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    Senseless & Centsless

    | Arlington, VA, USA | Bosses & Owners, Money

    (My manager is berating me because in the past week. There is always money missing from the drawer at take-out where I work.)

    Manager: “Every night, we’re short a different amount. It’s always over ten dollars!”

    Me: “That’s pretty bad. But, like I said, five or six different people work this register, so it’s impossible to say if one—”

    Manager: “One is either stealing, or is terrible at math!”

    Me: “Well, again, I’ll ask around, but—”

    (At that moment, a coworker whose shift is over comes up to make an order for take-out.)

    Me: *to manager* “Can you give them the discount on their food, please?”

    Manager: “Oh, just give it to them for free.”

    Me: “Okay, cool. Can you comp their food on the computer, then?”

    Manager: “Here, just do this…”

    (He enters on the computer that they have paid with a twenty-dollar bill. The drawer opens, and he closes it again.)

    Manager: “That’s the easiest way to do an employee discount.”

    Me: “But now the computer thinks you’ve taken payment, and you haven’t…” *lightbulb goes off* “Wait, you do this all the time?”

    Manager: “Every day. It’s okay if it’s just cash.”

    Me: “Uh, I think I know why our drawer is short.”

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