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    To Sleep, Perchance To Dream Of Getting More Sleep

    | UK | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring/Inattentive, Overtime

    (I’ve just started work at a bar/restaurant in a hotel. As I’m trying to start up my own business, I go to weekly early morning breakfast meetings (early as in a 6:30 am start) at the same hotel every week on Thursdays. The hotel knew this when I started working there.)

    Me: *reading my first week’s schedule* “Hey, [Manager], I see you put me down for closing shift Wednesday evening. I asked for it off because you know I come here for meetings on Thursday mornings.”

    Manager: “Oh, sorry. Can you please just work it this week?”

    (I agree, and work til about half 12 that Wednesday, leaving me about 4 hours of sleep that night. When next week’s rota is put up…)

    Me: “[Manager], you’ve scheduled me for Wednesday closing shift again.”

    Manager: “Oh, sorry, I forgot again. Write the reason you can’t work on the rota request for next week.”

    (The next week…)

    Me: “I’m scheduled for Wednesday again!”

    Manager: “Yes, well, no one else can work Wednesdays.”

    Me: “I can’t work Wednesdays.”

    Manager: “Yes, you can. You don’t have anything on in the evening, just the next morning.”

    (I resolved to put down that I can work until 11, rather than can’t work at all, because that way I didn’t get scheduled for closing shifts and managed almost six hours of sleep! Luckily my business took off and I was eventually able to quit, but I was very sleep deprived for those six months.)

    Not Sold On Your Enthusiasm

    | USA | Bosses & Owners, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My manager is not very good because she always tells us to buzz off when we ask her for help. It has been a very busy day with our hotel nearly full, and we’re running around like headless chickens while she’s in the back, tapping happily on her computer.)

    Manager: *comes out* “Great news! WE’RE SOLD OUT TODAY!”

    Me: *through clenched teeth* “That’s grrrreat.”

    Manager: “IT IS! IT IS, THOUGH!”

    (She just didn’t get why we looked so unenthusiastic, as she was thrilled. Soon after, she skipped all the way home and left us with all the work. Her boss has since promoted her.)

    A Loud Private Matter

    | MO, USA | Employees, Rude & Risque, Technology

    (My family is going to a baseball game hours from our home. Originally we decide to drive home, but it’s quite a bit later than we thought it’d be so we try to find a hotel with availability. We find a nice looking place and decide to call. My mom is paranoid about random people having her number, so she sets the call to private.)


    (My mom is horrified, but my dad explains that the hotel likely gets some scary calls from private numbers, and tells her to try calling back without the number private.)

    Receptionist: *sweetly* “Thank you so much for calling [Hotel]. This is [Receptionist]. How might I be of service to you tonight?”

    Mom: “…I’d like to know if you have any availability?”

    Receptionist: *still sweetly* “I’m so sorry, we are completely booked. I recommend [Other Hotel]. They called earlier stating they still had rooms. Thank you for calling, and again, my apologies! Have a great night!”

    (My mom has since stopped calling any businesses using *67!)

    A Trunk-ated Version Of The Truth

    , | Eilat, Israel | Criminal/Illegal, Employees

    (I work security in a fairly large hotel parking lot. For each car we are instructed to write the info of the car and driver, and also check the trunk of the car, something few security guards actually do.)

    Guest: “How come you are the only one who does this?”

    Me: “That’s the job; I have to check your car, sir.”

    Guest: “But what could you possibly find, a bomb?” *laughs*

    Me: “Amongst other things. Yesterday I found two girls shoved inside, trying to sneak in. Day before that I found a gas container for the car, and before that, two off-duty cops tried to get their M16s to the hotel through here.”

    Guest: *stunned* “Well, you keep doing good work, then…”

    (He drove off. I left out all the times I found young children without proper seats, or pets they tried to sneak in…)

    In Receipt Of Bad Instructions

    | USA | Bosses & Owners, Extra Stupid, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My manager is very nice, but either doesn’t know how to run a hotel or has never worked in one. He’s completely clueless. One day, he’s training me, a new hire.)

    Manager: “Okay, so at 3:00 you have to print out the customers’ receipts, and then leave the desk and go up the elevator and deliver them by pushing them under each door.”

    Me: “I have to deliver them? I will be working by myself, right?”

    Manager: “Yes, you’ll be alone.”

    Me: *fretting* “But, what if the phone rings or the customer comes down and I’m not there?”

    Manager: “Don’t worry, that rarely happens. Just do what I say, ok?”

    Me: “Okaaay.”

    (Everything goes well for a few weeks, and then it happens: I’m away delivering the receipts, and a customer calls and calls the desk. Getting no answer, he goes to the desk, only to find no one. When I get back, he yells at me. Then he complains to the manager, who calls me over the next day.)

    Manager: “You’ve gotten a complaint. This guy called and called last night, and no one answered. The phone must be answered.”

    Me: “I was away delivering the receipts.”

    Manager: “I know, but I HAVE to write you up. Sign this.”

    Me: “WHAT?!”

    Manager: “It’s ok. It rarely happens.”

    (I started looking for another job the following day. Managers may need to be nice, but they need to know how to do their job, too!)

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