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    Category: Technology

    Charged With A Battery Assault

    | Piacenza, Italy | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Employees, Technology

    (It is 1997. My boss decides it is time to buy a new cell phone, so we go to the small store owned by a friend of his. He ends up paying the equivalent of $1000 for two phones with new plans. Since my boss and the owner know each other, he doesn’t feel the need to put a sticker with their logo behind the battery of the phones, which they usually do as proof of being purchased there. The next day, my boss’s phone is faulty, so he gives me the phone to get sorted at the store. I go and speak to the clerk:)

    Clerk: “This phone is clearly faulty, but I can’t exchange it as it wasn’t purchased here. There is no sticker behind the battery.”

    Me: “I was here yesterday with my boss. Your coworker actually sold us two phones in the owner’s office. He said that the stickers were not necessary. You can ask your coworker.”

    Clerk: “He’s on his day off, and you didn’t buy this phone here.”

    Me: “May I speak to the owner?”

    Clerk: “He’s not here, and this phone does not come from here.”

    Me: “Listen, I was here yesterday with my boss. He paid for two phones and activated two new plans.”

    Clerk: “You haven’t bought this phone from us. Now, please leave.”

    Me: “Okay, I’ll call my boss and we’ll try to figure out what to do. Have a nice day.”

    (While standing on the sidewalk in front of the store windows, I call my boss and explain the situation. Suddenly the store door slams open…)

    Clerk: “Still here? Not convinced? Maybe I should call the cops to convince you to go away?”

    (My boss hears what the clerk says and gets quite angry.)

    Boss: “Is the owner there?”

    Me: “No, he’s not—” *the owner suddenly walks in front of me* “— Oh, he’s here now!”

    Boss: “Good. Wait two minutes, then go inside and… enjoy.” *click*

    (A couple of minutes later I go inside. The clerk sees me, and in front of about six or seven other customers, starts shouting at me.)


    (Suddenly, the boss comes out of his office and approaches the clerk.)

    Boss: “COME. WITH. ME. NOW.”

    (They go to the back. A few minutes later the clerk comes back with a pale face and his boss standing four feet from him, very angry.)

    Clerk: “I’m sorry from the inconvenience, sir. Here’s a new phone for your boss…”

    Client In-compliant

    | Spain | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (We work as sysadmins. One of our duties is checking free space on disks on the servers and informing the corresponding account manager. Since we care for the servers of lots of different companies, our policy is that we never contact the client company directly, but only the account manager. This conversation is via e-mail over several days:)

    Sysadmin: “Good morning. We have an alert for disk I in server [Server] belonging to [Client]. Could you free space? Thanks.”

    Account Manager: “Hello. Please remove me from these notifications or at least send them to the client directly. Cheers.”

    (Our manager steps in.)

    Sysadmins Manager: “Hello. Could you please talk with [Senior Manager]? We have instructions to never contact the client in these cases, but [Account Manager]. Thanks.”

    Account Manager: “Hello. It is true that you should not contact the client directly. You should notify them instead. Cheers.”

    Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager] and [Senior Manager]* “I’m copying [Senior Manager] in order to clarify this case and all similar for the future. Is the procedure for this client different or should we contact [Account Manager]? Thanks.”

    Senior Manager: *including [Account Manager] in copy* “Contact [Account Manager]. Cheers.”

    Sysadmins Manager: *to [Account Manager]* “Hello. Alert is still on; status is critical.”

    Account Manager: “Have you contacted the client?”

    User Confuser

    | Los Angeles, CA, USA | Coworkers, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (I work in IT for a particular high end women’s fashion site. One day I get a call from one of our designers in the studio.)

    Caller: “I forgot my password again.”

    Me: “That’s all right. Let me just reset it… and your temporary password is “TempPass1″. Capital ‘T’ and ‘P.’”

    Caller: “It’s not working.”

    Me: “That’s okay. Make sure to capitalize the ‘T’ and ‘P’ and try again. It’ll prompt you for a new password when you login.”

    Caller: “Well… I mean… I don’t know my username either.”

    (I know this particular person, so I’m sure this isn’t a malicious social engineering attempt.)

    Me: “It’s your name.”

    Caller: “Yeah, I don’t remember my username.”

    Me: “It’s your name. First name, dot, last name.”

    Caller: “Yeah, I don’t know it.”

    Me: “[Caller], you know your name. I know you do. I’m calling you by your name right now.”

    Caller: “Wait… Oh, yeah! Okay, hold on… Nope, I don’t think I remember my username. Can you reset that too?”

    (I walked down to the studio and watched her try to login to her computer with her personal email address.)

    Instructions Aren’t So Clear

    | Chattanooga, TN, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (While we’re being checked out, an item buzzes. The register clearly displays the error, ‘BUFFER FULL – PRESS CLEAR.’)

    Cashier: “Huh. This isn’t working.”

    (She slowly reads the message, then ignores it and tries again without pressing clear. Same buzz, same error. So she tries again. And again. And again.)

    Wife: “It’s saying, ‘Buffer full – press clear.’”

    Cashier: “Yeah, that happens sometimes. Don’t worry, it’ll take.”

    (She tries it again. And again. And again.)

    Me: “You know, maybe just in case it helps, try pressing clear?”

    (She does. The error message goes away. The item rings up just fine.)

    Cashier: “Huh. He’s pretty bright, for a gentleman.”

    Wife: *under her breath* “Yeah, he’s been reading for years now…”

    Lacks The Power For The Job

    | AB, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (My husband is at a home improvement store which will cut for free tile you purchase from them.)

    Tile Cutter: “This machine is great! It’s about $750, but we’ll cut your tile for free with it right in front of you! It’s so cool!”

    (He turns the saw on and immediately uses the saw to cut through its own power cord, shutting it off and creating a burning smell.)

    Tile Cutter: “Um… We’ll call you when your tile’s ready.”

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