to another bank. Despite their customer care repeatedly confirming they had fixed the issue, somehow the billing department keeps trying to charge my old (and closed) account instead of the new one, so every month I get in my mail first a polite letter telling me their charge bounced, then a slightly-less-polite, then a more-than-slightly-less-polite and finally, a nearly threatening letter. I decide to cancel my card, so I call once more.)

    Me: “Good afternoon. My name is [My Name] and I’d like to cancel my card.”

    Operator: “Sorry to hear that, sir. May I ask why?”

    (I explain what has happened.)

    Operator: “Sir, please let me check into the situation. We don’t want to lose you as a customer. I promise i will fix the issue.”

    Me: “Thank you, but in the last six months at least 20 operators told me the same. I’m no longer interested in your service, so please cancel my card.”

    Operator: “I’m deeply sorry for that, but let me please check it for you. We will find a solution.”

    Me: “Look, I don’t want to be impolite but I tell it like it is: I’m getting quite tired of getting called a deadbeat by your company that apparently is unable to fix YOUR mistake. I already cut my card in half and placed it in an envelope. Please cancel it so I can send it back to you.”

    Operator: “That’s fine sir. Glad to have had your business. Have a nice day.”

    (10 days later I find in the mail a GOLD card from the same company. I called the customer care for explanation and it looked the last operator I spoke canceled my old card but gave me a free upgrade. They nearly begged me to give a try as they “fixed the issue” so I do a single transaction. One month later I got an irate call from a debt collector… Guess WHO requested their services?)

    Twice The Time And Half The Service

    | Knoxville, TN, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My brother and I are grabbing a bite to eat at a sit-down restaurant after watching a movie. I’m walking toward the table after washing my hands to see the server explaining the specials to him. After I sit down she goes through the spiel on the specials again. at which point she takes my brother’s drink order and walks away. He has a rather disturbed look on his face.)

    Brother: “So, she said hello and went straight into the spiel on her specials before I could say hi back, then apologized for it being a long day. She didn’t check my ID. And I know I’ve seen her somewhere before, but I can’t remember where, except she didn’t seem all there…”

    (She comes back later and remembers to get my order after giving my brother his water, but not beer… at which point I ordered my drinks.)

    Me: “I’ll have a water and some Gekkeikan sake. Hot, please.”

    Server: “Um… you’d like water and what?”

    Me: *I point to the menu* “Gekkeikan sake, and please make it hot.”

    Server: “I’m sorry. Which one?”

    Me: *still pointing* “This sake, here, and I would like it hot, please.”

    Server: “Oh. Ok, I’ll get that and your water. ” *looks at my brother* “And your beer.” *starts to walk away*

    Me: “Wait a minute, here’s my ID.”

    Server: *looking confused* “Oh, okay.” *looks for maybe two seconds* “All right!” *leaves*

    Me: “She never did check your ID. If we were undercover cops, this would have already ended badly.”

    (She then brings our water, only to apologize that they were out of sake. I ask her for another drink menu… which takes two trips. Once for my brother to get his beer, and another to get the drink menu. Before I can order a replacement, she starts looking like she’s about to hyperventilate. Being a former server myself I try to offer some advice.)

    Me: “All right, let’s take a moment. I want you to inhale slowly through your nose, counting to seven. Then exhale through your mouth while slowly counting to 10. Doesn’t even take 30 seconds and you’ll feel much better.”

    Server: “Oh, yeah. ‘Omm,’ right? I tell you, it’s been such a long day.”

    Me: “Yeah, that can happen! How long have you worked here?”

    Server: “Oh, two weeks, but I also work at [Supermarket], in their deli department…”

    (Eventually she takes care of the rest of our order and leaves. My brother suddenly gets a fit of hysterical laughter.)

    Brother: “I know why I know her! Earlier this week, when I was at the grocery store, she was the lady at the deli who took my order. I told her I wanted one pound of turkey. She sliced a sample to make sure it was to my liking, and then she asked, ‘half-pound, correct?’ I said, ‘No, one pound.’ At that point she proceeded to continue slicing, until she weighed out the turkey at 0.58 lbs. I almost spoke up, but then she went ahead and bagged up the turkey and handed it to me, wishing me a good day. When I first saw her tonight, I couldn’t remember where I had seen her, but I knew it wasn’t good.”

    (For the rest of the dinner we kept needing to hold in our smirking anytime she walked by… which wasn’t often, and she would usually just ask how our food was but not stay around long enough for us to reply. We left her a good tip because we didn’t want to be mean, but still… my poor brother!)

    Some People Are Unable To Change

    , | Sydney, NSW, Australia | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Money

    (I am going through the drive-thru of a burger place. The total comes to $7.20, I hand the cashier $10.20.)

    Cashier: “Here’s your change” *hands me $5 note*

    Me: “No, that’s not right” *hands back note* “I gave you $10.20 and the change is $3.”

    Cashier: *looking confused at the note* “Um, but you gave me…”

    Me: “$10.20, I get $3 change.”

    Cashier: *hands me three coins snootily* “There you are, then.”

    Me: “You gave me three $2 coins…”

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