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    | MI, USA | Coworkers, Holidays

    (I’m a Scrooge about holidays, especially minor ones, but one coworker hasn’t got the hint.)

    Coworker: “So what are you doing for St. Patrick’s day?

    Me: “Nothing.”

    Coworker: “What? But you have to do something special! It’s such a fun holiday!”

    Me: “I’m neither Irish, Catholic, not an alcoholic, so I don’t think I have any reason to celebrate it.”

    Coworker: “You’re going to be just as much fun for Cinco de Mayo, aren’t you?”

    Me: “And Octoberfest.”

    Dealing With An Old Bag

    | Alpena, MI, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees

    (I am about 15, and am just starting to get into drawing, so I usually carry some paper around with me on a clipboard. However, the clipboard has just broken, so I am using a thick book as a hard surface to draw on. Without thinking, I take my stack of paper and the book into the bookstore at the mall, and buy a comic book.)

    Cashier: “Hey, you can’t bring another book in here!”

    Me: “I’m sorry; I forgot I had it with me.”

    (I hand her my money. She starts to put my comic book in a bag.)

    Me: “That’s okay. I won’t need a bag, thanks.”

    (I start to take the comic book out of the bag. She grabs it from me and slams it back into the bag along with my receipt.)

    Cashier: “Yes, you DO! Everyone leaves here with a bag! Now TAKE IT!”

    It’s A Tall Order Accepting Lemon-Aid

    | Marysville, OH, USA | Coworkers, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (In the car dealership I work at we have a large station featuring multiple pots of complimentary coffee, hot water for tea and cocoa, and a large tank of lemonade. One of my smaller, more menial tasks is to refill the lemonade tank when it gets low. Please note that the tank is rather tall and sits atop a counter. I am a five-foot tall female.)

    Me: *comes out of the break room with a large pitcher of lemonade for the tank*

    Coworker: *sees me* “Woah, woah. You’re not going to try dumping that in there, are you?”

    Me: “I do it at least three times a day.” *sets pitcher down and stands on toes to remove tank lid*

    Coworker: “No! You’re too short!”

    Me: *frowning* “Seriously, I do this all the time.”

    Coworker: “You’re not tall enough.” *holding his hand up to his shoulder* “You must be this tall to ride this ride.”

    Me: “I really can—”

    Coworker: “YOU MUST BE THIS TALL.”

    Me: “…”

    (My coworker proceeded to fill the tank up for me, all the while making good natured jokes about my height (or lack thereof). Every time he saw me trying to fill the lemonade tank on my own, he insisted on doing it himself because I’m ‘just not tall enough for that ride!’)

    Preliminary Discriminatory Interview

    , | LA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Job Seekers, Religion

    (I am 20 and have just moved cities. I am interviewing for a job at a fast food restaurant, trying to find anything I can just to get started and pay bills. My resume lists my school experience and work experience. I homeschooled K-12 and am attending online college. However, I have worked since I was 16, at a bookstore (for a little over three years), a restaurant (a few months until finding a full-time job), and an office. My duties and experiences at each job are listed on my resume, and they include a vast number of things. The bookstore was a Christian company and had the word ‘Christian’ in its name; the office job was the same. Additionally, one of my other experiences listed on my resume was Vacation Bible School ‘counselor.’)

    Manager: *looks over resume and application* “Hmm. I see here that you’ve primarily worked with Christian companies… Will you be able to handle working with others who don’t share your beliefs? Some of my other employees might say things that you won’t be comfortable with.”

    (Before I can correct him that, one: how does he know what I am or am not comfortable with, and two: that I’d worked with people who didn’t share my beliefs and that never caused a problem, he continues:)

    Manager: “Also, I see you’ve homeschooled your whole life. Are you going to be okay when there are a lot of people in the shop? We get really busy on holidays and you’ll have to interact with a lot of customers.”

    (I bite back the urge to tell him in no uncertain terms that I lasted over three years in a bookstore where part of my job was to work the sales floor during Black Friday and help customers, as well as plan and run kids’ events, but apparently my fear of people is what gave me such excellent references to recommend me. Instead, I politely told him I’d be fine. He ended the interview by saying he thought I’d do well and would call me in the next few days after doing some other interviews.)

    Manager: “And if I don’t call you by Friday, I want you to call and ask for me, okay? I work Mondays through Fridays here.”

    (When I don’t hear back by that Friday, I call the next Monday.)

    Employee: “Oh [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call this afternoon.”

    (I do.)

    Employee: “Oh, [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call tomorrow. He’ll be here then.”

    (The next day…)

    Employee: “Oh, [Manager] isn’t in right now. Call tomorrow. He’ll be here then.”

    (Finally, I gave up on the job. Thankfully I found another one soon after; where the interviewer didn’t insult me with discriminatory questions!)

    Ended Up Being A Bad Experience

    | Ft. Worth, TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Job Seekers

    (After a month of searching I finally snag an interview. It is a 40 minute drive to their offices, but hey, it is a potential job. I wait another 30 minutes before the interview, which lasts 10. It seemed to have gone well…)

    Me: “Thank you again for the interview. I really appreciate it. When should I expect a follow-up call?”

    Interviewer: “There won’t be one.”

    Me: “Oh. Did… I say something wrong? I thought we had a good rapport. I mean, even if we didn’t, I figured there would be a follow-up call to let me know that I wouldn’t fit the job position.”

    Interviewer: “No. No. You did just fine. But we filled the job two days ago.”

    Me: “Oh… then why did you interview me? Is there another position available?”

    Interviewer: “No, there isn’t. We felt that since you put in the time to apply that we should interview you.”

    Me: “Even when there isn’t a job available?”

    Interviewer: “It’s good experience to have interviews!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but just so I’m clear about all of this: I spent 40 minutes driving here, 30 minutes waiting in the lobby, roughly 10 minutes for the interview, and I anticipate another 40 minutes for a drive back home. Altogether I’ve had two hours of my time, that I could have spent applying for more jobs, and 80 miles worth of gas, wasted for a position that isn’t available?”

    Interviewer: “But interviewing is a good experience and will help you with future job hunts.”

    Me: “Yeah. Could you at least honor one request of mine and destroy my resume? I don’t want it in your files.”

    (As I leave the room, there are three more people sitting in the lobby, obviously dressed up for interviews.)

    Me: “Are you all here to interview for [Job] position?”

    (They all nod or mumble yes.)

    Me: “Don’t bother. They filled it two days ago and didn’t notify us.”

    (When the interviewer acknowledged this, everyone seated got up to leave, one gentleman ranting about the hour long drive it took for him to get there. All the while the interviewer was shouting behind us ‘It’s a good experience!’)

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