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    I’ll Drink To That

    , | TX, USA | Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Job Seekers

    (I go to a bookstore where I had applied for a job, and ask for the hiring manager. This happens in the cafe while I’m waiting.)

    Barista: “Hey, do you want a mocha frappe?”

    Me: “Oh, I don’t really have any money on me. Thank you, though.”

    Barista: “Nah. I already made one and the customer didn’t want it. Have it. I’d just have to throw it away otherwise.”

    Me: “Okay! Thank you so much!”

    (She really brightened my mood, and even if she didn’t realize it, she still did something amazing.)

    Party Of Five

    | UK | Awesome Workers, Employees, Food & Drink, Top

    (I am 11 years old and ‘shopping’ (i.e. looking round) with four friends. It’s a very hot day so we decide to pool our money and get a milkshake to share.)

    Me: “Can we have a vanilla milkshake please? And, um, five straws?”

    Barista: “Okay! ”

    (The barista makes our milkshake… then another one… and another… until there are five. My friends and I fidget nervously, thinking she misheard us.)

    Me: “Umm… actually we asked for—”

    Barista: *interrupts* “That’s [price for one milkshake], please!”

    Me: “I- um- oh! Okay! Thank you so much!”

    Barista: “You’re welcome! That’s my good deed for the day!”

    (It was only a small thing but I’ll never forget the day we got five milkshakes for the price of one!)

    Meat-Headed Assumptions

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Health & Body

    (I’ve recently started a new job. I’m declining some food as I’m a vegetarian.)

    New Boss: “So, you’re a vegetarian?!”

    Me: “Yeah, I am, for the last year or so.”

    New Boss: “Oh, I thought most vegetarians were thin.”

    Me: “Umm…”

    Meat Headed Questions

    Medium Coffee, Large Gesture

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Awesome Workers, Employees, Food & Drink, Money

    (I’ve been made part time at work. Money is tight and I’m struggling a bit. I have $1.95 left in my purse.)

    Me: “Hi. How much is a medium coffee with the tax? Is it less that $1.95?”

    Barista: “It’s $1.84 with the tax.”

    Me: “Great, I’d just have a medium then, please.”

    (The barista starts to pour coffee into a medium cup, then stops.)

    Barista: “You usually have large don’t you?”

    Me: “Yes, but I don’t have enough money.”

    Barista: “How much money do you have?”

    Me: “$1.95.”

    (The barista picks up a large cup. She pours the contents of the medium into the large, fills it and gives it to me.)

    Barista: “Here you go!”

    (It was such a little thing, but it made my whole day!)

    Love At First Foresight

    | Traverse City, MI, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Love/Romance, Top

    (I’m meeting a girl at a local café. We both have mutual friends and I was coerced into messaging her for a date. She was running a little late, so I was very fidgety in my chair. One of the baristas notices and walks to my table. She is older and very tiny.)

    Barista: “Let me guess. You have a date?”

    Me: “Yeah. She’s late. I hope.”

    Barista: “You hope? Of course she’s coming if there’s a handsome man waiting!”

    Me: “That’s very nice of you! I’m just nervous because… she’s honestly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. And not to sound pitiful, but I honestly can’t believe she wants to meet me in person.”

    Barista: “Now, you better listen to me. My husband rattled off the same s*** you said: that I was too beautiful, he didn’t know why I chose him, yadda yadda. But you know what? I chose to get to know him because he had all the qualities that made me feel loved. And I wanted to make him feel loved in return. So if what she knows about you so far has lead her to think you might be capable of all that, then that’s an honor, kid. You’ll be fine.”

    (My date walks in. The evening goes incredibly well. Five years later, she and I are engaged. We decide to go to the cafe where we first had a date to celebrate. We walk in and see the same barista, although we doubt she’ll recognize us.)

    Barista: “Hello, and what can I get y— OH, MY GOODNESS! YOU TWO! Oh, my goodness. Is that a RING?!”

    (My fiancée laughs hysterically. The barista affectionately punches my arm.)

    Barista: “I told you so, kiddo!”

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