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    You Have And Don’t Have Mail

    , | Germany | Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (I’m awaiting a parcel and usually, when I’m not home, I will just have to pick them up at a nearby store. However, this time it is returned to sender, so I call the delivery company.)

    Me: “Hi, I just wanted to ask you to send me my parcel again.”

    Call-Centre Agent: “Okay, why did you not receive it the first time?”

    Me: “Honestly, I’m not quite sure. I just got a note saying you neither found my doorbell nor my mailbox, so it was sent back.”

    Call-Centre Agent: “Okay, so what’s so weird about that note? Maybe you—”

    Me: “Let me stop you there. I found this note in my mailbox. Which you can only reach if you rang the doorbell first.”

    Call-Centre Agent: “…I have NO idea how they managed to mess that up. I’ll order your parcel to be sent again.”

    Driven By Assumptions

    , | UK | Bad Behavior, Transportation

    (I’m 25 and have been working for several years. I’ve only just learned to drive and passed the test. I decide to go with a lease car suggested by my dad’s friend, since it actually works out cheaper as a long-term investment. I’m calling the car company’s insurance line.)

    Me: “Hi, I’m calling to activate my seven-days free insurance for my new car?”

    Agent: “Okay, I just need your personal details and the details of your car.”

    (I give her them, including my date of birth and the manufacture year of the car.)

    Agent: “Ooh, that’s a new model! Somebody’s being spoilt!”

    Me: “What do you mean?”

    Agent: “You’re getting [Car] as your first car? There’s no way a teenager could afford that. Mummy and daddy must love you! Lucky for some!”

    Me: “Actually, I’m paying for this out of my own pocket. If you’ll notice my age, I’ve held off on learning to drive and buying a car until I could afford to pay for it all – and run it – myself.”

    Agent: “Oh. Well… how was I supposed to know?”

    Me: “Maybe in the future, don’t make assumptions about people!”

    Accepting A Charge With The Battery

    | Malvern, PA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (My friend jumped my dead battery last night so I could get home, and suggested I go to a local car parts place that’s known for testing car parts. It’s been raining but it’s really just a drizzle at the moment I’m there and have it checked.)

    Car Parts Dude: “It’s not saying your battery is dead. It’s saying it needs a charge. The starter and alternator are fine. A full battery charge takes around three hours.”

    Me: “Okay, let me check with my friend. I think he has a charger.”

    (I text my friend, who advises me that a charge isn’t the way to go because the battery will just die again. So, I tell the dude I want to buy a battery. I’ve seen the huge signs outside that read FREE BATTERY INSTALLATION with purchase.)

    Car Parts Dude: “I’m sorry, but company policy says we can’t work on cars when it’s raining.”

    (I text my friend again and he reminds me of another car place — one with service bays — less than 200 yards away. I drive over there.)

    Car Service Guy: “So, what brings you in?”

    Me: “My battery’s dying, and I would like to get a new one. I was just up the street to have it tested, and they said they can’t install it for me because it’s raining.”

    Car Service Guy: *blinks and shakes his head* “Okay, then.”

    (Thank you to the car service place! I know I paid an installation fee with you, but it was worth getting taken care of today!)

    Why Does This Have To Be So Card?

    | The Netherlands | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology, Transportation

    (In The Netherlands, public transportation companies try to reduce cash transactions and paper tickets as much as possible by introducing a (rechargeable) card with cash on it, good for bus/train fare. That did not go smoothly. A couple of years later my father, a senior citizen, moves to a new place. I help out, and so also with the rechargeable bit. For that, I need online access. The following conversation spans about three months:)

    Me: “I cannot sign up my father. He has never been online before and moved months ago.”

    Customer Service Rep: “Wait a couple of days; maybe you made a mistake. Let the system reset.”

    (Days later:)

    Me: “I still can’t sign him up, and I am getting a strange error on the site.”

    Customer Service Rep: “There is a bug in the system and we are working on it. Can you please wait a couple of days?”

    (Days later:)

    Me: “I still can’t sign him up and I am still getting a strange error on the site.”

    Customer Service Rep: “I see this card still is registered to the old address. Please use that. The card on the new address is expired.”

    Me: “I also can’t sign him up using the old address.”

    Customer Service Rep: “Very strange. I’ll have it looked at.”

    (Days later:)

    Me: “What’s the progress?”

    Customer Service Rep: “On what?”

    Me: *explains*

    Customer Service Rep: *gives call center standard explanation on website use*

    Me: “Is there no way somebody there can try this card number?”

    Customer Service Rep: “We will call you back.”

    (Days later, after never being called:)

    Me: “What’s the status?”

    Customer Service Rep: “On what?”

    Me: *explains again*

    Customer Service Rep: “I have no records of such issue.”

    Me: “Can you restart the investigation, please?”

    Customer Service Rep: “No. For privacy reasons your father must be the on setting it up.”

    (Losing it, I hang up. Although along the way being tempted to “lose” dad’s card I always keep thinking someone will eventually get this simple issue and will fix it, if I only can get through to second line support behind this “wall.”. Months later, he really loses the card. Not wanting to call myself after I lost my cool, he calls for the replacement himself.)

    Dad: *explains*

    Customer Service Rep: “Mister who? We have no record of him owning a card.”

    (I have no idea how they are running this organization…)

    Getting Charged With False Battery

    | USA | Employees, Liars/Scammers, Transportation

    (I’m at my dealership getting my routine oil changes, sitting in the customer waiting area. It’s mid-winter and my car is starting up just fine except when it gets really cold.)

    Tech: “So, you’re battery is testing bad and you’ll need to replace it soon.”

    Me: “Okay, and how much will that cost?”

    Tech: “About 110 plus tax.”

    Me: “Well I don’t have that right now. It will have to wait.”

    (Fast forward to the summer time and I’m doing another oil change.)

    Me: “So, the last few times I’ve been here, I was told the battery was testing bad. I took it to another shop and had it tested; they said it was fine.”

    Tech: “We’ll test it and make sure.”

    (I go to the waiting room and the tech comes out a while later.)

    Tech: “The battery is still testing bad. You’ll need to replace it.”

    Me: “Funny how I have two other reports telling me that the battery is fine. Do not tell me the battery is testing badly. The car has a hard time turning over when it gets cold but now because it’s warm, it’s fine. Don’t tell me that it’s bad again.”

    Tech: *shuts up and goes back to desk*

    (When I went back for my next oil change, surprise, surprise, the battery tested just fine. This is why I call them car-stealerships.)

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