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    With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility

    | NE, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I am a vegetarian out to lunch with some friends. There is literally nothing on the menu that does not contain meat, and as I usually do when this happens, I try to order something and ask them to hold the meat.)

    Me: “Could I please have the club sandwich, but with no meat?”

    Waitress: “What do you mean?”

    Me: “I would like a sandwich with everything on it that the club has, except for the meat.”

    Waitress: “Okay…”

    (The waitress delivers our food sometime later, and my sandwich has a nice helping of bacon on it.)

    Me: “I’m sorry but I very clearly asked for no meat on this sandwich.”

    Waitress: “Oh, I know! I had them leave off the ham and turkey!”

    Me: “But there’s very clearly still bacon on it.”

    Waitress: “You didn’t want bacon either? You didn’t say that!”

    With No Bacon, Comes Irresponsibility

    An Extra Slice Of Nice

    | MA, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (It’s the weekend, and my family decides to order some pizza for dinner. We order a couple pizzas and some sides for delivery.)

    Delivery Guy: “Okay, here’s your food. That’ll be [amount].”

    Me: *handing over money and a tip* “Thanks!”

    (We settle down to eat, only to realize one of the pizzas was made incorrectly. Unfortunately, I don’t like toppings on my pizza and thus can’t eat the pizza as it is, so I call up to complain.)

    Employee: “Thank you for calling [Pizza Restaurant]! Can I take your order?”

    Me: “Actually, we just had some food delivered and realized part of the order was wrong.”

    Employee: “Oh! I’m sorry about that! What was wrong with it?”

    Me: “One of the pizzas was supposed to be half pepper and onion, and the other half was suppose to be plain cheese, but it arrived as half pepper and half onion.”

    (The employee gets some more information about our order, then goes to check the original order and let the manager know the situation.)

    Employee: “All right, I found your original order here, and it says ‘Large pizza – half pepper and onion, half cheese.’ So it seems it was written down right, but the kitchen staff made it wrong.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    Employee: “My manager said we can make a new pizza and send it out to you. Is that all right?”

    Me: “Yes, thank you.”

    (The call ends, and pizza number two arrives about 20 minutes later.)

    Delivery Guy: “Here’s your pizza! Sorry about the screw-up!”

    Me: “Thanks!”

    (The delivery guy leaves, I open up the box and become pissed. Pizza number two is also half pepper and half onion. I call them again.)

    Employee: “Thank you for calling [Pizza Restaurant]! Can I take your order?”

    Me: “I called a short while ago to complain about my pizza being made wrong. I just received the new pizza, and it was made wrong in the exact same way as the first one!”

    Employee: “I’m so sorry! Let me get my manager for you.”

    (I wait, hungry and agitated, as the employee fetches her manager and explains the situation.)

    Manager: “Hello? My employee told me what’s happened. I am terribly sorry about that. If you’d like, we can send you another pizza, and I’ll give you a credit for a free large pizza on a future order for all the trouble.”

    Me: “That’s fine.”

    (We wait for pizza number three, and by this point it’s getting pretty late. The same delivery guy arrives for the third time.)

    Delivery Guy: “Hello, again! Sorry about all the trouble you’ve been having with this. I’ve got your pizza here, and this time I checked it myself before I left the restaurant. Why don’t you check it yourself before I leave.”

    Me: “Thanks.”

    (I check the pizza, and this time it’s made right.)

    Me: “Finally! Sorry you had to come out here so much.”

    Delivery Guy: “It’s no problem. Actually, I’m off the clock now, but I offered to bring you your pizza since it’s on my way home.”

    Me: “Oh! Thank you!”

    (After a brief moment of thought, I get an idea.)

    Me: “Hey, before you go, do you like pepper and onions on pizza?”

    Delivery Guy: “Yeah, sure?”

    Me: *giving him pizza number two, which remains untouched* “Then, here! Have some free pizza!”

    Delivery Guy: “Oh! You don’t have to do that!”

    Me: “Go ahead! You’ve been a lot of help, and besides, there’s no way we’re going to be able to eat all this pizza.”

    Delivery Guy: *taking the pizza* “Well, thanks! You have a good night!”

    Me: “You, too!”

    Shouldn’t Have Pressed The Hash Key

    | Tybee Island, GA, USA | Tybee Island, GA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Food & Drink

    (I am on vacation in a small island town. There’s a diner down the street from my hotel, which serves a breakfast buffet on the weekends. During the week, I go in and order from the regular menu.)

    Me: “I’ll have two eggs over-easy, hash browns, toast, and the corned-beef hash.”

    Waitress: “Sure, sweetie, it’ll be right up.”

    (The diner isn’t terribly full, so my plate comes pretty quick. Only there’s something wrong.)

    Me: “Wait, I ordered the hash, not the sausage.” *points to the two brown patties on my plate*

    Waitress: “That is the hash. If it was sausage, it’d be brown.”

    (For those who have never eaten hash, it usually comes in scoops, not neat patties like sausage. Also, sausage is brown, too. I’m confused, and cut into the patties. Sure enough, it’s corned-beef hash, perfectly cooked in round circles. The funny thing is, on the weekend buffet, hash is served in scoops.)

    Me: “Err, okay.”

    Waitress: *looking at me intently* “It’s hash!”

    Me: *confused at her reaction* “Yes, I can see that. Thank you.”

    (I turn to my plate, to see several of the fry cooks staring intensely at me, as I’m seated at the counter.)

    Fry Cooks: “It’s hash!”

    Me: *starting to feel really uncomfortable* “Yes, thank you. I was just surprised, is all.”

    Fry Cooks: “It’s hash!”

    (I still eat it, and it was good, but everyone from the hostess to the manager, about ten people, just had to assure me it was really hash, giving me very intense and rather creepy stares. I never figured out why they were so insistent on it being hash.)

    A Frappe In The Face

    | Leeds, England, UK | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I go into a coffee shop with my mum and grandma. One of the baristas has a promotional t-shirt on advertising their new raspberry and white chocolate frappé. A different barista serves us.)

    Me: “Hi, can I get a raspberry and white chocolate frappé, please?”

    Barista: “I’m sorry, we don’t do those. We only have plain chocolate ones.”

    Me: “Oh, okay. I only asked because I saw it on his t-shirt.”

    Barista: “That was part of a promotion which has ended. We do a raspberry and white chocolate one, though?”

    Me: “Isn’t that exactly what I just said…?”

    A Smooth Operator

    , | Oakville, ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Food & Drink, New Hires

    (After work I go to get a cookie and a smoothie.)

    Me: “Hi, can get a [cookie] and a strawberry banana smoothie, please?”

    Employee: *throws her arms up in the air* “YAY!” *turns to the new guy she’s training* “YOU get to make a smoothie!” *turns to me* “I’ve been waiting all day for somebody to order one!”

    Me: *amused but somewhat at a loss* “Um… glad I could help with that?”

    (The new guy made a good smoothie!)

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