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  • Assumption Is The Mother Of Prejudice

    | Stockholm, Sweden | Bigotry, Bosses & Owners, Family & Kids

    (I have just gotten a job as a carer for a little girl with cerebral palsy. I work wherever she is, including her home, which means I often work with her parents. Her parents are separated, and so far I’ve only worked at her father’s place, but now I have my first shift with her mother. I find out that she’s a priest, and instantly panic. I’m in a same-sex relationship and I’m afraid she’ll be prejudiced against me, so I make up plans to avoid any questions on the subject.)

    Girl’s Mother: “Oh, that’s right, [Girl]. You’re meeting your godmothers next week!”

    Me: “Oh, that’s nice! … Wait, godmothers?”

    Girl’s Mother: “Well, yes. [Name] and her wife are old friends of the family, so it was only natural that they should be my daughter’s godmothers.” *she gives me a suspicious look* “I hope you don’t have a problem with that?”

    (I burst out laughing and told her about my partner and how I’d planned to lie to her to avoid trouble. Turned out that I was the prejudiced one!)

    Holding On To Your Clients

    | Portland, OR, USA | Employees, Health & Body, Language & Words

    (I am the employee in this story. I work in a telephone-based office, answering calls from patients. Note: I am male, and currently on a call.)

    Coworker: “Hey, [My Name]. Mrs. [Patient] is holding for you on line two.”

    (I would normally answer the second call by saying, ‘Hi, Mrs. [Patient]. Thanks for holding. May I help you?’ Instead, I say this:)

    Me: “Hi, Mrs. [Patient]. May I hold you?”

    Patient: “…”

    Me: *hoping the patient thinks she misheard me*

    Patient: “Um, right. Well, the reason I called is…”

    (Neither one of us mentioned it to the other. My coworkers, on the other hand, were dying of laughter in the background!)

    On A Hamstring Budget

    | NC, USA | Awesome Workers, Employees, Family & Kids, Health & Body

    (My 13-year-old brother has been having pain in his ankles whenever he is on his feet for extended periods of time. He plays soccer and practice makes the pain much worse. My mom works for an orthopedic doctor. She takes him in on Friday, so he can get a diagnosis before his school tryouts on Monday. The doctor evaluates him and goes to my mom.)

    Doctor: “He has the tightest hamstrings I have ever seen.”

    Mom: “Really?”

    Doctor: “Oh, yeah. I’ll prescribe him a physical therapy session. He’ll just need one, so he can learn the stretches he needs.”

    (The office for the physical therapy is fairly new, and my mom’s work has been able to give them good business. My mom calls the office and explains who she is, says she needs this for her son, etc. She’s worried because the office doesn’t take our insurance and doesn’t know how much it will cost. The secretary talks to the physical therapist then comes back.)

    Secretary: “Can you guys come in tomorrow morning at 8?”

    Mom: “Sure! Of course. How much will the session be?”

    Secretary: “Oh, it’ll be no charge. You guys have given us so much business. It’s no problem.”

    Mom: “Oh, thank you!”

    (My mom and brother go in the next morning. They spend about an hour learning a bunch of different stretches to help him out. The entire time there is no one there except for them, the secretary, and the physical therapist. They go to check out.)

    Mom: “Are you guys usually open on Saturdays?”

    Secretary: “No, we’re not open on Saturdays.”

    (That’s when it clicks. Both of them had come in on their day off for free just to help my brother, all because her work helped them with their business. My mom was incredibly thankful and appreciative of what they did and my brother is doing much better! Also, as a kicker, the doctor wrote on the prescription, ‘worst hamstrings in world history!’)

    Finished In The Blink Of An Eye

    | WI, USA | Awesome Customers, Bizarre/Silly, Employees, Health & Body

    (I have just had an eye exam. I am entering the store section to pick out a pair of new frames.)

    Employee: “Do you have any preferences?”

    Me: “Only that I want springs in the earpieces.”

    Employee: “Okay. Let’s start with these.”

    (The employee picks out five different frames and lays them down in front of me. I pick up the first pair and slide them on.)

    Me: “These are nice. I’ll take these.”

    Employee: “Wait. You can’t do that!”

    Me: “Do what?”

    Employee: “You can’t take the first pair you try on!”

    Me: “Why not?”

    Employee: “I don’t know! It’s never happened to me before!”

    Me: “Well, now it has. I like these.”

    (As I’m walking out of the store chuckling, I hear the employee make a remark to another employee.)

    Employee: “Easiest customer EVER!”

    Pre-Op Chop Chop

    | USA | Employees, Health & Body, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I need to schedule a pre-operative physical exam with my primary care physician (PCP). Since she books up quickly, I call three months ahead of time to make the appointment.)

    Me: “Hi. This is [My Name]. I need to schedule an appointment in September with my PCP for a pre-operative physical.”

    Receptionist: “Okay. How about 4 pm on September 9th?”

    Me: “This is a pre-op physical exam, and those take a while. 4 pm seems awfully late in the day to get everything done.”

    Receptionist: *frosty* “I REALIZE that! That will be plenty of time. Do you want the appointment or not?”

    Me: “Sure. That’s fine. 4 pm on September 9th with my PCP for a pre-op physical.”

    (Two weeks later, I am talking to the surgeon’s scheduler and going through the checklist with her. My surgeon and my primary care physician are in the same network. Anyone in the network can see all my appointments with any network provider.)

    Scheduler: “Now, what about your pre-op physical? When were you going to schedule that?”

    Me: “Oh, I did that already. I’m set up with my PCP for September 9th.”

    Scheduler: “I see that appointment. But, they’ve just got it described as a follow-up. They don’t have enough time blocked for all the pre-op testing.”

    Me: *sighs* “Okay. I’ll call them back and explain it again.”

    (I call the clinic back again.)

    Me: “Hi. This is [My Name]. I’m calling about my appointment on September 9th. The surgeon’s scheduler says you don’t have that appointment described as a pre-op physical. She also says you don’t have enough time set aside for all the tests.”

    Receptionist: “Well, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I clearly shows that this is a pre-op physical. There will be PLENTY of time.”

    Me: “Are you sure? I know a pre-op physical includes lab work, EKG, x-ray—”

    Receptionist: “I SAID, there is plenty of time. Do you still want this appointment or shall I cancel it?”

    Me: “I’ll keep the appointment. Thank you.”

    (Two and a half months later, it is the day of my appointment. I am at work. My phone rings.)

    Receptionist: “This is [Receptionist] from the clinic! I’m calling about your appointment today!”

    Me: “Yes. I got the reminder call yesterday. I will be there.”

    Receptionist: “Did you realize this is a pre-op physical?!”

    Me: “Um, yes. That’s what I told you when I made the appointment three months ago, and what I told you when I called back about it two and a half months ago.”

    Receptionist: “But that’s not enough time for a pre-op physical!”

    Me: “I know that. I told you that when I made the appointment three months ago. I told you again two and a half months ago.”

    Receptionist: “We have to do blood work! And urinalysis! And a chest x-ray! And an EKG! There’ll never be enough time to do all that and still see the doctor!”

    Me: “Yes. Exactly as I told you repeatedly several months ago.”

    Receptionist: “Can you come in earlier than your appointment so we can get all that done? Can you be here by 3:30?”

    Me: “Yes. I can get there 30 minutes early.”

    Receptionist: “Oh, good! But you know, if you ever need a pre-op physical like this again, you really need to tell us when you make the appointment. We can’t always move the schedule around at the last minute like this, to accommodate you.”

    Me: “Um. Yeah. Right. I’ll try to remember that.”

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