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    Category: Employees

    Wasn’t In The Top Percentile Of Her Class

    | Cardiff, Wales, UK | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Math & Science

    (My mother goes into a store and buys a pair of leggings. In addition to being on sale, there is a further 10% off.)

    Employee: “The sale prices are not in the tills, so we have to work out the prices manually.”

    (She started typing into a calculator. My mother thought she was doing something else, but then she realised that this girl actually needed a calculator to figure out 10% of £3.00.)

    Genderally Clean

    | Italy | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (We finish working in a refinery at 13:30 and rush out still in our work clothes so we can eat at a local diner. I go to the toilet first. I’m wearing blue overalls and carrying a sack with my clean clothes; my hair is stuck and spiky from wearing a hard hat all morning and I have grease smeared on my nose. In the corridor leading to the ladies’ toilet, a cleaner armed with a mop confronts me in a broken Italian.)

    Cleaner: “You no here! Here is ladies!”

    Me: “I know.”

    (I try to pass but she cuts me off with her mop.)

    Cleaner: “HERE IS LADIES!”

    Me: “I SAID, I KNOW!”

    (She gives me the stink-eye and lets me pass. After a wash and a change into civilian clothes, I meet her again on the way out.)

    Cleaner: “Oh! You are lady.”

    My Knowledge Isn’t Even Skin Deep

    | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Employees, New Hires

    Customer: *flagging me down* “Excuse me, we have some questions!”

    Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me get another associate to help. Today is my first day. I haven’t even begun training yet!”

    Customer: “But that will take too long! I’m sure you can answer some simple questions.”

    Me: “I’ll do my best, but I really would feel more comfortable if you let me get somebody with more experience.”

    Customer: “Nonsense! Now what can you tell me about the leather on this sofa?”

    Me: “Um… it’s from a cow?”

    Customer: “…”

    Me: “I’ll get another associate, shall I?”

    Customer: “Please.”

    Getting A Pizza His Mind

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m home by myself one Saturday night, when I hear the doorbell ring. When I open it, I see a delivery guy with three pizzas in his hands.)

    Delivery Guy: “Hey, sorry that took so long. Here are your pizzas. Your total is $24.00.”

    Me: “Oh… no, I’m sorry—”

    Delivery Guy: *interrupting* “Are you f****** with me? I drove all the way out here to bring you your d*** pizza, and now you think you’re getting it for free?”

    Me: “No, I—”

    Delivery Guy: *clearly not listening* “You’re paying for your pizza or I’m calling the cops, so which is it?”

    Me: “Will you listen to me?”

    Delivery Guy: *ignoring me* “Seriously, I will make that call.”

    (The delivery guy pulls out his phone, either to call the police or his boss, I don’t know, at which point I make myself heard.)


    Delivery Guy: “What?”

    Me: “I didn’t order a pizza. You have the wrong house.”

    (He pulls out a piece of paper, glances at the address, and then back at me.)

    Delivery Guy: “Isn’t this [address roughly two blocks away]?”

    Me: “No, it’s [my address].”

    Delivery Guy: “Oh. Umm… okay.”

    (He turns the leave, and I begin closing my door. As I do, I hear:)

    Delivery Guy: “I’M SUCH A FAILURE!”

    Dealing With Real Estate Is A Real Live Wire

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Health & Body, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I try to change a blown light bulb in my kid’s room, but the fitting just comes away in my hand, revealing wiring that is brittle. I call the real estate, who calls the owner to repair it. The owners come over with a man.)

    Owner: “This is our electrician.”

    Man: * to me* “Uh, I’m not an electrician. Just a friend helping out.”

    (They get him to replace the fitting. A while later a power socket is blown and having other issues, even as far as giving a small shock when turning off the bathroom light after a shower, so I call the real estate. They call the owner who can’t get here at that time, so he gives permission to send an electrician, who comes a few days later.)

    Electrician: “I’ve replaced the power switch; I didn’t like how it was wired. Looks like an amateur did it. I’m going to check the lights, okay?”

    Me: “Yes, definitely check the lights, please. They are always blowing bulbs.”

    Electrician: *checking metal light fixtures* “Oh, s***! Oh, s***! OH, S***!” *comes to me* “I’m pulling down all of these fittings. It’s a wonder no one has died in this place. Some idiot wired the live wire to the metal fittings instead of the grounding wire!”

    (A few weeks later the owners come over demanding to know what the electrician did and why they have such a big bill.)

    Me: “He said that it was lucky that no one died in this place. All the fitting were wired wrong.”

    Owner: “They were all put in by a professional electrician.”

    Me: “Like the man you tried passing off as an electrician that time?”

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