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    Putting The Brakes On This Scam

    | Atlanta, GA, USA | Employees, Family & Kids, Liars/Scammers, Technology, Top, Transportation

    (My car is making a terrible grinding noise when I turn. I take it in to a national car repair chain to have it looked at. I am female and 19 at the time. My father is visiting from 600 miles away.)

    Me: “Hey there. My car is making this weird grinding, popping noise when I turn. I was hoping you guys could take a look at it?”

    Employee: “No problem! We’ll have it looked at shortly.”

    (Over two hours pass, the employee approaches me.)

    Employee: “We found the problem. Your brakes need to be replaced: pads, rotors, drums… We can get you in today and it will be [outrageous price].”

    Me: “Um… okay. But I’d like to hold off on that. I need to get my father’s permission before I authorize that charge. I’ll be back in tomorrow, though!”

    (The employee tries to argue how important it is to get my brakes replaced, to the point he prints out a recommended repairs list and hands it to me. Little did he know I’d had the brakes done less than four months prior at a different location. The next day, my father brings the car in to the same store. The same employee is there.)

    Father: “I need this car looked at. It’s making a terrible noise when I turn.”

    Employee: “Okay! We’ll have it looked at shortly. Have a seat while you wait.”

    (Less than an hour later:)

    Employee: “We can’t seem to pinpoint the exact cause of the noise, I am sorry to say. Everything looks good. It could just be something rolling around in the trunk.”

    Father: “Even the brakes?”

    Employee: “The brakes on the car are fine. They look like they were replaced recently.”

    Father: “Really, now?”

    Employee: “Yeah, they’re fine.”

    My Father: “Funny, because I have a work order from you, dated yesterday, that says they need to be replaced when my daughter brought the car in for this same issue.” *shows the work order*

    (The employee visibly sputters. There are at least six other customers in the store and my father spoke loud enough for them to hear.)

    Employee: “Uh— Oh! I remember her! Yeah, she just needed a new rotor on the car. I don’t know why the guy put down all that other stuff.”

    Father: “I’m sure. Now, you listen. My daughter is 19, and I live 600 miles away. I told her to come here because I have [Company credit card] and can pay for the repairs while she’s in school. She is going to call me every time there is an issue, and if it feels like you are trying to rip her off again, I will drive the 600 miles it takes to come down here and deal with the problem myself. Do we have an understanding?”

    (I didn’t have a problem at the location after that. The employee in question recognized me whenever I brought the car back in, and made sure to call my father to approve any repairs that were needed. Now that I’m out of college I occasionally go back for minor maintenance. He still recognizes me.)

    Assumptions Are Off Color

    | MA, USA | Bigotry, Coworkers, Health & Body, Top

    (I work in a store where, in lieu of uniforms, employees have color-coded name tags designating their sections; blue for kitchen, green for household, etc. I am explaining to a new coworker that I have prosopagnosia, a condition wherein I can’t recognize faces.)

    Coworker #1: “That’s so bizarre! How do you recognize people?”

    Me: “Well, everyone’s faces look the same, so I look for an identifying characteristic, like that you have a purple mohawk, or that coworker has a jacket with [cartoon character] on it that he wears every day.”

    Coworker #1: “So, something that’s really hard to miss and is instantly noticeable? That must make retail interesting!”

    Me: “Oh yeah! Last week—”

    (I am interrupted by another coworker, who has overheard us and come over, interrupting our conversation.)

    Coworker #2: “So what’s my identifying feature?”

    Me: “Oh, that’s easy! It’s because you’re—”

    Coworker #2: “It’s because I’m [race], isn’t it? Everyone’s face is the same except mine, because you just can’t see anything other than a [race] coworker.”

    Me: “Well, you—”

    Coworker #2: “I think it’s disgusting that I’m the only one you can ‘see’ because of my color. You can just ‘see’ me magically.”

    (She continues on for a couple more minutes about racial stereotyping in the workplace. Finally, when she pauses to take a breath…)

    Me: “Actually, it’s because of your name tag. It’s red. You’re the only person with a red name tag, because you’re the manager.”

    Coworker #2: *is quiet for about a minute* “Don’t let it happen again.” *storms off*

    Copy And Paste To A Whole New Dimension

    | West Chester, PA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Technology

    (My boss, wanting to have a demo to show that we can do things with the Oculus Rift comes in and talks with me for a few minutes.)

    Boss: “See if you can take the 3D models from [one project] and put them into [another project]. Experiment with that for a while.”

    (Apparently my boss thinks it’s hard to copy and paste!)

    How Em-Bra-assing

    | Fairbanks, AK, USA | At The Checkout, Employees, Rude & Risque, Top

    (I work as a barista and generally get tips between $0.50-$3 depending on the order. As such I usually have a ton of $1 bills in my wallet. Thanks to a new birth control pill I was on around the time of this story my chest has gone up two sizes and none of my shirts fit properly. I try to cover what I can but I still end up with plunging lines and belly shirts. It should also be noted I live in a small city that has two strip clubs and that’s the extent of our ‘red light’ district. I am picking up groceries late after a shift.)

    Male Cashier: “Hey how are you doing today?”

    Me: “Oh, doing all right. Just got off work, and yourself?”

    Male Cashier: “Doing good. About to get off shift myself.”

    (We continue chatting with his occasionally looking at my chest which is unfortunately bulging in my too small bra. I’m uncomfortable but just ignore it. The time comes to pay.)

    Male Cashier: “Okay, that will be [total].”

    (I hands him a stack of $1 bills.)

    Me: “Sorry. Like I said, I just got off shift and this is all I’ve got.”

    Male Cashier: *looks me up and down* “Funny, I think I’d remember you performing. Do you work at [Strip Club #1] or [Strip Club #2]?”

    Me: “Uh… [Coffee Shop]. I’m a barista.”

    (The cashier at least had the grace to blush and mumble out an apology before I grabbed my receipt and bolted.)

    Watch Your Tongues

    | Brazil | Employees, Language & Words, Top, Tourists & Travel

    (In this story I am the employee. I’m currently working a football stadium in Brazil, and I’m the only multi-lingual employee in my area, as it is not a huge game. I’m waiting, in a food area that has a phone, to escort a disabled English fan to their seat, and I am making conversation with the Portuguese manager and employee.)

    Manager: *in Portuguese* “When are you expecting the call?”

    Me: “In a couple of minutes. Then I’ll head down and take them up.”

    Employee: “Do you need anything?”

    Me: “Nah, I’ve got a key.”

    (Suddenly a group of obviously Spanish speaking fans show up and start working through the menu together.)

    Manager: “I hate to ask, but our Spanish speaking server is on a break. Could you…?”

    Me: “Oh! No problem!” *switching to Spanish to take the group’s orders* “How can I help you all?”

    Fan #1: *in Spanish* “Thank you! Yes, I think we have it all figured out. We’ll need two [sodas] and three [other type of sodas], and…”

    (Just then, the phone rings. I explain to them I’ll need a second as I’m supposed to be escorting a disabled fan up. They’re very understanding and tell me to take my time.)

    Me: *in English* “Hello?”

    Caller: “Hello! Yes, I’m down here with my daughter. We requested disabled seating.”

    Me: “Oh! Yes, I’ll be there to escort you. Give me a minute to walk down.”

    Caller: “No, no, no! Sorry, see, we’re having trouble finding our way, and instead of bothering another employee we hoped you would help us with directions? We’re at the red entrance.”

    Me: “Yes, I know where you are. See, first… Uh, I just remembered I’m working with someone right now.”

    Caller: “Oh, we’ll wait.”

    Me: *to the fans, in Spanish* “All right, sorry. What else do you need?”

    (He starts to list off his order, but I continue returning to the phone. Finally I get the disabled group to the meeting point.)

    Manager: *in Portuguese* “Do you need to go now?”

    Me: *in Spanish, which he does not understand* “Let me finish their order.” *to fans, in English* “Okay, so let me finish you off and we’ll get your food.”

    Fan #1: *in English, struggling slightly* “Uh… three bag of chips. Please.”

    Me: “Why are you speaking English?”

    Fan #1: *laughing* “Because you are!”

    (The phone rings from security that I need to go escort the group now.)

    Me: *on phone, in Portuguese* “You’re ready? Good. I’ll be down momentarily.”

    (I finally notice what I’ve just done.)

    Me: *in English* “You understood none of that.”

    Caller: *laughing* “Absolutely none!”

    (We all had a good laugh about it and I quickly finished the group’s orders and escorted the disabled fan to her seat. My coworkers still joke about my ‘two language limit.’)

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