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    They Got There In The End-o

    | WA, USA | Employees, Language & Words, Rude & Risque, Transportation

    (I live in Washington, but I bought a motorcycle online from a seller in Florida. I am looking for a shipping center that can receive it, so I am calling around to gauge my options.)

    Employee: “Hello, [Shipping Center].”

    Me: “Hi, I have a question for you.”

    Employee: “Sure, go ahead.”

    Me: “What is the biggest package you can take?”

    Employee: “Do you really think I haven’t heard that one before? F*** off until you get a better joke.” *hangs up*

    (Not quite the response I was expecting, but judging by my wording, I don’t blame him. I give him another call.)

    Employee: “Hello, [Shipping Center].”

    Me: “I’m really sorry about earlier, but I bought a motorcycle out-of-state. Do you guys accept shipments that big?”

    Employee: “Oh, that’s what you meant? Yeah, we can store motorcycles.”

    (I talked to him some more about setting up an account, expected shipping dates, and other important stuff. On the day my motorcycle arrived, I actually met this guy in person. He was actually a very friendly fellow, and he’s also a very big fan of motorcycles. His biggest pet peeve happened to be prank callers, and, by his own admission, that is the only time anyone saw his bad side.)

    Receiving Is Believing

    | Colorado, USA | Awesome Customers, Employees, Food & Drink

    (Our bookstore does special ordering, so we get packages almost every day of the week. To show our appreciation for the delivery company’s hard work, I go in with cookies from our local bakery, which are in a clear display package with a bow on top.)

    Clerk: *looks worried* “…Can I help you?”

    Me: “You can deliver this to your break room.”

    Clerk: “Uh… I’ll have to get my manager.”

    (A minute later…)

    Manager: “I’m sorry; we can’t.”

    (I’m a bit confused, so I assume there must be a rule about home-baked goods or something.)

    Me: “It’s okay; it’s from [bakery]. See? It’s still sealed.”

    Manager: “But we can’t ship things that aren’t in a secure box.”

    Me: “No, it’s a present for you guys! To eat here!”

    Manager: “Oh…” *looks as if she’s about to cry* “…thank you!”

    (It turns out the manager had just been on the phone with a customer who was mad that a driver hadn’t come out to her isolated farm house for a pickup; note that we were having a blizzard that day. The clerk who misunderstood me was brand new, and doing his first week at the counter in the week before Christmas. We all had a laugh over confusion and cranky customers.)