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    Some Jobs Can Leave You Feeling In-sick-nificant

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    (I have just started working at a call centre. However, by lunch time I am feeling extremely poorly.)

    Me: “Hi, [supervisor], I am feeling extremely ill. I am freezing cold and feeling shakey and faint. I think I may need to go home.”

    Supervisor: “Okay. Well, see if you can last till the end of the day…”

    (Two hours later…)

    Me: “Hi, [supervisor], I really need to leave. I can barely keep me eyes open and cannot stop shaking. I feel like I am going to be sick, and I nearly collapsed on the stairs just now. I have to go get medical attention. There is something very wrong with me!”

    Supervisor: “Okay. Well, I will speak to [boss] and see what he says…”

    (A few minutes pass.)

    Supervisor: “Okay, he says that you can go, but if you do, then you are not coming back.”

    Me: “…But I need medical attention. You are saying that if I go to see a doctor I am fired?”

    Supervisor: “Sorry. It’s the best we can offer.”

    (I decide to hold out for the rest of the day. However, when my partner picks me up at the end of the day, I pass out in the car. He gets me home where I can barely manage to get into bed. I am out of it for the next 12 hours; by the next morning, I notice my leg is swollen; I’d developed cellulitis, which is a serious skin infection. So, I phone work.)

    Me: “Hi, [supervisor], I’ve got a severe infection called cellulitis. I cannot walk at all, and I have to see the doctor. I am really sorry about this. I know this means I will be fired, but I have no option but to stay off today.”

    Supervisor: “Hey, don’t worry. I will smooth this out. You will be able to join another group, I’m sure. Just get yourself well!”

    (However, a few hours later I receive this call.)

    Boss: “Yeah, don’t bother coming in again.”

    Me: “But—”

    Boss: “Just thought you should know.” *hangs up*

    (And that is how I got fired after only working in a place for eight hours!)

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