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    Not Ever Working

    | TN, USA | Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful, Top

    (The pharmacy I work at has just lost several techs at once, so we’ve hired a few new people. One of these new coworkers isn’t working out at all.)

    Pharmacist: “Hey, could you help out in the front for a minute? I think [coworker who isn’t working out] could use a hand.”

    Me: “Sure. Hi, [regular customer], what can I do for you?”

    Regular Customer: “Oh good, I’m trying to get a refill.”

    New Coworker: *to Regular Customer* “I keep telling you, you don’t have any!”

    Me: *to Regular Customer* “Let me just check on it for you.”

    New Coworker: *to me* “Why? I already told him he didn’t have one.”

    Me: “Actually, he has enough refills for the rest of the year. What are you looking at?”

    New Coworker: “No, you’re wrong. I know what I saw!”

    Regular Customer: “I knew I had some..I was starting to think I was going to have to call my doctor. Thank you so much, [my name]!”

    New Coworker: *to Regular Customer* “You need to leave right now. GET OUT!”

    Me: *to New Coworker* “Whoa, what do you think you’re doing? You do not have ANY authority to kick a patron out.”

    New Coworker: “He’s being unruly.”

    Me: “What? No, he’s not. You’re just being rude.”

    New Coworker: “No, you’re just trying to make me look stupid. I know exactly what I saw.”

    (I examine my new coworker’s computer screen.)

    Me: “You were looking at the wrong person.”

    New Coworker: “No, I wasn’t!”

    Me: “Sorry, but the name on your screen is a woman’s. [Regular Customer] is a man. It happens.”

    New Coworker: “You changed it!”

    Regular Customer: “Are you kidding me? Listen kid, you were wrong. It’s not that big of a deal. It happens. Just man up already.”

    New Coworker: “You, shut up! I’m not talking to you, old man!”

    (The pharmacist has been listening to the entire conversation. He decides he’s had enough.)

    Pharmacist: *to New Coworker* “Get over here, right now!”

    New Coworker: *rudely* “I’m BUSY! I’m trying to work, but—”

    Pharmacist: “Get your stuff. You’re fired.”

    New Coworker: “You can’t fire me!”

    (At this point, the store manager also comes over.)

    Store Manager: “I can. Get your stuff. You are not longer employed here.”


    Regular Customer: “No one has to try and make you look stupid, son. You’re doing a fine job of that all by yourself.”

    (My coworker carried on and screamed obscenities. We ended up having to call the police to remove him from the store!)