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    Med Schools Are Getting Les-sez-faire

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    (I’m at the gynecologist. The past year, my periods came monthly, but have kept getting lighter and lighter. Now, I’m just late for three months.)

    Gynecologist: “Are you sexually active?”

    Me: “Yes, but—”

    Gynecologist: “Then you might be pregnant. I can test you right now.”

    Me: “I’m not pregnant. I’m a lesbian.”

    Gynecologist: “If you are sexually active, it’s possible you are pregnant.”

    Me: “I’m sexually active with my girlfriend.”

    Gynecologist: “As I said, if you are sexually active, you might be pregnant if your period is late.”

    Me: “Listen, I cannot possibly be pregnant because I’m a lesbian.”

    Gynecologist: “Let’s just do the test first and we’ll see. If you aren’t pregnant, then we’ll move on!”

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