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    Hurt Their Chicken Tender Feelings

    | NC, USA | Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive, Language & Words, Technology

    (I am volunteering for a concession stand for my sister’s marching band, along with that sister and our mom. Mom and I are working at registers and both of them have been malfunctioning on us. As volunteers, we can’t do anything but wait for help when this happens. Luckily, there are very few people in line.)

    Customer: “Hi, I’m not sure what I want yet.”

    Me: “No problem. Take your time!”

    Customer: “What do you have ready?”

    Me: “Well, it looks like we’ve got burgers, fries, and chicken tenders ready right now.”

    Customer: “How are the chicken tenders?”

    Mom: “Uh-oh, my register isn’t scanning again.”

    Me: *under my breath* “Well, that’s not good at all.”

    Customer: “What?”

    Me: “I’m sorry?”

    Customer: “Did you just tell me the chicken tenders aren’t good?”

    Me: “Oh, I am so sorry!” *I point to my mom, who is frowning and pushing buttons* “Her register is acting up. I meant that wasn’t good.”

    Customer: “Oh!” *starts laughing*

    Me: “The chicken tenders are actually my favorite thing we serve here. I would definitely recommend them!”

    (The customer was happy to order after that. Phew!)

    Don’t Make Her Dairy, You Won’t Like Her When She’s Dairy

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink

    (At the cafe where I work we make burgers and garden burgers. A customer comes in and asks us many questions about the garden burger, even going so far as to ask for the box so she can check the ingredients and stating multiple times that she is vegan and gluten free. Our cook makes a big show of using clean new utensils and a pan instead of the grill we cook meat on to make her order.)

    Me: “Dude… you put butter in the pan with her garden burger.”

    Cook: “So? I always put butter in! It helps keep it from sticking and tastes nice!”

    Me: “She just spent ten minutes making sure that the patty was vegan.”

    Cook: “..So?”

    Me: “Butter isn’t vegan! It’s a dairy product, made from milk! She won’t want it!”

    Cook: “…”

    (After a moment of silence he shrugs, flips the patty and nonchalantly replies.)

    Cook: “F*** it. She won’t notice.”

    (Five minutes later she got her garden burger, took a bite and threw a fit, throwing the burger back at our cook before storming off. Guess she could taste it, and he had to wear the greasy stain on his shirt from that burger all night long.)

    A Slice Of Entertainment

    , | PA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink

    (I am 13 years old. My family and I are out to dinner in a popular pizza restaurant, owned by two feuding sisters. My mother is counting each table as it being served, and notices in the kitchen when our pizza is coming out. We can see through the windows in the kitchen doors, one labeled ‘In’ and the other ‘Out’)

    Mother: “Oh, here comes our pizza now!”

    (Just as she says this, the two sisters, one walking out with our pizza, and the other entering through the “Out” door, crash into each other, sending our pizza to the floor.)

    Sister #1: “Look what you did! You made me drop their pizza!”

    Sister #2: “Me?! You were walking through the wrong door!”

    (The two sisters start arguing in Italian, and later Sister #1 comes over to our table to apologize.)

    Sister #1: “I’m very sorry about this. We will make you a fresh new pizza, on the house for your troubles.”

    Mother: “Hey, I’d have paid double if I had known we’d be getting dinner and a show!”

    Not What I Orde(Red)

    | Auckland, New Zealand | Food & Drink, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I order a cranberry, chicken, and camembert pizza online from a fast food pizza place nearby. When the pizza is received the ‘sliced roast chicken breast’ is bright red, not white, and is clearly covered in some sort of spicy coating. I call up to query this and get this issue resolved.)

    Worker: “Welcome to [Company]! How can I help you?”

    Me: “Hi, I just purchased a cranberry, chicken ,and camembert pizza online and when I received it I noticed the chicken is bright red and seems to be coated in peri peri or cajun or something. Is this the normal chicken that is supposed to be on the pizza?”

    Worker: “No, the chicken is supposed to be sliced roast chicken breast. However, we are out of this so just changed it to cajun chicken instead.”

    Me: “If you are out of the proper chicken why didn’t you call me to make sure that the replacement option is ok? I may not be allergic to spices but if this was served unknowingly to someone who was this could be incredibly dangerous!”

    Worker: “It would be okay if the person was allergic to spices. The cajun chicken doesn’t have spices on it. It’s just cut from another part of the chicken!”

    Me: “…It’s bright red… I’m not aware of any part of the chicken that is naturally bright red… I’m not sure what kind of chicken you have been eating but chicken is called white meat for a reason. If bright red natural chicken is normal for your store, you may want to locate a new supplier for your chicken.”

    Be Wary Of Your Six-Inch

    | FL, USA | Food & Drink, New Hires

    (Today is my first day of working at a very popular sandwich delivery restaurant. I have only done two deliveries before this.)

    Coworker: *getting off the phone* “All right, who’s the lucky b****** who gets this order.” *pause* “NEW GUY!”

    Me: *confused* “Uhh, what’s up?”

    Coworker: “You get to deliver to the strip club!”

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