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    Needs Better Train-ing

    | UK | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    (I’ve organised a company trip to Europe, going by train. The minibus has picked us up and shortly into our journey drives into a truck. We’re all ok but have to wait for a replacement bus. This means we’re running late for the group check in, so I phone the train operator:)

    Me: “I just wanted to check what I should do as we’re unlikely to make our group check in time: our minibus was in an accident so we’ve been delayed.”

    Operator: “If you miss check in then there’s nothing we can do.”

    Me: “Can you not let someone know we’re going to be late? It’ll only be about 10 minutes or so.”

    Operator: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. This is why we advise people to set out in plenty of time, to avoid situations like this.”

    Me: *a bit shocked* “You want me to allow extra journey time just in case our bus hits a truck?”

    Operator: “You should prepare for any eventuality.”

    Me: *by now I’m heavily sarcastic* “I’m sorry, I thought allowing an extra hour would be sufficient. It was so thoughtless of me not to anticipate that we’d be in a car accident.”

    (I then hung up on her. We made the train after I spoke to the station directly and they let us check in late. The train operator then sent me a survey to fill in on their customer service…)

    Plucky About Being Lucky

    | Bremen, Germany | Employees, Transportation

    Announcement: “Ladies and Gentlemen, our train will shortly call at [Next Station]. Please note that our onward journey to [Destination] will be delayed by about ten minutes. If you’re leaving the train at [Next Station] consider yourselves lucky because you won’t have to wait.”

    Can’t Drive The Sale

    | Orlando, FL, USA | Employees, Money, Tourists & Travel, Transportation

    (My family and I fly to Orlando for a week’s vacation. Our flight is delayed, and as a result, we don’t get to the car rental place until 10:00 at night. We are tired and hungry and just want to get our car so that we can go get settled in our hotel. The lineup for the rental counter is huge and takes forever. When it is finally our turn …)

    Me: “Here’s my confirmation number.”

    Employee: “I see that you rented a midsize car.”

    Me: “That’s right.”

    Employee: “But there’s four of you, and all your luggage. A midsize won’t be big enough.”

    Me: “It’ll be fine. Our car at home is no bigger than a midsize, and we got the airport with no problems. We were a little squished, but that was no big deal.”

    Employee: “You should get a full size car instead. You’ll be much more comfortable.”

    Me: “No, thanks.”

    Employee: “I REALLY think you should get a full size car instead.”

    Me: “NO, thanks.”

    Employee: “But—”

    Me: “Let me ask you this: are you offering to upgrade us for free?”

    Employee: “Um, no. A full size will cost you $x more per day.”

    Me: “That’s what I thought. Please just give us the midsize that I requested.”

    Employee: “Fine.”

    (That explained why the lineup was so long and slow!)

    Divorced From The Sale

    | AZ, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Transportation

    (I take my car into the dealership I purchased it from for an oil change and a tire patch. It’s taking a while, and my two-year-old is getting antsy towards the end, so we begin to walk around outside. A salesman catches us.)

    Salesman: “What did you bring in for service today?”

    Me: “It’s [smaller, fuel efficient model].”

    Salesman: *noticing my daughter trotting around* “I see your family is growing. We should look into upgrading you to [SUV model]!”

    Me: “We’re actually getting smaller. Her dad walked out on us four months ago.”

    Salesman: *silent for half a minute, looking embarrassed* “What about [different model]? Still gives room to grow as your little one does!”

    (I was too flabbergasted to do more than nod and smile through the rest of his continued sales pitch until my car was mercifully finished. He was persistent, if nothing else. I’d never seen anyone be able to recover so seamlessly from shoving their own foot in their mouth!)

    Private Limo Or Bus(t)

    | Perth, WA, Australia | Employees, Transportation

    (I am catching the bus home from doing my shopping as I don’t have my license. As it’s the middle of the day there are few people who are catching the bus. I am the only one on the bus at the current time and sitting up front with the driver.)

    Driver: “You’re the only passenger left. It’s like you’re in a limo! A big green limo, but still a limo!”

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