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    Category: Lazy/Unhelpful

    Recipe For Repeated Disaster

    | Lund, Sweden | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I call my local health clinic to make an appointment.)

    Me: “Hello. My name is [My Name] and I would like to make an appointment with a gynecologist. I am on [type of birth control pill] and would like to discuss if there are any other options.”

    Receptionist: “All right, I’ll make an appointment for Monday.”

    Me: “Great, what time?”

    Receptionist: “No, it’s not an actual appointment; I just make a note here to [Doctor] to renew your prescription.”

    Me: “No, I’m sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear. I don’t want to renew my current prescription. I am not happy with the pill I am on; I would like to discuss my options.”

    Receptionist: “Oh. I see. Well, then I have an appointment for Wednesday next week.”

    Me: “All right, that could work. What time is it?”

    Receptionist: “No, it’s not a specific time; it’s a note to [Doctor] to call you during the day to talk to you before she renews your prescription.”

    Me: “But I would like to discuss my options with her. If I can do that over the phone, I’m happy to, but I want to make sure I can have a discussion with her and get advice, not just a new prescription for the same type of birth control pill that makes me experience all these side effects.”

    Receptionist: “Yes, whatever, your appointment is now for Wednesday next week.”

    Me: “…and she will call me and we will be able to have an actual discussion?”

    Receptionist: “Goodbye.”

    (I called another clinic and got excellent service. When I called the first clinic to cancel my “appointment,” the receptionist was just as rude as before and practically hung up on me again. Never going back there!)

    Client In-compliant

    | Spain | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (We work as sysadmins. One of our duties is checking free space on disks on the servers and informing the corresponding account manager. Since we care for the servers of lots of different companies, our policy is that we never contact the client company directly, but only the account manager. This conversation is via e-mail over several days:)

    Sysadmin: “Good morning. We have an alert for disk I in server [Server] belonging to [Client]. Could you free space? Thanks.”

    Account Manager: “Hello. Please remove me from these notifications or at least send them to the client directly. Cheers.”

    (Our manager steps in.)

    Sysadmins Manager: “Hello. Could you please talk with [Senior Manager]? We have instructions to never contact the client in these cases, but [Account Manager]. Thanks.”

    Account Manager: “Hello. It is true that you should not contact the client directly. You should notify them instead. Cheers.”

    Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager] and [Senior Manager]* “I’m copying [Senior Manager] in order to clarify this case and all similar for the future. Is the procedure for this client different or should we contact [Account Manager]? Thanks.”

    Senior Manager: *including [Account Manager] in copy* “Contact [Account Manager]. Cheers.”

    Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager]* “Hello. Alert is still on; status is critical.”

    Account Manager: “Have you contacted the client?”

    Not Quite The Cream (Soda) Of The Crop

    , | Adelaide, SA, Australia | Bad Behavior, Employees, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My mother and I go to the drive-thru to get a particular brand of drink that isn’t sold at many of the fast food chains. I wouldn’t call it an unusual drink but it’s not the brand’s most popular flavour.)

    Mum: “Can I have two brown cream sodas?”

    Cashier: “That’s not a thing. We don’t sell that here.”

    Mum: “But we buy it here all the time.”

    Cashier: “We don’t sell that. Ee only have sarsaparilla. I don’t know why you’re asking for that. It just sounds weird.”

    Mum: “Go talk to the other cashier, currently making coffees. He’s sold it to me before.”

    (The cashier looks at him and back at us, she does not move.)

    Me: “Look at the fridge. I can see it from here. It’s next to the sarsaparilla.”

    Cashier: “I don’t know why you want this weird drink.”

    Mum: “Look, why don’t you just go over and have a look.”

    (Lo and behold, the drinks are there. She picks them up and takes them to the register.)

    Cashier: “I don’t know why it’s called brown; this drink is weird.”

    (We paid and left, still bewildered at what she had said. For the record, it’s called brown because it is brown.)

    Hobson’s Sandwiches

    | Cape Coral, FL, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I am a Canadian tourist on vacation.)

    Subshop Worker: “Hi, welcome to [Sandwich Shop]. What can I get you?”

    Me: “Hi, I’ll get a foot-long meatball sub.”

    Subshop Worker: “Sorry, we don’t have meatballs right now.”

    Me: “Umm… Okay, I’ll get a foot-long cold cut.”

    Subshop Worker: “What bread?”

    Me: “Italian herbs and cheese.”

    Subshop Worker: “We only have Italian right now.”

    Me: “Then Italian it is I guess.”

    Subshop Worker: “What cheese?”

    Me: *annoyed from my first two issues where he asked instead of informing me they were out* “Swiss.”

    Subshop Worker: “We only have provolone right now.”

    Me: “Do I really have a choice?!”

    (I finished my order with no more problems until a casual conversation started as to where I was from. He then had the nerve to insult the Canadian Health Care system!)

    Not A Pretty Picture Of Salesmanship

    | England, UK | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (I’m shopping for a new digital camera. I’m looking through the cameras they have on section.)

    Me: *tries to turn on the first one* “Hmm.” *tries to turn on the second one* “O… kay.”

    Worker: “Can I help you, sir?”

    Me: “Yes, I hope so. I’m looking for a camera. It needs to take decent quality photos and be in [price range].”

    Worker: “Well, we have lots of very good cameras here.”

    Me: “Yes, but none of them turn on! How can I decide on a camera if I can’t see what pictures it takes?”

    Worker: “Well, if you go online you can see sample pictures.”

    Me: “Yes, but then again, if I go online I can buy cheaper cameras from your competitors. I really wanted to see it working.”

    Worker: “Well, if you do that you won’t get reward points.”

    (Needless to say I bought from somewhere else, somewhere I could actually try it first and see the picture quality.)

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