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    Been There, Sold That, Got The T-Shirt

    | Minneapolis, MN, USA | Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (I get a job via a temp agency to peddle a credit card offer for an out-of-state bank at a gas station for three separate four-hour shifts. This is my first conversation with my contact from the bank.)

    Me: “So, people are applying for a credit card for an out-of-state bank? Is there anything else they get?”

    Supervisor: “Yeah, they get an “America” t-shirt!”

    Me: “Anything else? Do they get anything else? Like a gas card or something?”

    Supervisor: “No, just the shirt.”

    Me: “It sounds to me that it would be a tough sell on a t-shirt alone.”

    Supervisor: “Yeah, but since 9/11 people will do a lot of stuff for America, so the shirt should be enough.”

    (From start to finish, the entire job is a fiasco. There is supposed to be a supervisor from the bank as well as another employee, yet neither manifest. I am told to I HAVE wear one of the t-shirts that the bank is offering despite the fact that none are in my size. Worst of all, two hours before the end of my last humiliating shift, I get a call from my contact at the bank and I relate to him my trials in trying to get people to apply for a credit card with only a shirt to offer in return.)

    Supervisor: “You mean no one’s wanting the gas card either?”

    Me: “What gas card?”

    Supervisor: “Oh, yeah, there’s a ten dollar gas card for applying. Didn’t you know?”

    Me: *now frustrated* “NO! I even asked you when I started if there was anything else! I would’ve gotten at least double the signatures if I’d known about the gas card!”

    Supervisor: “OH! Well, they get the gas card just for applying.”

    (The original goal for the bonus was fifty signatures, but they cut it down to ten, seeing as I’d had such issues. I still missed it by one signature.)

    The Price Of A Lift

    | Tucson, AZ, USA | At The Checkout, Bosses & Owners, Money

    (I have just finished working graveyard one night, when my boss offers me a ride home. When I accept, she asks if I am willing to do a favor for her.)

    Boss: “Before I take you home, I was wondering if you’d be willing to go to [Competitor] to get the price of cigarettes to price match for me? As they know me.”

    Me: “Uh, sure.”

    (We drive to the other store.)

    Boss: “Now, [My Name], just ask them and make sure they don’t think you’re from our store. The manager there knows me.”

    Me: “Not a problem.”

    (I button up my jacket to hide my work shirt and get the prices.)

    Me: “The prices were [prices].”

    Boss: “Good work, [My Name], but did you realize you took [Company]’s fountain cup in with you?”

    Didn’t Score A Perfect 100

    | VA, USA | At The Checkout, New Hires

    (I’m grabbing some cigarettes for my dad at the gas station we always go to. A guy I haven’t seen before is working.)

    Clerk: “Hi, how can I help you?”

    Me: “Hi, how are you?”

    Clerk: “Good! How are you?”

    Me: “I’m great! Can I just have a carton of [Brand] normal, not 100s, please?”

    Clerk: *grabs pack of 100s* “These?”

    Me: “No, the regular ones, please. A carton, please, not pack.”

    Clerk: *grabs for pack of regular* “Here you go.”

    Me: “Yes, those, but can I have a carton? The one with a lot of those in it?”

    Clerk: “Oh, packet!” *hands me a carton of 100s*

    Me: “…Can I have the regular ones, please? Not 100s?”

    (He starts looking around and finds some behind him. With a big smile he puts them on the counter.)

    Clerk: “Here you go!”

    (I hand him $100.)

    Clerk: *looks at his boss* “Is this legal?!”

    (I eventually get my change and head out to the car where my dad is waiting.)

    Dad: “What took so long?”

    Me: “New guy.”

    (The people there are always very nice. I hope he was just having an off day!)

    Making A Clean Start

    | GA, USA | Coworkers, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (After being hired on and trained at one gas station, the company sends me to another location on the outskirts of town to be my normal store. Immediately upon arriving, I notice how gross the station is: bugs crawling all over everything, the floor in desperate need of mopping, and a cappuccino machine that has never been cleaned. I do my best to clean what I can, but with no one else cleaning, it’s a losing battle. However, I have a light at the end of the tunnel: there’s a big inspection in one week, with the owner of the place showing up personally. I work that night, and come in excitedly to hear how badly we failed.)

    Coworker: “Hello, [My Name].”

    Me: “Hi! How did inspection go?”

    Coworker: “Oh, we got an x—” *mumbles*

    Me: *hopes rising* “An ‘X’? What does that mean?”

    Coworker: “An EX-cellent. We only got three demerits! The owner was impressed.”

    (The worst part? The cappuccino machine wasn’t even one of the demerits.)

    Biking Over To Weirdtown

    | Madison, WI, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre/Silly, Employees

    (I’ve had a pretty rough day so far. In order to cheer myself up, I ride my bike to a gas station to buy some snacks.)

    Station Attendant: “I am sorry, ma’am, but I am afraid that your vehicle emission level is too low. You would have to leave and come back in a vehicle with higher emissions.”

    Me: *confused* “Seriously?”

    Station Attendant: “No, just joking. By the way, my vehicle would not have enough emissions, as well.”

    Me: “You ride a bike, too? Cool!”

    (Later, as I am checking out:)

    Station Attendant: “Now press the green button. Now enter your PIN. Now, put your thumb on the fingerprint scanner.”

    Me: *confused* “What scanner?” *then I realize he is joking again*

    Station Attendant: “Now, stare right here into the retinal scanner. By the way, you should wait a couple minutes before leaving the store, because you were just blinded by the laser.”

    (This was a somewhat weird, but really funny encounter with a customer service rep. Thank you, attendant guy, for making my day a little brighter!)

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