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    Trash-Talking Ponies

    , | FL, USA | Bosses & Owners, Coworkers, Movies & TV

    Manager: “[My Name], can you help that customer?”

    Assistant Manager: “[My Name], can you get those wings? Remember, make three kinds from two bags.”

    Me: “Yeah, yeah, I got it.”

    (The oven begins to buzz.)

    Assistant Manager: “[My Name], can you put price tags on these cups of chicken


    Me: “Hang on; I’m trying to do four things at once here.”

    Manager: “[My Name], can you take out the trash?”

    Me: “Make that five things.”

    Assistant Manager: “Heh heh.”

    Me: “Anything else?”

    Assistant Manager: “Yeah, I want a pony. No, wait, make that a unicorn!”

    Me: “Well, [Local University]’s mascot is the Pegasus. I don’t know about unicorns, but maybe they have one of those there.”

    Assistant Manager: “I don’t want a Pegasus; I want a unicorn! No, wait. I want Rainbow Brite’s horse! Ugh… that was one of my favorite cartoons and now I can’t remember its name!”

    Me: “Well, s***, don’t ask me what it is.”

    Manager: “…Starlite?”

    (Our manager is a 39-year-old man.)

    Me: “Ooookay, that’s it. I’m outta here. I’m outta here before I inhale some pixie dust or something.”

    (I grabbed the trash cart and headed out of the department as both managers began cracking up.)

    You Say Potato I Say Fail

    | Canada | Lazy/Unhelpful, New Hires, Technology

    (I am training a new hire to work as a cashier. She has been informed that in addition to completing several computer modules, she will need to memorize 50 PLU codes for fruits and vegetables and pass a test on them before she can complete her training.)

    Me: “So here’s the PLU list. You have a couple of weeks before your test; just learn a few new codes every day and you’ll ace it!

    Trainee: “Okay!”

    (A week passes.)

    Me: “So, how are you getting on with those codes?”

    Trainee: “Oh, really good! I know all the potatoes!” *looks at me for approval*

    Me: *nodding encouragingly* “Okay, that’s three, what else?”

    Trainee: “Well… that’s it right now, but… ALL the potatoes. That’s good, right?”

    Me: “…”

    Trainee: “I’ll keep working on it, I promise.”

    (At her next training session, I asked again about her progress on the codes. She avoided eye contact and gave a vague answer. I warned her that the test was coming up soon and reminded her she would need get at least 80% to pass. She said she would be fine and brushed me off. She didn’t pass.)

    Won’t Bi From Here Again

    | FL, USA | Bigotry, Employees, Love/Romance, Religion, Theme Of The Month

    (I am 16 years old but look more like I am maybe 13 or 14. I am openly bisexual and wear a bracelet out of pride for my orientation. I am paying for some grocery items.)

    Cashier: “Hello, how ar—” *drops tone very low* “Sweetie, are you are aware of what that charm means?”

    (She is referring to the charm of the word ‘Pride’ in a rainbow color scheme on my bracelet.)

    Me: “Umm… yes, I’m well aware.”

    Cashier: “Honey, you’re much too young for that! Don’t let them brainwash you into thinking you’re gay! You’re still just a little girl!”

    Me: “Uhh, Ma’am… I’m not gay, I’m—”

    Cashier: “See! Told you so! You really shouldn’t be wearing such a horrid piece!”

    Me: “Ma’am… I’m not gay, but I am bisexual. See these colors?” *referring to the blue, purple and pink color scheme* “These are the colors of the Bisexual Pride Flag.”

    Cashier: “Don’t be silly! There’s no such thing as being bisexual! You’re just confused and brainwashed! You should come to our Sunday service; they’ll set you right!”

    (By now I have finished paying and I am gathering my bags.)

    Me: “Ma’am, I am far from confused. I know who I am and a Sunday service will do me no good since I’m an atheist. Have a good one!”

    (As I leave, she has the most shocked and flabbergasted face I’ve ever seen. As I exit, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) meets me with the car and I proceed to tell him what happened.)

    Boyfriend: “Why didn’t you play it up more?! That would have been gold!”

    A Hard Day’s Wokr

    | Ashford, Kent, UK | Coworkers, Language & Words

    (At my store we often joke about who has been doing work that day and who hasn’t, even though everyone is a hard worker, Such an exchange happens today:)

    Coworker: “I heard a rumour that [My Name] was going to do some work today.”

    Me: *chuckling* “No, don’t be silly! What is this ‘work’ you speak of?”

    Coworker: “It’s a four-letter word that starts with ‘W’ and ends with ‘R.'”

    (He realizes what he has just said. We both laugh.)

    Me: “[Coworker], this just proves that you know nothing about work!”

    Prawn Of The Dead

    | UK | April Fool's Day, Zombies

    (I go to my local supermarket to return an item.)

    Me: “I would like to return these prawns, please.”

    Employee: *with a snarky tone* “And why do you feel like you’re warranted a return?”

    Me: “They turned my husband into a zombie.”

    Employee: *blinks* “Pardon me?”

    Me: “My husband ate them last night, and then became unwell. He woke up this morning as a zombie, and I think it was the prawns’ fault.”

    Employee: “Everyone knows that to become a zombie you have to be bitten by one. Bad prawns don’t cause zombification.”

    Me: “What about the first one?”

    Employee: “First what?”

    Me: “There has to be a first zombie, a patient zero. I believe my husband is that person.”

    Employee: “I’m sorry, be that as it may, I still don’t think that the prawns–”

    (Just then, we are interrupted by a sound of broken glass. We turn to see my zombified husband shuffle into the store.)

    Me: “Oh, no, he got out of the car.”

    Employee: ”You bought your zombie-husband with you?!”

    Me: “Yes, as proof.”

    Employee: “Proof of what?”

    (My zombie-husband shuffles towards the frozen fish section.)

    Zombie-Husband: “PRAAAAAAWWWWWNS…”


    Employee: “Let me get you started on that refund…”

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