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    Not Even Worth Screaming For The Ice Cream

    | Plant City, FL, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I go to our local donut/ice cream combo shop for ice cream. The place isn’t busy; there’s only me, an older couple, and a couple of young women. There is also at least three ladies working. The young women put in a big order for several quarts of ice cream, and the girl behind the counter goes to work.)

    Employee: *one to older couple* “I’ll be with you shortly.”

    (This has been after several minutes of gathering stuff. Meanwhile another girl has finished an order at the window, and another girl is doing minor stuff. Meanwhile, the older couple; who is just there to buy some bags of coffee. and I are still waiting. Several more minutes pass.)

    Me: *deciding to strike up idle chatter with older couple* “Really like their coffee, huh?”

    Older Woman: “I just have a gift card. I usually don’t buy it.”

    (After several more minutes the older woman mutters frustrated words to her husband and me.)

    Me: “Yeah, I’m debating going to one of the other ice cream places.”

    (The older couple agree, and we go back to waiting. Finally after ten minutes or so the girl with the huge order finally asks one of the other workers to take care of us, to which the girl says she’ll get to us shortly. At this point we’re fed up waiting after another couple minutes pass.)

    Older Woman: “All right, we’re walking out.”

    (She starts leaving with husband.)

    Me: *following them* “Me, too.”

    (The employees didn’t even try calling or coming after us to stop us from leaving.)

    Guys And Dolls

    | Brisbane, QLD, Australia | At The Checkout, Bigotry, Employees

    (I’m with my six-year-old son in a toy store. He’s doing very well in kindergarten so I thought I’d buy him a new toy as a reward. We go down the aisle to the toys for kids his age.)

    Me: “Now, [Son], what kind of toy would you like?”

    (My son grins and hurries down to a well known brand doll with long blonde hair and a blue summer dress.)

    Son: “Can I have this one, Mummy?”

    (He’s never asked for a doll before, but he’s borrowed his friend’s dolls in play dates so I am not surprised. It was a little pricier than some of the others but I could afford it, so I nod and smile and we head to the counter. At the counter my son hands the doll to the cashier.)

    Son: “Just this today, please.”

    (The cashier smiles at my son and begins to scan the doll.)

    Cashier: “Who’s this doll for? A lady friend?” *he winks jokingly*

    Son: *laughs* “No, it’s for me. I like brushing the lady’s hair.”

    (The cashier freezes halfway through scanning the doll.)

    Cashier: “Excuse me for a minute.”

    (He leaves, taking the doll with him. My son and I are both confused but we wait. A few minutes later a man comes out of the back room with the cashier.)

    Manager: “I’m the manager of this store, ma’am. What seems to be the problem?”

    Me: *blinking in surprise* “Problem? I don’t have a problem.”

    Cashier: “She wanted to buy this for her son.” *he holds up the doll*

    Manager: *frowns* “Yes?”

    Cashier: “Boys don’t play with dolls!”

    (My son now looks worried that he might not get the doll and looks really sad.)

    Son: “I do. I like brushing their hair and changing their clothes.”

    Cashier: *looks affronted* “But—”

    Manager: “Why don’t you take inventory and I’ll finish up here?”

    Cashier: “But—”

    Manager: “Now!”

    (The cashier hurries off to the back room.)

    Manager: “Sorry about that. I have no idea what got into my cashier. I’ll have a talk with him.”

    (We’ve been back to the store several times since then, but I never saw that cashier again.)

    Location, Floatation, Location

    | IL, USA | Coworkers, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I am a floating employee, which means I go to different regional locations and fill in when needed. I’m usually very good at tailoring my phone greeting to the correct location, until this particular incident…)

    Me: *answering the phone* “[Bank] at [Shopping Center]… That isn’t right… Ah, [Bank] on [Street]. No, wait… [Bank] at [Mall]. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

    (I hear laughter on the other end.)

    Caller: “[My Name], it’s [Coworker at a totally different branch]. Do you know where you are today?”

    Me: “No. Apparently I have no idea.”

    (Good thing it was a coworker with a sense of humor and not a customer!)

    There Will Be Bloodwork

    | ON, Canada | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I have a severe aversion to getting bloodwork done. While I know it’s all in my head, I’ve managed to faint and have seizures several times. To make everyone’s life easier when I absolutely need bloodwork done, I make sure to tell whomever is doing it about the problem. USUALLY they find a way to work with me…)

    Me: *explains my problem with bloodwork* “It’d probably be best if I can lie down, if possible.”

    Male Nurse: “You’re a grown up. No one likes needles. You’ll be fine.”

    Me: “It’s more than that. I’ve had seizures…”

    Male Nurse: “Look, if anything happens, I’ll catch you. Okay?”

    Me: “Um… okay…”

    (Bloodwork begins. The next thing I remember is everything going black. I wake up on the floor.)

    Female Nurse: “Are you okay?!”

    Male Nurse: “She’s faking it. No one faints from having blood drawn! She just wanted to lie down. She even asked for a bed.”

    Female Nurse: “That’s WHY we have a bed.” *to me* “Sweetie, did you know this would happen?”

    Me: “I told him I’ve fainted and had seizures from bloodwork, and asked to lie down, so… Yes?”

    (Female Nurse helps me up, walks me to the room with a bed, and lies me down, leaving juice at the side table beside me. Once I’m okay to stand up again…)

    Female Nurse: “Do you want to try again?”

    Me: “Um… can you do it?”

    Female Nurse: “Sure. Don’t worry; he’s gone home for the day.”

    (I got my bloodwork done, lying down, and managed to not black out, though I still did get lightheaded. Thank you, nice lady nurse.)

    Needs To Readdress The Address Issue

    | Lebanon, NH, USA | Employees, Transportation

    (I get home from work to find a message on my answering machine that a delivery company has a package for me but they are missing information they need to deliver it. I call back.)

    Employee: “Yes, we have a package for you but the address is wrong. Can you give us your correct address so we can deliver it?”

    Me: *gives address*

    Employee: “No, we already have that address. That street doesn’t exist. What’s your actual address so we can deliver it?”

    Me: “It’s [Address]. The address is right on the package.”

    Employee: “No, that street doesn’t exist.”

    Me: “…Yes, it does.”

    Employee: “In [Town]? There’s no such street.”

    Me: “I’m pretty sure several hundred people live on this street. I’m on this street right now. It does exist. It’s right off [Other Street] off of [Main Road through town].”

    Employee: “Please just give me your real address.”

    Me: “It’s [Address].”

    Employee: “I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll give the driver your number and he’ll have to call you again tomorrow to find out where you actually live.”

    (The driver showed up the next morning and had no trouble finding me.)

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