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    Some Things Can Weight To Be Said, Part 2

    | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (A friend and I are out for lunch and have this exchange with our server.)

    My Friend: “I’ll have the bacon cheeseburger.”

    Server: “Would you like fries or salad with that?”

    My Friend: “Fries, please.”

    Server: “Salad, excellent.”

    My Friend: “No, no…I’d like fries.”

    Server: “Oh, okay! Anything to drink?”

    My Friend: “I’ll have a Coke.”

    Server: “Diet Coke, great.”

    My Friend: “No…regular Coke is fine, thanks.”

    Server: “Oh, right. Sure thing!”

    (A different server brings over our meals. Despite what she said to the original server, my friend’s burger arrives incorrectly with a salad and a Diet Coke.)

    My Friend: *staring at her meal* “Tell me the truth, do I need to lose weight?!”

    Some Things Can Weight To Be Said

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