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    Category: Food & Drink

    Sick Of Your Mismanagement

    , | USA | Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My sister has recently developed an allergy to artificial sweeteners. She works at a fast food restaurant, but since the store’s owner really likes her as an employee (because she is prompt and very bright), he arranges for her to only be scheduled for the shift role where she bags food and answers the phone. He tells all the managers that she is not to do any of the other jobs because it risks her touching even the residue from diet drinks. One night she is working and the staff is short-handed. The manager on duty has not worked with my sister in a while, and so never has heard that her issue has been diagnosed.)

    Manager: “[Sister], go cover the drive thru window so [Coworker] can go on break.”

    Sister: “Sorry, I can’t. [Owner] said I don’t have to do that role because I get sick from touching the cups.”

    Manager: “Look, we need someone there, and I’m telling you to do it.”

    Sister: “Remember how I used to leave early all the time? It’s because I can’t physically do the jobs where I have to touch the cups! I will get sick and have to go home. That’s why [Owner] said for me to only do this job!”

    Manager: *clearly not believing her* “[Coworker] needs to go on break, and I told you to cover for her. Now do it.”

    (My sister finally just gave in, figuring the manager will learn the hard way when she got sick. Sure enough, the next day, she had to call in because she was too sick to work. Thankfully, the owner found out what happened and had a talk with that manager. It hasn’t happened since.)

    Toying With His Gender Issues

    | Brisbane, QLD, Australia | Employees, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

    (I’m taking my six-year-old nephew to a popular family restaurant that sells kid’s meals with toys. We get there and he starts going on a rant about how he has to have a boy’s toy because last time he got a girl’s toy and he’s a boy. The whole restaurant can hear him and just think it’s cute.)

    Me: *to cashier* “As you might be able to tell he’d like a kid’s meal with a boy’s toy.”

    Cashier: “It’s okay. I understand the struggle.”

    (I order the rest of the meal and my nephew keeps ranting.)

    Cashier: “Oh, can’t I just give him a girl’s toy… Just to screw with his brain?”

    Wine Dine Crime

    | New Zealand | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Food & Drink

    (I’ve been a qualified sommelier for about 10 years and have been working in hospitality for 20. I’m visiting my family in New Zealand and decide to pop into a well regarded new wine bar one evening before dinner. I’m sitting at the bar, looking at the list.)

    Me: “I’ve never seen [Very Rare Wine] on a wine list before! I was under the impression there were only three bottles left in the world and they were all privately owned.”

    Bartender: *whispering* “Don’t get it!”

    Me: “Uh…sorry?”

    Bartender: *whispering* “Don’t bother mate. It’s not real.”

    (I can’t work out why he’s whispering because I’m the only one inside.)

    Me: “What do you mean it’s not real?”

    Bartender: “The owner, she thinks it looks good to have something like that on the menu. So she just got labels made to put over other bottles of wine. Now I have to put up with people asking how we got our hands on a whole case of them! What am I supposed to say, huh? And she actually expects me to sell them. Like no one will notice it’s a $10 bottle of plonk!”

    (The ‘relabeled’ wine is in the thousands. I stick to a nice local red and when I’m leaving I hand him my card.)

    Me: “If you’re ever moving to Australia and need a job give me a call. Frankness and honesty are quite rare and you seem to have both qualities.”

    Bartender: “Wow, I’m so glad I told you. Sometimes I can’t be bothered, deterring customers. Have a good evening!”

    (He now works for me in Melbourne.)

    That Description Is Not Kosher

    | Scotts Valley, CA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Holidays, Ignoring/Inattentive, Religion

    (It is mid December and Hanukkah is approaching.)

    Me: “Excuse me, do you carry Hanukkah candles?”

    Employee: “Yeah, they’re down here with all this weird stuff.”

    (She leads me down an aisle and points out the candles. The ‘weird stuff’ turned out to be Gefilte fish, matzo, matzo meal, latke mix, etc…)

    Me: “Ma’am, that weird stuff is what we Jewish people call food. “

    Not A-Bun-dantly Clear

    | NH, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Food & Drink

    (It is the height of the Atkins diet craze and my wife and I have just ordered lunch.)

    Food Runner: “What can I get you?”

    Wife: “I will have a hamburger.”

    Food Runner: “And what toppings?”

    Wife: “None, just plain.”

    (I see a food runner walk by with a couple of plates including one with a hamburger patty.)

    Me: “Looks like someone is on the Atkins diet!”

    Wife: *laughs* “I can’t believe people and fad diets!”

    Food Runner: *turns around and comes back to our table* “I have a chicken salad and a hamburger.”

    Me: “Uhm… don’t hamburgers usually come with a bun?”

    Food Runner: “You wanted it on a bun?”

    Me: “Well, I didn’t specifically ask for one but I kind of assumed hamburgers usually come on buns.”

    (Turns out our waiter had written ‘plain hamburger’ on the ticket and the cook decided to take it to the extreme!)

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