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    The Great Mushroom Slaughter

    , | WV, USA | Awesome Workers, Bizarre/Silly, Food & Drink

    (I’ve ordered a chicken meal with a side of breaded mushrooms.)

    Server: *at drive through* “Sorry for your wait. We kill our own mushrooms.”

    They’re Driving You To (The Wrong) Drink

    , | Portland, OR, USA | Employees, Food & Drink, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful

    (My boyfriend and I are in a packed drive-thru to get dinner for ourselves and his mother. When we pull up to the speaker, I order each of us meals with medium fries and three drinks: a rootbeer with no ice, a rootbeer with ice, and a Sprite. We pull up to the pay window:)

    Cashier: “So you ordered the [five meals with popular energy drink].”

    Me: “Erm, no…”

    Cashier: “Okay, [children's meal]?”

    Me: *lists of a few menu items we ordered*

    (The cashier calls over a manager since she cannot seem to find our order. My boyfriend and I are mildly bemused but shrug it off as first-day flustered-ness. We finally get our food.)

    Boyfriend: “Oh wow, they really skimped us on fries.” *holds up a half-full, small container of fries*

    Me: “Yeah, and I think we’re gonna have to split your root beer.” *takes sip* “Scratch that. This is Coke.”

    Boyfriend: “At least our food turned out okay… Is [Mom]‘s sprite supposed to be blue?!”

    (It was, in fact, the energy drink from the first order. And since we were already on the freeway and the line had been so packed, we couldn’t go back and fix any of it.)

    Going Through A Bad Spell At Work

    | Atlanta, GA, USA | Coworkers, Geeks Rule, Rude & Risque

    (I am a known Harry Potter fan at work. This occurs while my coworkers and I are cleaning up after the restaurant is closed.)

    Coworker: *with the broom*Wingardium Leviosa!”

    Me: “That’s the wrong spell for that.”

    Coworker: “No, I was trying to levitate your jaw shut so you’d stop talking.”

    Me: “Oh, look, it’s levitating my middle finger!”

    You Guest Wrong

    | Phoenix, AZ, USA | Coworkers

    Coworker #1: “Remember, the customer is always right.”

    Coworker #2: “Well, then, it’s a good thing we have guests.”

    The Tip Was The Tipping Point

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Employees, Money

    (My friends and I are eating at a Japanese restaurant for a spontaneous lunch. The food was decent but service was almost nonexistent. We all agree not to tip. I go to pay.)

    Cashier: “Your total is $16.”

    (I give her $15 in bills and a $2 coin.)

    Cashier: *pockets coin* “Your total is $16. You didn’t give me enough.”

    Me: “Actually, I did. That’s why I gave you the coin.”

    Cashier: *combination of surprise and annoyance* “Ooohh, okay. That’s enough money now.”

    (She gave me my change and I met my friends outside. Turned out she didn’t want to give my friends their change either.)

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