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    Failed The Name Game

    | NC, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (This is the reason I prefer to fill out my own info instead of the having receptionist write down what I say. Happens pretty frequently, both over the phone and in person.)

    Receptionist: “Okay, and what name should I put down?”

    Me: “Sarah James.”

    Receptionist: *condescending* “Okay Miss Sarah-Jane, I’m gonna need your last name, too, sweetie.”

    (The worst was when I requested my medical records and they arrived in the mail addressed to James Darrah!)

    Go Swim With The Fishes

    | OR, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Bosses & Owners

    (I’m talking with my manager about some mysterious parts that showed up.)

    Manager: “Well, it looks like they were part of a kit and just didn’t get installed or were leftovers.”

    Me: “So can we sell them, or get rid of them?”

    Manager: “Can’t sell them or keep them, so…” *he suddenly looks very serious* “You’ll have to get rid of them.”

    Me: *trying to look serious* “Little-cement-booties get rid of them?”

    Manager: *nods* “You know what you have to do…”

    Please Stop And Just Talk To Me

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    A Different Brand Of Stupid

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | At The Checkout, Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m in a very popular chain store that sells things like makeup, medicine, perfume etc. There are “Three-for-Two” signs plastered over a lot of the merchandise. None of the signage mentions that the sale is brand-specific, so I pick three items from different brands and take them to the counter.)

    Me: “Hi! I have a question about your ‘buy two, get one free’ sale. Do the items all have to be from the same brand, or is it just anything in the store marked Three-for-Two?”

    Sales Assistant: “…”

    Me: “…”

    Sales Assistant: *blankly staring, as if I’m stupid* “Three-for-Two.”

    Me: “Yes, the Three-for-Two sale.”

    Sales Assistant: “Yes… Three-for-Two.”

    Me: “…can they be from different brands?”

    Sales Assistant: “Three-for-Two.”

    (She is continuing to blankly stare at me as if I can’t grasp the concept of the sale. I make my purchases and then decide on the way out to double check the receipt. Nothing had been discounted. I return to the same sales assistant.)

    Me: “Hi again! I just came through your register before, and one of my Three-for-Two items didn’t get discounted.”

    Sales Assistant: “It has to be from the same brand. You bought things from different brands.”

    Me: *inner face-palm*

    Parental Misguidance

    | Allentown, PA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Crazy Requests

    (I have been the church secretary for almost five years at this point. The church has an in-house day care, which uses the same main entrance as the church office.)

    Council Member: “We’ve decided that you’re going to be responsible for monitoring the parents when they come into the day care.”

    Me: “What? That’s not my job.”

    Council Member: “It is now. Parents are very concerned about their children’s safety, so we’re going to start locking the door and you will have to let people in when they come.”

    Me: “I don’t know who the parents are. How am I supposed to know who I’m letting in the building?”

    Council Member: “That’s true.”

    Me: “Not to mention, my job takes me all over this building. Sometimes I’m in the supply room, or up in the sanctuary. I’m not always sitting here.”

    Council Member: “Also true.”

    Me: “Furthermore, I was never hired to be a security guard. This is not normal secretary work.”

    Council Member: “Yes, you’re right about all this.”

    Me: “And?”

    Council Member: “And you’re going to do it anyway.”

    (I was also written up for objecting. After two months of the headaches, I left. Someone later let it slip to me that they did this on purpose to force me to quit.)

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