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    Taking The Ma Out Of Maternity

    | UK | Coworkers, Language & Words

    (I’m tagging clothes with a new colleague, showing her what to do and where things go. We’ve been working for about an hour when she asks for help.)

    Coworker: “Hey [my name], is this a man’s or a woman’s?”

    Me: “What does it say on the tag?”

    Coworker: “Um, it just says maternity. There’s no size on it or anything. How are we supposed to know what it is if people cut the tags off?”

    Me: “But you just said it’s maternity.”

    Coworker: “Yeah so? Which is it… men’s or women’s?”

    Me: “What do you think ‘maternity’ means?”

    Coworker: “Isn’t it like a brand of clothing?”

    Me: “Not quite. Maternity means for pregnant women.”

    Coworker: “Oh my God! Are you kidding me?” *turns red*

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