• Pancakes Can Cure All
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    Pancakes Can Cure All

    | AK, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Health & Body

    (I am working at a major breakfast chain as a waiter, on night shift. One of my coworkers was a diabetic, and I have a history of hypoglycemic episodes. Thankfully, [Diabetic] knows the signs. This occurred on a prom night, after I’d just spent two and a half hours running food and drinks to a group of 35.)

    Diabetic: “[My Name], you’re getting derpy. First time I’ve seen you get a drink wrong in months!”

    Me: “I’m fine.”

    Diabetic: “No, you’re not fine.” *calling out louder* “[Manager], get over here and make [My Name] go sit down! He’s derping out!”

    Me: “I’m not derping out!”

    Manager: “His girlfriend’s over there; get his kit from her.”

    Me: “I’m not derping out, [Diabetic]’s derping out! She just brought that short stack to the wrong table!”

    (Manager grabs both of us by the ears, drags us to the break room, and makes us test our blood sugar. Diabetic’s meter shows 300, mine shows 20.)

    Manager: “Okay, you!” *points at [Diabetic]* “Insulin, now. You!” *points at me* “Pancakes, now. And when you’re done eating, give her half your pancreas!”

    Causing The Problem

    | USA | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (I am a hostess at a pancake house. A pair of customers asks to be seated by the front door due to a leg injury, and their server is double sat. After a quick burst of people I equalize everything quickly and the server isn’t seated the next round since he was double sat the last. The server that got double sat comes up to the hostess stand to check the list as the owner of the restaurant counts the register next to me.)

    Server: “Hey, did you skip me?”

    Me: “No. The man with the crutches needed a table up front, so you got double sat for a bit. But now everyone’s caught up, so I can seat you again.”

    Server: “Oh, okay. Thanks.”

    (He walks away, and the owner hunches over my list.)

    Owner: “What’s the problem?”

    Me: “Oh, there wasn’t a problem. I was just telling him what happened.”

    Owner: “What?”

    Me: “Before, he was double sat for a bit because the man with crutches needed a table at the front. But I caught everyone up now, so it’s fine.”

    Owner: “I don’t understand.”

    Me: *explains everything again*

    Owner: *getting angry* “I don’t get it. What was the problem?”

    Me: “Don’t worry, there isn’t a problem.”

    Owner: “DON’T TELL ME THERE ISN’T A PROBLEM, BECAUSE THIS IS A PROBLEM! WHAT IS THIS?!” *points to the chart where I marked the requested table*

    Me: “I just told you. That man there wanted a table close to the door and [Server] got double sat, so I didn’t seat him this round so I could catch everyone up.”

    Owner: “Then who’s next?”

    Me: *points to chart* “This one.”

    Owner: “Oh. Well, that guy was just wondering why he got skipped. He shouldn’t even be up here talking to you. Servers aren’t allowed to bother you or tell you how to sit.”

    Me: “But that was never the problem…”

    Separate Employees For Separate Tickets

    , | TX, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

    (We don’t really get a lunch break at my job. We usually call an order in somewhere so one of us can pick the order up. Since I usually don’t mind going after our meals, it’s usually me who calls the order in and goes after it. This time, we choose a fast food chain that’s popularly known in Texas. We’ve never done orders with them over the phone before, so it’s my first time to call in.)

    Employee #1: “[Burger Chain], what’s your order?”

    Me: “Hi, yeah, I have multiple orders. I need them on separate tickets. Is that possible?”

    Employee #1: “Huh? …Uh, hold on.” *mumbling on other end*

    Employee #2: “What’s your order?”

    Me: “I have three separate orders. Is it possible to do multiple transactions on separate tickets?”

    Employee #2: *pauses* “Uh, let me see. Hold on.”

    Employee #3: “[Burger Chain].”

    Me: *getting exasperated* “Is it possible to do multiple transactions and get them on separate tickets? I need them split up, because I’m paying for the orders separately. I need multiple tickets.”

    Employee #3: “Let me ask.” *muffled to someone else* “What’s multiple tickets?”

    Me: “Hello?”

    Employee #3: “Yeah, hold on.”

    Employee #4: “What are you asking for?”

    Me: *slowly* “I have multiple orders, but I need them to go on separate tickets. Can I do this over the phone?”

    Employee #4: “Oh. Yeah, you can do that. Just a sec, okay?” *passes it back to the previous employee*

    Employee #3: “What do you want to do?”

    Me: “I just need separate…” *sighs* “You know what; I’ll just come in to order.”

    Employee #3: *cheerful now* “Okay!” *hangs up*

    A Significant Dress-Down

    , | Dallas, TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Employees, Health & Body

    (I am at the soda fountain getting some water.)

    Worker: “That’s a really cute dress!”

    Me: “Thanks, I got it at [Store].”

    Worker: “Are you pregnant?”

    Me: “No!?”

    Worker: “Oh, that dress just makes you stick out a bit.”

    (This particular location now has a new one-star review…)

    You Got Their Card

    , | Auburn, AL, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (This restaurant chain recently has come out with a taco that has a seasoning from a famous line of chips. I decide to try something since they have a habit of accommodating requests.)

    Me: “Hi! I’d like to get the [Taco in soft shell separated by cheese], but can I use the [New Taco] instead of the regular?”

    Cashier: “Sure! It’s just $0.30 more.”

    (I happily pay for the difference. When I pick up my food, and take off the wrapper, I nearly bite in, and then look at it.)

    Me: “I don’t… What is this?”

    Friend: “What is it?”

    Boyfriend: “Did they leave the cardboard stand on the taco!?”

    Me: “I, uh… I guess so. Let me see what I can do.”

    (I go up to the counter, after peeling away some of the soft taco and cheese. I show it to the cashier who promptly bursts out laughing.)

    Cashier: *to the back* “Who left the d*** cardboard on the shell in the [Item I ordered]!?” *to me* “I’m sorry about that, honey. We’ll get a new one right out!”

    (I got a new one a few minutes later along with complimentary dessert. Guess someone really wasn’t paying attention after all!)

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