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    Category: Employees

    Ramping Up Your Demands

    | Ann Arbor, MI, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I had been in a very bad accident. Both my legs are broken and I am using a wheelchair for months. Because of this, we have to have a wheelchair ramp installed on our house temporarily. We have ordered pizza for delivery. The delivery driver rings the doorbell and my husband answers.)

    Driver: *to my husband, although he can see me clearly in the wheelchair in the room behind him* “Hey! I don’t like that ramp you had installed! It’s too hard to walk up it!”

    Me: “At least you can walk!”

    (The driver immediately shuts up and leaves.)

    Tech Unsupportive

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (I work in the head office of a major bank. A couple of years ago there was a big push for us to convert to softphones to save the company money. I do not have any other phone at my desk. I am having problems with my email program and have called technology support for assistance, gone through their automated system and finally reached someone after waiting 15 minutes.)

    Me: “… so every time I schedule a meeting that happens.”

    Tech Support: “Okay, I will log in remotely to your computer.”

    (He logs on and tries a few things.)

    Tech Support: “Hmm. Okay, we’ll have to shut down your email to see if we can replicate the problem.”

    (Due to software interactions, my softphone automatically shuts down when my email closes. This is a known issue and applies to all employed with softphones.)

    Me: “All right. I have a soft phone so we will disconnect. Will you call me back please?”

    Tech Support: “I can’t call you back! It will hurt my numbers! You will have to call back into the tech support line.”

    Me: “But whenever I’ve called before, I have been called back. I also really don’t know what numbers you’re talking about or what they have to do with my problem and getting it resolved. Also, how will the next person know what my issue is?”

    Tech Support: “No. You’ll have to call back. I will give you a ticket number and make notes on your issue.”

    Me: “So you want me, a senior manager, to call back, go through the automated system, wait for another support person, wait until they get up to speed, and explain the issue again? Then, as it’s likely my email will need to be restarted again, you expect me to call back a third or fourth or fifth time and go through that each time?”

    Tech Support: “Yes. We are an inbound call center only and it will hit my numbers.”

    Me: “You know that really inefficient, right? And a big waste of company time and money? And due to a software glitch that you guys have known about for over two years and haven’t fixed? You know what? I don’t think you can help me. Please give me the ticket number, your name and the name of your supervisor.”

    Tech Support: “Ah, y’know, I really want to help you. Let me try something. If we get disconnected, I will call you back. I promise.”

    (He fixed the problem and left me a voicemail saying that he had done me a huge favour and that he was really going above and beyond to resolve my issue!)

    Doesn’t Know Beans About The Menu, Part 2

    , | CA, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (I’ve placed a lunch order online to pick up at a popular chain fast food Mexican restaurant.)

    Me: “Hi. I’m here to pick up my order. It’s under [My Name]. I placed it online.”

    Employee: “Oh, yeah. We couldn’t make it because you didn’t say what kind of meat you wanted.”

    Me: “Um, I ordered vegetarian tacos.”

    Employee: *blank stare*

    Me: “Vegetarian? As in no meat?”

    Employee: “Oh! So did you not want rice or beans either, then?”

    Me: *forehead slap*

    Doesn’t Know Beans About The Menu

    Still Has A Movie’s Happy Ending

    | Harrington, DE, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Family & Kids, Movies & TV

    (I’m about 10 years old. Every Friday my dad and I have a movie night. He’s dropped me off at the rental store so I can pick out movies I like while he goes and orders the pizza. As I walk in, there’s a teenage employee putting videos into boxes.)

    Me: “What’re you doing?”

    Employee: “We’re closing down. [Competitor]‘s running us out of business.”

    Me: “What? That’s not fair. [Competitor] is full of jerks.”

    Employee: “I know, sweetie.”

    (The employee stops and stares at me for a moment as if trying to remember who I am, then gestures to the videos with her head.)

    Employee: “Tell you what. I see you and your dad in here all the time. How about you go pick out some movies and you can keep them? Since we’re closing down, we’d just end up giving them away, anyway.”

    Me: “Are you sure?”

    Employee: “Yep!”

    (To that nice girl, thanks! Although the tradition has ended, I still often watch some of the movies I had chosen to take home, and they’re always on my list of things to bring when I visit my dad.)

    Not Being A Cry-Baby

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My sister is 26, but looks much younger, and is pregnant and quickly approaching her due date. She’s married, but her husband travels a lot for work, is away, and won’t be home until the week before the baby is due. In light of this, I’ve been staying with her so she’s not on her own. A few days before her husband is due home she begins experiencing extreme pain, and I drive her to the emergency room.)

    Nurse #1: “Take a seat. Someone will be with you soon.”

    (We sit, and after a few minutes, my sister is in tears, and worried for the baby. I go and update the nurse on her condition, only to be dismissed.)

    Nurse #1: “She’s fine. We’ll get to you when we can.”

    Me: “I understand you’re busy, but my sister is really worried about the baby. Is there any chance it could be in danger? Could we please have someone come and examine her?”

    Nurse #1: “I’m a nurse. I know what I’m talking about. Go and sit down.”

    (I go, and after another half hour, go and speak to the nurse again.)

    Nurse #1: “Sit down. Someone will see you when they can. I know you two are used to getting whatever you want, but this is the emergency room. Unless it’s an emergency, you don’t get special treatment.”

    (I’m pretty furious at this point, but I hear my sister cry out in pain, so rush back to her side while the nurse rolls her eyes. An hour later, another nurse enters the emergency room, and sees my sister.)

    Nurse #2: “Oh, my god, has this girl been seen yet?”

    Nurse #1: “I haven’t had time to put her paperwork through, I’m sure she’s fine.”

    Me: “We’ve been here for an hour and a half. Please! Something could be wrong with the baby.”

    Nurse #2: “She’s been here for an hour and a half and you still don’t have her paperwork done? It takes five minutes, max! Come on, sweetie, let’s get you looked at.”

    (Nurse #2 and I help my sister to her feet, and help her move out of the emergency room, while Nurse #1 follows still insisting my sister is fine.)

    Nurse #2: “She’s just some uppity teenager who’s too dumb not to get pregnant. Now she’s using her stupid mistakes to make herself the centre of attention.”

    Me: “Not that it matters, but she’s 26! You would know that if you had actually looked at the paperwork you made us fill out!”

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