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    Category: Transportation

    The Managers Shifty Behavior

    | NY, USA | Bosses & Owners, Transportation

    (I commute to my job from my parents’ house about 45 minutes to an hour away in heavy traffic. I get there early, but stop and talk to a coworker outside for about 15 minutes to loosen up, being extremely frustrated and defeated from the traffic and rush to get there. Three of my other coworkers pass me and go inside. When I go inside, my boss tells me he ‘doesn’t need me today,’ which is not uncommon for the last person to arrive at work for an overbooked party. He assumes I drove from my own apartment 10 minutes away.)

    Me: “Wh– what?”

    Boss: “Yes, I don’t need you today. You can go home.”

    Me: “You really can’t use me? I just drove an hour to get here from my parents’ house.”

    Boss: “Too many servers. I don’t need you, sorry. You were last to get here.”

    Me: *about to cry from frustration* “I clocked in at exactly at 10:30…” *plays with machine* “See?”

    Boss: *pulls me behind a bar and takes $20 out of his wallet* “Here, go put some gas in your car and call back at 12 to get another shift for tonight.”

    Me: “Noooo problem.”

    A Remote Knowledge Of Geography

    | Victoria, BC, Canada | Employees, Lazy/Unhelpful, Transportation

    Me: “Yes, hello. I’d like to complain about the time it took my package to arrive. I paid for express shipping and it took ten days to get to Victoria.”

    Customer Service: “Well, we do recommend that if you live in a rural or remote area, you plan on having a little more time.”

    Me: “…Victoria is not a rural area.”

    Customer Service: “Anything outside a major metropolitan area—”

    Me: “It’s the provincial capital.”

    Customer Service: “Well, it’s still fairly remote, isn’t it?”

    Me: “Only if you measure things by how far they are from Toronto.”

    Pulls Something When You Pull The Cord

    , | Binghamton, NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Transportation

    (I am riding a city bus that goes to the local community college. By default, the buses always stop at the college, because most of the riders on this particular route are students. As a result, nobody ever pulls the bell-cord/stop-request cord at the college, because it is always a guaranteed stop. In fact, one of the drivers told me in person not to bother pulling the cord, because it is a guaranteed stop. This day, the bus is full of students, but the elderly driver quickly drives past the bus-stop without stopping.)

    Passenger #1: “Hey, you missed the bus stop!”

    Driver: *snappy and angry* “Well, none of you pulled the cord to signal me to stop!”

    Passenger #1: “But the bus always stops at the college!”

    Driver: *yelling loudly* “Too bad, so sad, PAL!”

    Passenger #2: “Please stop. I have to get to classes!”

    Driver: “That’s not my problem! Don’t be stupid!”

    Passenger #3: “Come on, stop the bus!”

    Driver: “No! Leave me alone!”

    (By this point, about a dozen people have pulled the cord. The driver actually started to laugh at the people on the bus.)

    Passenger #4: “We’re sorry! The buses usually stop at the college. We didn’t realize you wouldn’t stop.”

    Driver: *snarky tone* “Not MY problem!”

    (Someone calmly approached the driver to reason with him. The driver’s response was to swat at the person violently.)

    Passenger #4: “Hey, don’t hit him, you son of a b****!”

    Driver: “Stop talking about yourself! Stop talking about yourself! You’re the son of a b****! Not me! Everyone here was too STUPID to pull the cord!”

    (At this point several people were swearing at the driver, and he was responding by making snarky comments back at them. He skipped the next stop, and finally stopped at the following to let us off. Everyone who got off shot him dirty looks, while he sat there, glared at us, and laughed at each and every one of us using a very nasty tone. I called the bus company and reported the incident. Thankfully, I didn’t see him around for about two weeks. I can’t be sure, but I’m guessing he was briefly suspended for these stunts, because after that two weeks, he calmed down completely and never pulled anything like this again.)

    Tire-ing Of Your Stupidity

    | USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Transportation

    (I have gone to get my tires ‘trimmed,’ which is to cut off the extra rubber to make them more round.)

    Mechanic: *takes a tire off the vehicle, balances it, trims it, then places it back on the vehicle*

    Me: *walks over to supervisor* “Hey, your guy isn’t doing that job right.”

    Supervisor: “What’s he doing?”

    Me: “He’s balancing the tire before trimming it, instead of after.”

    Supervisor: “What difference does that make?”

    Dad: “…come here.” *they walk over to where the mechanic is working* “Okay, this tire here, that has been balanced, then trimmed. Put it back on the balancer.”

    Mechanic: *does so* “Wh… why isn’t it balanced anymore?”

    Dad: “The tire you cut off has to weigh something!”

    Quebec To The Drawing Board

    | NB, Canada | Criminal/Illegal, Employees, Geography, Transportation

    (In Quebec, there is no law stating that a car needs to be inspected every year, or that a car needs a license plate in the front. These are required in a car from New Brunswick. The police have set up a checkpoint to see if people have had their car inspected.)

    Me: *stopping* “Everything all right, officer?”

    Officer: *looking at my dash, and taps where the inspection sticker usually goes* “Not for you! You don’t have an inspection sticker!”

    Me: “The car is from Quebec. We don’t need one.”

    Officer: *looks at front bumper then sing-songs* “We don’t have a license plate! I’m going to need your license and registration please.”

    Me: “Ma’am, the car is from Quebec. I’m just a student here.”

    Officer: *ignores me and goes to see my rear bumper and sees the Quebec plate, then comes back to my window* “License and registration.”

    Me: “Okay. Here is my French license and here is my French registration.”

    Officer: *looks at them thoroughly then looks at me* “Here. Move along.”

    Me: “Okay, have a good day!” *leaves*

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