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    Category: Transportation

    Redirection Deflection

    | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Transportation

    (Part of my job is ordering equipment.)

    Boss: “Where is that package from [Supplier]?”

    Me: “I’ve spoken to them; apparently they shipped it last week.”

    Boss: “That’s not good enough! Ring them again!”

    Me: “If they have shipped it, I’m not sure what anyone can do.”

    Boss: “Just sort it!”

    (I ring them back and low and behold, they have shipped it already and can do nothing. Speaking with our stores team I find that there is a problem…)

    Me: “Hey boss, Just found out that the company has been redirecting our mail, so that package is probably at the other site. I will—”

    Boss: *interrupting* “No! No, you don’t understand. They don’t do that. You’re making excuses again.”

    Me: “Yes, yes they do. Look.” *I hand him an old envelope* “When a letter or parcel is sent to us it automatically gets redirected.”

    (There is a large ‘redirection’ sticker on the front with the other address on it.)

    Boss: “No, you don’t get it. This is something else.”

    Coworker: *overhearing* “Yes, that’s the case. There was an email sent out all about it.”

    Boss: *irate* “Look, they do not redirect our mail! That is only when you put the address on wrong.”

    (I lean over plucking the letter from the old envelope still in his hand.)

    Me: “Seems okay.” *read out address; it is perfect*

    Boss: “Whatever. Just get me that package!”

    (If he had let me finish I would have told him that I had asked the store-man to pick it up. The package was dropped off less than an hour later.)

    Making Minor Adjustments

    | Portland, OR, USA | Employees, Transportation

    (I’m traveling solo, visiting my sister out west, and during my return journey I decide to use a check-in kiosk since I don’t have much luggage. I do, however, have my stuffed cat out for a photography project. The woman in front of me was having trouble using the kiosk, so an airport employee has come to help her. When she’s done, I step up, but the employee doesn’t leave. Note that I’m 21 but often told I look younger.)

    Employee: “Good morning.”

    Me: “Good morning!”

    Employee: “Where to?”

    Me: “[Airport].”

    Employee: “Okay, can I see your boarding pass?”

    (I’m a bit confused, since no one else had to get theirs checked, but since he works there I figure he has a reason, so I hand him my pass. He gets on to the kiosk and starts doing everything for me. Again, I’m not sure why, but logic it out that perhaps there’s something up with the machine.)

    Employee: “And can I see your ID?”

    Me: “Uh… sure.” *hands over my VERY well-worn but recognizable college student ID*

    Employee: “I meant I like a driver’s license or passport or…” *pause as he realizes what he’s holding* “Wait, how old are you?!”

    Me: “21.”

    Employee: “…Oh.”

    (He looked rather embarrassed after that and allowed me to finish on my own. Apparently with the stuffed cat he thought I was a minor traveling alone and didn’t know how to work the machine!)

    This Conversation Is Going Through A Revolving Door

    | Dorset, England, UK | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Transportation

    (In the UK garages are quite small compared to US garages. There’s only just about room to get out of the car. Our up-and-over door has jammed and we can only open it enough to crawl in, so we call the company who installed it a few years ago.)

    Me: “Hi, our garage door is stuck. Can you send an engineer to fix it?”

    Company Rep: “Sure. We need six feet of room to work in so if you can ensure the car is not in the garage?”

    Me: “Umm, thats not possible. The garage door is stuck so we can’t get the car out. That’s why we are calling you.”

    Company Rep: “Sorry, mate, that’s how much space we need to work in.”

    (Eventually we persuaded them to come. They wrenched the door open enough to get the car out.)

    The Managers Shifty Behavior

    | NY, USA | Bosses & Owners, Transportation

    (I commute to my job from my parents’ house about 45 minutes to an hour away in heavy traffic. I get there early, but stop and talk to a coworker outside for about 15 minutes to loosen up, being extremely frustrated and defeated from the traffic and rush to get there. Three of my other coworkers pass me and go inside. When I go inside, my boss tells me he ‘doesn’t need me today,’ which is not uncommon for the last person to arrive at work for an overbooked party. He assumes I drove from my own apartment 10 minutes away.)

    Me: “Wh– what?”

    Boss: “Yes, I don’t need you today. You can go home.”

    Me: “You really can’t use me? I just drove an hour to get here from my parents’ house.”

    Boss: “Too many servers. I don’t need you, sorry. You were last to get here.”

    Me: *about to cry from frustration* “I clocked in at exactly at 10:30…” *plays with machine* “See?”

    Boss: *pulls me behind a bar and takes $20 out of his wallet* “Here, go put some gas in your car and call back at 12 to get another shift for tonight.”

    Me: “Noooo problem.”

    A Remote Knowledge Of Geography

    | Victoria, BC, Canada | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    Me: “Yes, hello. I’d like to complain about the time it took my package to arrive. I paid for express shipping and it took ten days to get to Victoria.”

    Customer Service: “Well, we do recommend that if you live in a rural or remote area, you plan on having a little more time.”

    Me: “…Victoria is not a rural area.”

    Customer Service: “Anything outside a major metropolitan area—”

    Me: “It’s the provincial capital.”

    Customer Service: “Well, it’s still fairly remote, isn’t it?”

    Me: “Only if you measure things by how far they are from Toronto.”

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