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    Getting A Kick Out Of Loitering

    | OH, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

    (I’m a regular at a video game store. I’m standing off to the side, charging my phone. A customer walks up, then stops a bit before the register.)

    Cashier: “I can help you here!”

    Customer: “She was here first, though.”

    Cashier: “Her? Nah, she’s just loitering. We’re just too nice to kick her out.

    Only In Your Teenage Dreams

    | Sacramento, CA, USA | Employees, Health & Body

    (While I am shopping, there are very few other customers coming through, so I begin chatting with the only employee in the store. She looks to be about high school age and I am currently 25 and male, but I look a lot younger. We talk about video games for a while until she glances around, suddenly seeming shy or nervous.)

    Employee: “Hey, um… I get off in 45 minutes. You want to get a coffee?”

    Me: “Uh… how old are you.”

    Employee: “Sixteen.”

    Me: “I’m twenty-five.”

    Employee: *laughing and putting her hands on her face* “Oh, my god! I thought you were nineteen!”

    Me: *smirking* “Nope, sorry! Tell Chris Hanson, ‘Hi.'”

    Talking BS About Your DS

    | Columbus, OH, USA | Bigotry, Employees, Technology

    (I’m with my fiancé at a local game store. The 3DS will be released soon and I’m looking at the display model.)

    Worker: *sarcastically* “Is there anything I can help you with, miss?”

    Me: “Nope, just looking at the 3DS. I’m still using the original one and I think it’s finally time I upgraded.”

    (Another worker has come by at this point and they both roll their eyes.)

    Worker #2: “Yeah, girls are always saying they have the original DS and we’re like ‘no, b****, you have the DS Lite; the original is a great brick. Go back to playing Kitchen Mama!'”

    Me: “Oh! I’m so sorry. I must be mistaken. I could have sworn that’s exactly what mine looked like!”

    (I take out my ‘grey brick’ of a DS and pretend to look confused.)

    Me: “Maybe I should get my eyes checked?”

    (Both workers turn bright red.)

    Me: “It’s not the 90s anymore, boys. Girls play video games now. Get used to it and grow up!”

    A Pre-Ordered Chip On His Shoulder

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Lazy/Unhelpful, New Hires

    (I’m preordering a video game for myself. The staff at a popular video game store know me well, but when I go in, a new hire is at the cash register. I walk up.)

    Me: “Hi, I’d like to preorder [Game].”

    New Hire: “Okay, that’ll be $40.”

    Me: “…I was only going to put $5 down for now.”

    New Hire: “You got to pay it in full now.”

    Me: “They didn’t tell me that, and the other guys haven’t said anything about changing policy.”

    New Hire: “Well, you either pay it all up-front or wait until it comes out.”

    Me: “Can you check? I think [Employee] is working today.”

    New Hire: “Whatever. Let me go get her.”

    (I wait for a while before the new hire comes back.)

    New Hire: “She said the same thing. Now give me $40 or leave.”

    (I decide not to get the preorder. I wander around, looking at various games and consoles. I finally pick out two cheap games, and bring them up to the counter.)

    New Hire: “That’ll be $20.”

    Me: “The games are only $4 each. There’s no way that it’s anywhere near $20.”

    New Hire: “That’s not what they ring up as. $20, now.”

    Me: “I’m not paying that. Get [Employee], and make sure she comes up here.”

    New Hire: “Ugh, fine.”

    (He goes to the back room. After a couple minutes, the front door opens. The employee the new hire is supposedly looking for walks in and sees me. She comes over.)

    Employee: “Hey, [My Name]. What’s up?”

    Me: “Being lied to by your new hire. Want to get him from the back room?”

    (The employee goes into the back room and comes out with the new hire.)

    Employee: “Okay, what all happened?”

    New Hire: “This girl—”

    Employee: “You keep quiet. I’m asking [My Name].”

    Me: “He argued that I have to pay [Game] in full for the preorder, then tried overcharging me for the two games I was going to buy.”

    Employee: “[New Hire], this is the third time this week. Go sit in the back room. We’re going to have a talk.”

    (I got my preorder and the games, with the employee discount. The new hire was fired.)

    I Nintendon’t Believe It

    | San Jose, CA, USA | Employees, Ignoring/Inattentive, Lazy/Unhelpful, Technology

    (I’m meeting up with a friend who often hangs out at a game shop. It is literally a knock off of a very popular game shop, to the point of using the same font and coloration. I’m pretty uncomfortable, but I haven’t seen this friend in a while, so I stick around. Then, a teenager walks in.)

    Teen: “Hey, I dropped off my 3DS to be fixed. Any idea when it’s going to be fixed?”

    Employee: “Um, I’ll call the owner and find out.”

    (Employee calls the owner, then returns.)

    Employee: “So, the technician has had to take care of his family a lot recently, so he hasn’t been in to fix anything. Just come back next week, and it’ll probably be fine.”

    (The teen leaves.)

    Employee: *after teen is completely gone* “So, we kind of lost his 3DS…”

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