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  • No Point Lying Over Soiled Milk

    | Boston, MA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bosses & Owners, Food & Drink

    (I am working as a hostess in a popular restaurant. A couple has come in to celebrate finding out the wife is pregnant. They have ordered our most popular drink that includes milk and vanilla ice cream, but without the alcohol. The host stand and bar are next to each other and I was good friends with the bartender that night. A few minutes after the drink was delivered, the waitress and the manager call me over.)

    Manager: “[My Name], can you go to that table and spill the drink at their table?”

    Me: “What? Why?”

    Server: “I made the drink instead of [Bartender] since it wasn’t alcoholic and I used expired milk. So I want you to spill it so we can make a new one.”

    Me: “I really don’t want to spill expired milk and ice cream all over the table when they’re celebrating.”

    Manager: “Well, [Server] can’t do it because it could affect her tip and I’m the manager, so they wouldn’t believe I could be so incompetent. You’re just the hostess so you can do it, no problem!”

    (I’d worked as a server at another restaurant for years and even if I hadn’t, I was very taken aback by the manager basically telling me I was incompetent because I was working as a hostess.)

    Me: “This doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with me. I’d really rather stay out of it.”

    Manager: *shoves a bowl of bread in my hands, pushes me over to the table and says this before running away* “This is [My Name]. She has some bread for you to start with!”

    Me: “I heard about the happy news! Congratulations! I was actually just talking to the bartender who said she wanted to put some extra chocolate decorations into the drink for you as a congratulations present. Would you mind if I grabbed it for a second? I promise to bring it right back with some extra goodies on it.”

    Customer: “Thank you! That sounds wonderful!”

    (I grabbed the drink, asked the bartender to quickly make a new one with non-spoiled milk, and added some extra chocolate to it. The customer was thrilled, and the manager and server just stared unbelieving at me while this happened. The manager took all the credit for the idea afterwards. Thankfully it was only a summer job and I left shortly thereafter!)

    A Stupid Combo

    , | Toronto, ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive

    Me: “[Burger] please, just on its own.”

    Server: “You want a combo?”

    Me: “No, on its own, please.”

    Server: “Not combo?”

    Me: “On its own.”

    Server: “You should get a combo, it’s cheaper.”

    Me: “Than just the burger?”

    Server: “No.”

    Me: “Just the burger please. Nothing else.”

    Server: *shrugs* “Okay, six dollars.”

    Me: “But it’s only $3.99.”

    Server: “Plus tax.”

    Me: “The tax shouldn’t be that much.”

    Server: “Sandwich and fries and drink plus tax, six dollars.”

    Me: “But I said no combo.”

    Server: “Yes, so fries and drink cost more.”

    Me: “But I only want the burger, no combo. No drink, no fries.”

    Server: “You want just the sandwich?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Server: “No drink? No fries?”

    (She’s probably still trying to sell the combo to the space I was standing in.)

    I Say Tomato, You Say…

    , | ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Food & Drink, Language & Words

    (I am working as the backup order taker at the drive thru one night. The woman working drive thru was busy with a customer at the window, so I took the next customer’s order.)

    Me: “Welcome to [Store]. Can I take your order?”

    Customer: “Yes, I’d like a [Signature Burger] combo with no tomato and no pickle, and a diet coke.”

    Me: “Okay, a [Signature Burger] combo with no pomato, no tickle.”

    (I pause, realizing what I just said. The customer chuckles.)

    Me: “Sorry. That’s no pomato, no tickle.”

    (Again I pause, realizing I did it again. Customer chuckles again.)

    Me: “One more time. No pomato, no tickle.”

    (Another pause. More chuckling.)

    Me: “Okay. So a [Signature Burger] meal with special toppings and a diet [Soda]. Is there anything else?”

    Customer: “No, that’s everything.”

    Me: “Okay, that’ll be [cost]. Please drive to the window.”

    (The customer pulls up to the window, pays, and my coworker turns to get the change. I go to the window to talk to the customer.)

    Me: “I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know why I can’t say no pomato, no tickle. I just did it again.”

    Customer: *laughing* “Yes, I don’t mind, really.”

    (My coworker gets the food while I think about how the words should sound. I ask to hand the food to the customer.)

    Me: “Here’s your [Signature Burger] combo with no tomato, no pickle. Have a good night.”

    Customer: “Thanks, and you got it this time. Bye.”

    Taking A Swipe At Technology

    | Lismore, NSW, Australia | At The Checkout, Employees, Technology

    (I have made a take-away order over the phone and have come in to pay for it.)

    Cashier: “Cash or card tonight?”

    Me: “Card, please.”

    (I had over my EFTPOS card, which the cashier swipes for me. ‘BAD SWIPE – SWIPE AGAIN’ appears on the screen.)

    Cashier: “Oh, come on, that was so not a bad swipe!”

    Me: “Sounds like you’ve been having a bad night?”

    Cashier: “You have no idea. This machine and I do not get along at all. I can never get it to do ANYTHING I need it to do. I hate it!”

    (I laugh and we continue with the transaction.)

    Cashier: “Would you like a receipt with that?”

    Me: “No, thanks.”

    Cashier: “Yeah, I wouldn’t want anything it had to offer me either if I were you.”

    A Recipe For Disaster, Part 2

    , | Toronto, ON, Canada | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Health & Body

    (Since I was two, I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, which means that I can’t eat gluten. So I’m gluten-free, but most definitely not by choice. The most difficult part is eating out, because often employees won’t know what to do.)

    Me: “Is this item gluten-free?”

    Employee: “No, nothing is free.”

    Me: “No, does this item have any gluten in it?”

    Employee: “Gluten? What is gluten?”

    Me: “Wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt – are any of those ingredients in this product?”

    Employee: “One second.”

    (He then gets out his iPhone, and I presume it’s to call someone who created the product to make sure. Instead, he goes onto Google to search up ‘gltin.’)

    Employee: “How do you spell it?”

    Me: “Uh, never mind. I’ll just have [product that in no way could have gluten].”

    A Recipe For Disaster

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