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    Addicted To Crack(ers)

    , | Chicago, IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Coworkers, Food & Drink

    (Our restaurant makes a snack for the bar that is similar to Cracker Jack. We tend to sneak tastes of it when it is being made. I had forgotten myself and was eating a giant handful of it when the chef who made it came around the corner and caught me.)

    Chef: “Hey, uh, what are you snacking on there?”

    Me: “Oh, I had some Cracker Jack in my pocket.”

    Chef: “Funny, it looks just like the bar snack I just made.”

    Me: “I know! That’s weird, right?”

    Can’t Daylight Save This Order

    | Storrs, CT, USA | Employees, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Time

    (It is the night Daylight Savings time ends. Around 1:40 am, Daylight Time, I order some food for delivery and they tell me it will arrive in 30-45 minutes. An hour and a half later, it still hasn’t arrived so I call the restaurant to complain. Note that because of the clocks turning back at 2:00 am, it is now only 2:10 am.)

    Me: “Hello, I placed an order for delivery an hour and a half ago. You told me it would be here in 30-45 minutes and it’s still not here.”

    Employee: “I see here that you ordered at 1:40 am. It’s now 2:10 am. It’s only been half an hour. It should be there in about 15-20 minutes.”

    Me: “No, I ordered it 90 minutes ago, before the clocks were set back.”

    Employee: “So you’re telling me the timestamp our computer automatically prints out is wrong and you didn’t order at 1:40 am?”

    Me: “No, I did, and then 20 minutes later Daylight Savings Time ended and it went back to 1:00 am. It’s now 70 minutes after that.”

    Employee: *sarcastically* “Right…. So our employees time-traveled back an hour to avoid making your food?”

    Me: “Do you understand how Daylight Savings Time works?”

    Employee: “I really don’t care. You ordered half an hour ago. We’re very busy right now. Unless you’re going to stop lying, just wait for your food.” *hangs up*

    (The food finally arrived after another half hour, and was cold. How do people not know how Daylight Savings Time works?)

    Their Service Is Going Down (Under)

    | Flagstaff, AZ, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My father, brother and I are on a trip across the states, doing our best to try as many burgers and local beers as we can. We go to a restaurant for some dinner and some beers. We are all 21 or above.)

    Server: “Can I get you guys started with any drinks?”

    Dad: “Sure, we’ll get three [Craft Beer].”

    Server: “Okay! Can I just see some ID from you two first?” *looking at me and my brother*

    Both Of Us: “Sure.” *hands him our Australian ID which we have been using everywhere without fail thus far*

    Server: “Oooohhh, since this is a college town, we only accept American identification.”

    Dad: “But… we aren’t American.”

    Server: “Yeah… do you have any other ID?”

    Dad: “Well, our hotel is just across the parking lot. We could just go get our passports.”

    Server: “Are they American passports?”

    All Of Us: “No…”

    Server: “Yeaaahh… then I can’t use that either.”

    Dad: “So, let me get this straight. We can enter the country and get through Homeland Security with these passports… but we can’t buy a bloody beer in Flagstaff? Is that right?”

    Server: *with a large grin across his face* “Yep!”

    Dad: “Do you realise how stupid that is?”

    Server: “I don’t think so. We get a lot of fake IDs in a college town.”

    Dad: “Has anyone ever come in here with an Australian license, paired with an accent?”

    Server: “No…”

    (Needless to say, we had all the free refills of Dr. Pepper to wash down the most disgusting chicken wings we have ever tasted. The server later approached us as we were leaving.)

    Server: “Hey guys, I’m really sorry about the whole ID thing. If you’re in town at five pm tomorrow I’d be happy to buy you guys a beer.”

    Dad: “Thanks, [Server], I do appreciate that. But how will we all get a beer if we don’t have American IDs?”

    Server: “Good point.” *looks at shoes*

    (The next night we went to a brewery/grill on the other side of town, and got served beers all night.)

    Not Using Her Grey(ing) Matter

    | TN, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive

    (My father has had grey hair since he was about 30. Because of this, people often think he’s older than he actually is. At the time this took place, he was in his late 40s.)

    Waitress: “Do you qualify for a senior citizen discount?”

    Dad: “Haha, no, not yet! The grey hair is misleading.”

    Waitress: *smiling* “Sorry about that. We have a lot of customers who look a lot younger than you who claim to qualify.”

    Dad: “…”

    (She walked away happily, seeming unaware that she had just insulted my Dad. I don’t think she meant it the way it came out, but it was still funny. We laughed all the way home.)

    To The Fourth Power

    | Sweden | Employees, Food & Drink

    (Three friends and I go to a restaurant to have some lunch. It so happens that all four of us decide to have the same dish.)

    Waiter: “Welcome. What do you want to order?”

    Friend #1: “Four [dish].”

    Waiter: *to Friend #2* “And what do you want?”

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