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    Please Lettuce Review Food Safety

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    (I start to throw out some moldy cauliflower.)

    Manager: “What are you doing!”

    Me: “It’s bad.”

    Supervisor: “Just cut off the bad parts.”

    Me: “It’s mold; some of the bad parts can’t be seen.”

    Supervisor: “Just save what you can.”

    (I proceed to do so reluctantly and skip my employee meal. A week or so later, I get given a box of lettuce to make salad with. Upon opening the box, this chain of events happens.)

    Me: “Can I throw this lettuce out?”

    Supervisor: “What’s wrong with it?”

    Me: “It’s purple and seems to be lettuce-shaped slime rather than actual lettuce.”

    Supervisor: “I don’t know. Go check with the shift manager.”

    Me: “Okay.”  

    (I go to the shift manager. They look at the “lettuce” for a couple of minutes while I ask if I can throw it out.)

    Shift Manager: “Errr… I’m not sure I can give permission. Go check with the store manager.”

    (I go to the store manager.)

    Me: “My supervisor and the shift manager both told me to come to you to check to see if I can throw this out.”

    Store Manager: “Are you sure you can’t save any of it?”

    Me: “No, no I can’t. Do you want to try?”

    Store Manager: “I guess you can throw it out.”

    Me: “Thank goodness!”

    (I was afraid I’d have to make a district call or something!)

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