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    Customer Service Can Be A Stumbling Block

    | Canada | Bad Behavior, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Money

    (I’ve lost my wallet. I spend an entire week frantically re-tracing my steps on foot—over 40 city blocks—checking my university’s lost and found, and looking in my mailbox to see if someone had returned it. Finally, I give up hope. I pay for new IDs and cancel my cards. But several days later, someone from university calls to report it has been found. I am on the phone to reactivate my credit card.)

    Me: “Hi, I reported my card lost, but now I have it and would like to reactivate.”

    Representative: “Why did you report it lost if you have it?”

    Me: “I lost my wallet and didn’t expect to get it back. But I have it now. Can you reactivate my card?”

    Representative: *sighs* “Okay, but I have to verify some info from your account.”

    Me: *answers*

    Representative: “…and where was your last purchase made?”

    Me: *answers*

    Representative: *rudely* “Do you recognize charge from [other store]?”

    Me: “Yes, but that was purchased earlier in the same day. You asked for the last purchase. Now can you reactivate my card? I’ve given you plenty of info.”

    Representative: “Okay, I’ll reactivate your account, but just so you know, you should never report your card stolen if it’s not serious. That feature is for emergency use only!”

    Me: “I never said it was stolen; it was lost. I didn’t want anyone finding and using my card.”

    Representative: “Well, you still shouldn’t have done that. Obviously it was in your house all along and you just couldn’t figure out where.”

    Me: *click*

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