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    Proudly Professing Profound Purple Preferences

    | St.Louis, MO, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Employees

    (My mom and I are leaving after lunch. There is a hostess holding the door open thanking customers for their business.)

    Hostess: *to other customers* “Thanks, have a great day!”

    (As we approach the door, the hostess sees my mom who is wearing a purple hat and jacket.)

    Hostess: “Thanks, have… oh my God! You are so PURPLE! I LOVE PURPLE!”

    Mom: “Umm, thanks!”

    Hostess: “I just love it soooo much. Purple!”

    Mom: “Yep, purple…”

    (As we exit…)

    Hostess: *sticks her head out the door* “PURPLE!!!”

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