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    Locked On Your Faulty Reasoning

    | NY, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Time

    (My school has a small café that is a popular hangout, as well as an alternative location for instructors to hold small classes. My math professor has assigned us a take-home exam, and we’ve agreed to meet at the café. My dorm is nearest the café, so I’m there first.)

    Me: *walking into the café* “Good morning!”

    Café Worker: “Hello.”

    (The serving area isn’t open yet, so I grab a seat and wait for everyone else. The workers who are here ignore me, going about their business. Fifteen minutes past the meeting time, I’m beginning to wonder where everyone is. Then I see several of my classmates outside one of the windows.)

    Classmates: “Oh, it’s locked. Guess they’re not opening early today.”

    (Confused, I look out to see my whole class gathered at the corner, with my professor handing out the papers. Not sure what’s going on, I grab my bag and head for the front door, again crossing in front of the café worker I greeted earlier. I go to leave, but find the door locked.)

    Me: “Err, excuse me?”

    Café Worker: “Yes?”

    Me: “Can you please unlock the door so I can get out?”

    Café Worker: “How’d you get in here?”

    Me: “I walked in… The door was unlocked… I said hello to you, and you didn’t tell me to leave.”

    Café Worker: “You’re not supposed to be in here. We’re not opening until 6:30, like we usually do.”

    Me: “I can see that. But no one said anything when I walked in. And I’ve been sitting here for the past twenty minutes.”

    Café Worker: “You’re not supposed to be in here! We’re not open yet!”

    Me: “Then let me out!”

    (He finally unlocked the door, grumbling about students who don’t read the signs.)

    Whip Them Into Shape

    | NC, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m at the tiny Chain coffee shop on campus, which employs students. Many of them are new to both working in general and food service in specific. Due to my dietary restrictions and general weird taste preferences, I tend to order what I think of as ‘expert level’ drinks.)

    Cashier: “What can I get for you today?”

    Me: “A large green tea [iced drink] with soy and raspberry syrup.”

    Cashier: “No whip?”

    Me: “No whip.”

    (I pay, and wait a couple minutes for my drink. I see the barista overfill the top of a large drink with whipped cream, and the cashier swoop in and make him remake it. Meanwhile, there are more and more students filling up the area waiting for their orders.)

    Barista: “Green tea with raspberry!”

    (I grab the drink, pop the straw in, and take a sip.)

    Me: “Wait, this has coffee in it.”

    Barista: “Yeah, you ordered a [iced drink].”

    Cashier: *sigh* “I told you, there’s coffee-based and then there’s cream-based.” *to me* “I’ll remake your drink.”

    Me: “Sorry, yeah, this one’s kinda ugh.”

    (This happens at least once at the start of each semester. I wonder if anyone’s ever quit because of me.)

    A Frappe In The Face

    | Leeds, England, UK | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I go into a coffee shop with my mum and grandma. One of the baristas has a promotional t-shirt on advertising their new raspberry and white chocolate frappé. A different barista serves us.)

    Me: “Hi, can I get a raspberry and white chocolate frappé, please?”

    Barista: “I’m sorry, we don’t do those. We only have plain chocolate ones.”

    Me: “Oh, okay. I only asked because I saw it on his t-shirt.”

    Barista: “That was part of a promotion which has ended. We do a raspberry and white chocolate one, though?”

    Me: “Isn’t that exactly what I just said…?”

    Defeated Not Seated

    | Kansas City, MO, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I’m meeting two friends at a popular upscale brunch spot. The lobby is very crowded and everyone is huddled together waiting for their names to be called. I see my friends come in, but they stick by the door since there’s not much room where I am standing. After about 30 minutes…)

    Hostess: “[My Name], party of three!”

    (I nudge my way up to the hostess as she’s still calling out my name until I’m right in front of her.)

    Hostess: *looking past me* “Last call for [My Name], party of three!”

    Me: “Ma’am, I’m [My Name].”

    Hostess: “Oh. Sorry, we can only seat full parties and can’t hold tables.”

    Me: “The rest of my party is here. They’re making their way through the crowd now, it’s the gentleman in the orange and the gentleman in the blue.” *I motion to my friends*

    Hostess: “Sorry, if they’re not up here I can’t seat you. I’ll put you back on the list but it’ll be another 45 minute wait. [Other Patron’s Name], party of two!”

    Me: “Wait! They’re right here now! We’re ready to be seated.”

    Hostess: “It’ll be 45 minutes.”

    (We opted for fast food breakfast.)

    Discounts Are Relative

    | USA | At The Checkout, Bosses & Owners, Employees, Family & Kids

    (My aunt owns a cafe. I stop by on my way to work daily and get a 50% discount on anything I order. A new employee is working today. I immediately know that I’m going to have trouble.)

    Me: “Can I have a white coffee and a raisin muffin, please?”

    New Employee: “Sure, that will be [total]. ”

    Me: “I also get a 50% discount. My aunt is the owner.”

    New Employee: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I won’t give you a discount.”

    Me: “Do you need proof? I know she’s here. Please go get her.”

    New Employee: “I’m not going to disturb her because you think you can get a discount. Please leave.”

    Me: “I have to be at work soon. Could you please go get [Aunt] so I could go?”

    New Employee: “I have asked you to leave because you are trying to scam us. Please go before I call the police.”

    (At this point I just need to get my aunt, so I yell for her. She comes up to the front of the cafe, and I relay what happened.)

    Aunt: “For goodness sake! Just give her the discount!”

    (The employee quickly took off 50% and gave me my stuff without a word. I found out she was fired soon after because she was harassing customers.)

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