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    Me: “Hi, could I get a tall Carmel Brûlée latte please?”

    Cashier: “Uhhh…we have a Car-A-mel Brûlée latte, is that okay?”

    Me: “…Sure.”

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    After getting a new number a few years ago i used to get quite a few calls from companies looking for someone else. Most of those have stopped, however I get a call from a random number in a different state in the US. Out of curiosity I answer it.

    Me: Hello?

    Frequent Caller: Hello, miss?

    Low and behold I recognize the voice and accent as the same guy from the same scam company that refuses to take me off the call list. These calls have been going on since I have had that number. If i remember its a Canadian company trying to sell medication but its a different number every time they call.

    Me: No! not again

    Frequent Caller: Hello Ma’m I’m-

    Me: (cutting him off) No, whatever you are selling im not interested!

    Frequent Caller: Ma’m, ma’m please just listen to me

    Me: (fed up) No you listen to ME! You have not taken me off your list after several times telling you to. I aught to call the police and file for harassment. Do you want me to call the cops? because next time this happens i will, i have had it with your damn F*****g calls and your damn company. Do I make myself clear!

    Frequent Caller: (meekly) y-yes ma’m

    Me: Good

    Frequent Caller: have a good day miss


    I may not have acted professionally but acting polite did not get me off the call list the first several times, nor does messing with them. I am hoping that a police threat will get them to leave me alone even if I am not sure I can actually do anything.

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    We have a student who does not like to be interuppted while she is doing her shift. She is rude and does not respond to contractors well. She comes in late and gets paid for it. The boss always covers for her. They are “personal friends”

    Original Story Link | USA, MI | Unfiltered

    I am the employee in this one. I enjoy joking around with the customers and trying to make them laugh. Today I am working in the drive thru when i get a customer.

    Customer: I just need a large [drink] and a water

    Me: a large water?

    Customer: Size does not matter

    Me: (without missing a beat) That’s what they always tell you, anyways that will be [price] at the first window

    They are still laughing when they pay and the only thing i heard about it from the manager was that they were really excited about getting a large water.

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    I went to a restaurant with my sister a while ago and I ordered a surf and turf main course which had a piece of steak and some breaded king prawns.
    After eating two or three of the prawns I noticed when I cut into them they still had the line inside (the digestive tract which can be harmful to eat).
    After we had finished I spoke to the waitress who asked if I was too full as I hadn’t eaten anymore of my main course and I told her no and explained about the prawns. She asked me to give her a minute and returned with a manager.

    The manager told me “Oh we don’t know anything about these, they come ready prepared like this”. I told her I wasn’t asking for anything I just wanted them to know for the future. She then asked me if I was sure it wasn’t just a little bit of grit.
    I was shocked and thought is that really much better to have dirt in my food? I said if it was a bit of grit then it wouldn’t be in every single one of them and in the same place.

    They both left the table without a word and then the original waitress came back with the bill. They had refunded my starter. On the way out not one of them would look at me or said goodbye.

    I haven’t been back.

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