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    Getting Charged With False Battery

    | USA | Employees, Liars/Scammers, Transportation

    (I’m at my dealership getting my routine oil changes, sitting in the customer waiting area. It’s mid-winter and my car is starting up just fine except when it gets really cold.)

    Tech: “So, you’re battery is testing bad and you’ll need to replace it soon.”

    Me: “Okay, and how much will that cost?”

    Tech: “About 110 plus tax.”

    Me: “Well I don’t have that right now. It will have to wait.”

    (Fast forward to the summer time and I’m doing another oil change.)

    Me: “So, the last few times I’ve been here, I was told the battery was testing bad. I took it to another shop and had it tested; they said it was fine.”

    Tech: “We’ll test it and make sure.”

    (I go to the waiting room and the tech comes out a while later.)

    Tech: “The battery is still testing bad. You’ll need to replace it.”

    Me: “Funny how I have two other reports telling me that the battery is fine. Do not tell me the battery is testing badly. The car has a hard time turning over when it gets cold but now because it’s warm, it’s fine. Don’t tell me that it’s bad again.”

    Tech: *shuts up and goes back to desk*

    (When I went back for my next oil change, surprise, surprise, the battery tested just fine. This is why I call them car-stealerships.)

    Bad Timing Late-ly

    | England, UK | Bosses & Owners, Time, Transportation

    (I have known my boss for years; he is a nice guy but a bad boss. I’m waiting outside his office. A worker comes out looking angry. I enter the office after he leaves.)

    Boss: “I have had enough of [Worker]. How hard is it to get in on time?!”

    Me: “Yeah, I know, he is always making up the most stupid excuses. Oh, are you still picking me up tomorrow?”

    Boss: “Yes, of course. About 6:30?”

    Me: “Yeah, sure.”

    (The next morning, I’m waiting outside in my work gear. I get there early so I don’t make him wait for me. 6:30 and nothing. 6:35 and still nothing. At 6:40 I am starting to get concerned. At 6:45 I call him.)

    Me: “Hi, [Boss], er are you nearly here?”

    Boss: “Hmm, what?”

    Me: “Are you nearly at my house?”

    Boss: “Oh, c***, what time is it? Where? What? I will be there in an hour.”

    (He turned up an hour-and-a-quarter later. The worst part: he doesn’t clock on, but I was marked down as late!)

    Can’t Get Unstuck From Them

    | VA, USA | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (I get my car inspected in another state at [Bad Repair Company]. I suspect it has issues and it fails the inspection. The registration is also soon to expire, but not for another month.)

    Employee: “We can fix it for $300.”

    Me: “What? No. I’ll take it up the road. Wait, where’s my registration sticker?”

    Employee: “We have to scrape all stickers. It’s the law.”

    Me: “No! I need the registration sticker. Even after it’s repaired I’ll still need it! It’s illegal to scrape those!”

    Manager: “What’s the problem?”

    Me: “Where’s my registration sticker? Why would you scrape that?!”

    Manager: “NO! It’s the LAW! We have to scrape ALL stickers!”

    Me: “That wasn’t an inspection sticker. It was a REGISTRATION STICKER issued by my state. That’s illegal to scrape!”

    Manager: “NO! I KNOW THE LAW!”

    (After more arguing they finally gave me the scraps of my registration sticker, which somewhat still had my information on it, and I drove off. After that I was even MORE determined to have someone more knowledgeable repair my car, and went to someone else to get it re-inspected afterwards.)

    An Unwarranted Warranty Pitch

    | OH, USA | Family & Kids, Money, Transportation

    (I’m just about 30 though I look younger. I’ve never had to own a car before due to living, until recently, in a city with great public transport. My dad goes with me to help me buy my first vehicle, and all goes very well until the very final step where the dealership tries to ‘hard sell’ various extra warranties and bells and whistles. The employee who handles this is a woman who only looks to be less than ten years older than I am, but she treats me incredibly condescendingly the entire time.)

    Employee: “All right! Welcome to adulthood. It all goes downhill from here! Ha ha!” *proceeds to look at my credit reports* “Well! You’re really lucky to have such great credit.”

    Me: “What?!”

    Dad: “Yeah, luck’s got nothing to do with that. That’s a lot of hard work.”

    Employee: “Uh… anyway, these are our warranty packages. We have [super expensive extra warranty], [kind of expensive extra warranty], [expensive extra warranty], and [basic but still extra warranty]. Which one can I put you down for?”

    Me: “Er, I just want the basic. The one that comes with it.”

    Employee: “All right! That’s this one, and it’ll put your payment up to [amount way over my budget and higher than the established monthly payment I’d already negotiated].”

    Dad: “No, I think she means she doesn’t want an extra one at all.”

    Me: “Yes, that’s right; I don’t want any extra warranty. I just want the one that comes with the vehicle. I’m not paying for anything extra.”

    Employee: *flustered* “Well, you know, that’s not a very good idea. We really can’t do anything for you on that one, and these are so much better. Like this one, [pushes one of the more expensive warranties at me].”

    Me: *firmly* “No, I don’t want to add anything to my monthly payment. I’m fine with the basic warranty it comes with.”

    Employee: *angrily, to my dad, for some reason* “And what are you going to do when she wrecks it within the first two months!?”

    Dad: “Then we’ll pay for it.”

    Employee: *gives me death glare* “Well, that must be REALLY NICE. That’s just great. Can I get adopted into your family?”

    Me: “With an attitude like that?!”

    A Window To The Captain’s Sense Of Humor

    | Japan | Employees, Transportation

    (On a flight departing in the middle of the night:)

    Captain: *after taking off and going through the routine speech given after reaching cruising altitude* “Now then, before I go, would the passengers sitting in the window seats quickly look out the windows? What do you see? That’s right, clouds and ocean. Now, since there’s nothing to see, there is no reason to open the windows. Thank you and enjoy the flight.”

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