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    Misunderstood ‘Do You Copy?’

    | Kansas City, KS, USA | Ignoring/Inattentive, Job Seekers

    (I work testing, interviewing, and hiring people for local work and have to collect IDs during the hiring process.)

    Me: “Okay, I need to see your photocopy and the original of two forms of current and valid state and federal IDs to finish this paperwork.”

    Applicant: “Will my passport work?”

    Me: “As long as it is current, and I will also need a state ID like a driver’s license.”

    Applicant: “Okay.” *hands me only the passport*

    Me: “You were asked over the phone to bring a photocopy of your IDs. Can I have that as well?”

    Applicant: “Can’t you just make a copy?”

    (We are at a public location per their request since they live so far away. Since we are not at my office I cannot and I tell them so.)

    Applicant: “Well, I don’t have a copy. Can’t you take my ID with you back to your office and mail it back to me?”

    (It is illegal to do so and I inform them of this.)

    Applicant: “Well, the person I spoke to on the phone never told me about this.

    You should really hire competent people. He sounded very new and not all that bright.”

    Me: “That was me you spoke to on the phone and I checked with you twice to make sure you understood what you had to bring today.”

    Applicant: “Well, he wasn’t very clear. You should fire that guy. So, when do I start?”

    (I pack up my things and hand back her passport.)

    Me: “We’ll let you know.”

    Not A Pleasant Experience

    | Leeds, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Employees, Extra Stupid, Job Seekers

    (During an interview for a help-tech position with local computer store:)

    Interviewer: “Well… I can see you have 20 years experience and have the relevant qualifications. But I don’t think we can employ you.”

    Me: *rather taken aback* “Oh… well, okay. Thank you for being honest with me. Can I ask why?”

    Interviewer: “Well, honestly, it’s because of your age. We’ve found that older people don’t really ‘get’ computers.”

    Me: “We don’t really… You did say I was more than qualified, right?”

    Interviewer: “Yes, that’s right. Ideally we’d prefer someone who’s a recent graduate, say in their mid 20s so they’re more ‘in-tune’ with technology, like most young people are today. Frankly, you’re too old to know anything about modern computers.”

    Me: “And yet on the application it said you were looking for someone with a minimum of 10 years work experience?”

    Interviewer: “Yes. that’s right. Anything else I can help you with?”

    Me: “No… I’ll just go get my zimmer-frame and shuffle off now. Good luck finding someone who graduated at age 10.”

    (Funnily enough, they’re still looking.)

    Failed The Phone Interview

    | Chicago, IL, USA | Extra Stupid, Job Seekers, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (Each department in the hotel where I work offers a temporary management training position that, once you complete it, lets you transfer to a management position in any hotel in the chain with openings. One of my coworkers, who is known for being very childlike and constantly using his cell phone — which is not allowed — applied for the position.)

    Coworker: “I didn’t get the management job.”

    Me: *inaudibly* “I didn’t think you would.”

    Coworker: “They should have given it to me! They gave it to somebody who doesn’t even work here! I already know this job! I told the general manager of the hotel in my interview that I could do my whole job while having a conversation on my phone at the same time!”

    Me: “Wait a minute. You told the general manager that you’re on your phone while you’re supposed to be working?”

    Coworker: *nodding enthusiastically and grinning* “Yeah!”

    Me: “And you don’t know why you didn’t get the job?!”

    Cereal Killing The Mood

    | USA | Bizarre/Silly, Job Seekers

    (I’m at a job interview for a dog boarding facility. My previous job has a very laid-back environment, but I want to show that I am serious about the position. They have asked me the basic questions, which I have managed to answer professionally. After a while, they start asking some weird questions.)

    Interviewer: “So if you were a type of cereal, what would you be?”

    Me: “Frosted Flakes…? Because they’re grrrrreat!”

    Interviewer: *completely expressionless*

    Me: “I… That was a joke….”

    (Surprisingly, after that idiotic joke, I got a call from them a week later with an offer. I ended up declining for a better offer.)

    Preliminary Discriminatory Interview

    , | LA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Job Seekers, Religion

    (I am 20 and have just moved cities. I am interviewing for a job at a fast food restaurant, trying to find anything I can just to get started and pay bills. My resume lists my school experience and work experience. I homeschooled K-12 and am attending online college. However, I have worked since I was 16, at a bookstore (for a little over three years), a restaurant (a few months until finding a full-time job), and an office. My duties and experiences at each job are listed on my resume, and they include a vast number of things. The bookstore was a Christian company and had the word ‘Christian’ in its name; the office job was the same. Additionally, one of my other experiences listed on my resume was Vacation Bible School ‘counselor.’)

    Manager: *looks over resume and application* “Hmm. I see here that you’ve primarily worked with Christian companies… Will you be able to handle working with others who don’t share your beliefs? Some of my other employees might say things that you won’t be comfortable with.”

    (Before I can correct him that, one: how does he know what I am or am not comfortable with, and two: that I’d worked with people who didn’t share my beliefs and that never caused a problem, he continues:)

    Manager: “Also, I see you’ve homeschooled your whole life. Are you going to be okay when there are a lot of people in the shop? We get really busy on holidays and you’ll have to interact with a lot of customers.”

    (I bite back the urge to tell him in no uncertain terms that I lasted over three years in a bookstore where part of my job was to work the sales floor during Black Friday and help customers, as well as plan and run kids’ events, but apparently my fear of people is what gave me such excellent references to recommend me. Instead, I politely told him I’d be fine. He ended the interview by saying he thought I’d do well and would call me in the next few days after doing some other interviews.)

    Manager: “And if I don’t call you by Friday, I want you to call and ask for me, okay? I work Mondays through Fridays here.”

    (When I don’t hear back by that Friday, I call the next Monday.)

    Employee: “Oh [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call this afternoon.”

    (I do.)

    Employee: “Oh, [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call tomorrow. He’ll be here then.”

    (The next day…)

    Employee: “Oh, [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call tomorrow. He’ll be here then.”

    (Finally, I gave up on the job. Thankfully I found another one soon after; where the interviewer didn’t insult me with discriminatory questions!)

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