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    Can’t Daylight Save This Order

    | Storrs, CT, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Time

    (It is the night Daylight Savings time ends. Around 1:40 am, Daylight Time, I order some food for delivery and they tell me it will arrive in 30-45 minutes. An hour and a half later, it still hasn’t arrived so I call the restaurant to complain. Note that because of the clocks turning back at 2:00 am, it is now only 2:10 am.)

    Me: “Hello, I placed an order for delivery an hour and a half ago. You told me it would be here in 30-45 minutes and it’s still not here.”

    Employee: “I see here that you ordered at 1:40 am. It’s now 2:10 am. It’s only been half an hour. It should be there in about 15-20 minutes.”

    Me: “No, I ordered it 90 minutes ago, before the clocks were set back.”

    Employee: “So you’re telling me the timestamp our computer automatically prints out is wrong and you didn’t order at 1:40 am?”

    Me: “No, I did, and then 20 minutes later Daylight Savings Time ended and it went back to 1:00 am. It’s now 70 minutes after that.”

    Employee: *sarcastically* “Right…. So our employees time-traveled back an hour to avoid making your food?”

    Me: “Do you understand how Daylight Savings Time works?”

    Employee: “I really don’t care. You ordered half an hour ago. We’re very busy right now. Unless you’re going to stop lying, just wait for your food.” *hangs up*

    (The food finally arrived after another half hour, and was cold. How do people not know how Daylight Savings Time works?)

    Starter For Ten Minutes

    | Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Food & Drink, Time

    (My husband and I decide to try a popular local restaurant for dinner before seeing a movie. We order sodas and our entrees. The waitress brings us our sodas and a small starter salad each, which are included with our meals, and we quickly eat. Fast-forward to 45 minutes later.)

    Me: “I thought we’d have our entrees by now.”

    Husband: “Me, too. There’s our waitress. Hi! Excuse me!”

    Waitress: “Yes?”

    Husband: “Just wondering when our dinners will get here? We have a movie to catch.”

    Waitress: “They’ll be another ten minutes.”

    Husband: “Oh, okay.”

    (Twenty minutes go by.)

    Husband: “Excuse me!”

    Waitress: “Yes?”

    Husband: “We’re still waiting for our dinners.”

    Waitress: “They’ll be another ten minutes.”

    Husband: “You said that last time, and it’s been TWENTY minutes. We’re really hungry, plus we have to leave soon for our movie.”

    Waitress: “Ten minutes.” *leaves*

    (Twenty minutes later:)

    Husband: “This is ridiculous. Excuse me!”

    Waitress: “Yes?”

    Husband: “Please cancel our meals. If we don’t leave now, we’ll miss our movie.”

    Waitress: “Are you sure? They’re almost ready.”

    Husband: “Let me guess; ten more minutes?”

    Waitress: “That’s right.”

    Husband: “No, thank you. We’re leaving.”

    (On our way out the door, the manager ran up to us. We thought he was going to apologize for the wait.)


    Us: “What?”

    Manager: “You owe us for the sodas and salads!”

    Us: “You must be joking. You kept us waiting for over 1.5 hours for our meals, kept fobbing us off, and now you expect us to pay for two sodas and tiny salads? Not going to happen.”

    Manager: “You can’t expect fast service at a nice place like this! This is not a pizza restaurant, you know!”

    Us: “No kidding. If it were, we wouldn’t be leaving hungry.”

    Time To Flip The Spam Over

    | Tampa, FL, USA | Employees, Money, Time

    (I get a call.)

    Caller: “This is Microsoft. We see that you downloaded a virus. We’re calling to assist you in removing it. Are you in front of your computer now?”

    Me: “Yes, wow, thank you for calling. I didn’t know those spam calls were real. Can I have your credit card number so I can bill you for my time?”

    Caller: “What? No, this isn’t spam. You downloaded a virus. We are calling to help you remove it.”

    Me: “Okay, what is your credit card number so I can talk to you.”

    Caller: “I’m not asking for a credit card number.”

    Me: “My time is valuable; to talk to you I need to bill you for my time. What is your credit card number?”

    Locked On Your Faulty Reasoning

    | NY, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Time

    (My school has a small café that is a popular hangout, as well as an alternative location for instructors to hold small classes. My math professor has assigned us a take-home exam, and we’ve agreed to meet at the café. My dorm is nearest the café, so I’m there first.)

    Me: *walking into the café* “Good morning!”

    Café Worker: “Hello.”

    (The serving area isn’t open yet, so I grab a seat and wait for everyone else. The workers who are here ignore me, going about their business. Fifteen minutes past the meeting time, I’m beginning to wonder where everyone is. Then I see several of my classmates outside one of the windows.)

    Classmates: “Oh, it’s locked. Guess they’re not opening early today.”

    (Confused, I look out to see my whole class gathered at the corner, with my professor handing out the papers. Not sure what’s going on, I grab my bag and head for the front door, again crossing in front of the café worker I greeted earlier. I go to leave, but find the door locked.)

    Me: “Err, excuse me?”

    Café Worker: “Yes?”

    Me: “Can you please unlock the door so I can get out?”

    Café Worker: “How’d you get in here?”

    Me: “I walked in… The door was unlocked… I said hello to you, and you didn’t tell me to leave.”

    Café Worker: “You’re not supposed to be in here. We’re not opening until 6:30, like we usually do.”

    Me: “I can see that. But no one said anything when I walked in. And I’ve been sitting here for the past twenty minutes.”

    Café Worker: “You’re not supposed to be in here! We’re not open yet!”

    Me: “Then let me out!”

    (He finally unlocked the door, grumbling about students who don’t read the signs.)

    A Sudden Shift In Shifts

    | WI, USA | Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful, Time

    (My coworker is the owner’s mother. She likes working one day a week to stay active. Her shift is one day a week and starts at 4. At 4:11 the phone rings.)

    Coworker: “I’m gonna be running a little late. I’ll see ya soon.”

    (At 5:11 when she shows up an hour and 11 minutes after she was supposed to start and 11 minutes after my shift ends.)

    Coworker: “Why are you still here?!”

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