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  • Swearing You Into A Job

    | MI, USA | Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids, Money

    (A group of people from work decide to get together at a restaurant down the street after work on Friday. I get out early and have to pick my husband up at the airport a little after dinner. I have my daughter with me. My manager has been working on cutting down on swearing.  It is a running joke among us at work and because my daughter is there, he is REALLY trying to not swear. I just went outside with a couple of other people and come back to hear this:)

    Daughter: “… You owe me money.”

    Manager: “What?”

    Daughter: “You owe me two dollars.”

    Manager: “For what?”

    Daughter: “You swore.”

    Manager: “Wait, I didn’t agree to this.”

    Daughter: “You owe me two dollars.”

    Manager: “How did this happen? I didn’t agree to that.”

    Daughter: “Yes, you did. We had a deal.”

    (She reaches over, grabs his hand, and shakes it.)

    Daughter: “See, we shook on it. We have a deal. You owe me two dollars!”

    Manager: “…”

    Manager: “You’re ten, right? Come see me in eight years; I’m giving you a job.”

    The One That Can Hear Is Not Listening

    | UK | Bosses & Owners, Employees, Health & Body, Language & Words, Religion

    (A friend of mine is deaf, and has conversations with people by reading their lips. The bank teller is a woman wearing a burka which covers her mouth.)

    Teller: *begins talking*

    Friend: “I’m sorry; I can’t understand you. I’m deaf.”

    Teller: *keeps talking*

    Friend: *louder* “I can’t understand you without seeing your lips. Can I talk to someone else please?”

    Teller: *shouts for manager*

    Manager: “My employee tells me you wish not to make contact with her because of her burka. We do not tolerate racism in this bank.”

    Friend: “I have nothing against this lady’s choice of religion, it’s just that I need to read her lips. I’m deaf.”

    Manager: “This is your final warning! One more racist slur and I am closing your account.”

    Friend: *nearly in tears* “Please, I can’t understand her. I’m deaf!”

    Manager: “That’s it. Get out of this bank or I’m calling the police.”

    (My friend had to run out crying. Amazingly, she was more upset about feeling like she’d insulted someone than how she was treated!)

    Read Them Their Rights

    | ON, Canada | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money

    (In my province, you receive a check every month or so for taxes if you make under a certain amount per year. As a student, I regularly receive these so I go to my bank to deposit one and various other items. The bank has been offering increasingly worse service every time I visit.)

    Me: “Hello! I’d like to deposit this into my account today, please.” *slides check over*

    Teller: “Can’t you read?!”

    Me: “Excuse me? Yes, I can. Is there a problem?”

    Teller: “What day is listed on here?”

    Me: “The tenth.”

    Teller: “And today is the seventh, you have to wait three more days.” *calls to the next person in line* “I can help you over here!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not done. Can YOU read?”

    Teller: “Of course I can!”

    Me: “Okay. Well, what is the month listed on the check?”

    (The teller rolls her eyes but reads as if she’s humouring me. All of a sudden she looks embarrassed.)

    Me: “If you had bothered to take two seconds out of your day you would have seen that this is the previous month’s check. Also, before you rudely cut me off and called to the next person you never asked if I had additional banking I needed to do, and I have a few more deposits to make.)

    (The teller finishes up my deposits without saying anything to me or even looking at me. I closed my account with them shortly after.)

    Knows How To Push Their Buttons

    | TX, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Money, Top

    (My store does deposits at a bank across from us. They have a commercial lane that is the same for the ATM, though the drop box is before the actual ATM. I wait for nearly 30 minutes in that line, then give up and go inside.)

    Me: “Yeah, I was in the commercial lane to do a deposit and no one ever came to the window. I think the call button might be broken.”

    Teller: “We can’t do commercial drops inside. You have to go through the commercial lane by your vehicle.”

    Me: “Yeah, I get that, but I was sitting there over twenty minutes and all you guys did was stare at me. I need to do a deposit and get back to work.”

    Teller: “We don’t do them inside, ma’am. Commercial deposits have a lane that you have to use. Just use the call button.”

    Me: “I did. I used it three times and no one responded. You even watched me when I pushed it.”

    Teller: “We didn’t hear a call from the commercial lane. Are you sure you pressed it right?”

    Me: *deadpan* “Yes. I leaned out of my car and pushed the button. Hard. I felt it go in. I pushed the button.”

    Teller: “You have to actually push the call button for us to come to do a commercial drop.”

    Me: “I sat there for over twenty minutes! Neither of you came! I obviously wasn’t using the ATM, so what was so hard for either of you to come to the window to help me? I know both of you saw me. You made eye contact with me a few times.”

    Teller: “You have to push the call button—”

    Me: “I get that, yes! If I get back in my car and drive around to make this deposit, you will be there to open the drop box?”

    Teller: “Yes.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    (I drive around … and she’s not there. I wait 10 minutes while she helps someone else. Her coworker is on a phone by this point, and I’ve pushed the button six or seven times. I go back in, fuming.)

    Me: “Why didn’t you open the commercial drop box?”

    Teller: “You have to push the button if you want us to open—”

    Me: “Bulls***! I asked if you would open it up. You told me yes! You stared at me the first time. You did it again while you helped another customer, KNOWING I was in that lane for the commercial drop. I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll be sure to send word to all of our customers about the lazy tellers that work at [Bank]. That’s after I call the corporate office to tell them how two incompetent tellers couldn’t even do their job.”

    Teller: “Oh. Uh. We can do your commercial drop inside, ma’am…”

    Hold Tight When Freudian Slipping

    | Chattanooga, TN, USA | Employees, Rude & Risque, Themed Giveaway

    (I’m at the bank, where the teller is recounting my deposit to verify its accuracy, but she has difficulties taking the paper wrap off a bundle of one dollar bills.)

    Me: “Uh-oh, did I wrap it too tight? I’m sorry!”

    Teller: “Just a little, but that’s okay! Better to be tight than loose!”

    (Her coworker beside her bursts out laughing and I fail to suppress a giggle. The teller looks confused for a moment before she realizes what she’s said.)

    Teller: “Well, it’s true!”

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