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    This Worker Is A Real Headache

    | Woodland, CA, USA | Employees, Health & Body

    (I have a migraine, but am out of medicine, so I run to the drug store, wearing sunglasses and rubbing my head.)

    Clerk: *loudly* “Welcome to [store]! Did you find everything you need?”

    Me: *whisper* “Yes. I have a migraine, so can we do this quickly and quietly?”

    Clerk: *loudly* “Of course! Do you have a rewards card with us?”

    Me: *whisper* “No.”

    Clerk: *loudly* “Would you like to sign up?”

    Me: *whisper* “No.”

    Clerk: *loudly* “Are you sure? You could save a lot of money!”

    Me: *whisper* “I’m sure.”

    Clerk: *loudly* “This medicine might even be on sale!”

    Me: *whisper* “I’m sure. Just let me pay.”

    Clerk: *loudly* “Okay, then. Would you like a bag?”

    Me: *whisper* “No.”

    Clerk: *loudly* “Would you like a rewards card application, in case you change your mind?”

    Customer Behind Me: “The poor thing has a migraine! Just be quiet, hand her the d*** medicine, and let her go already!”

    This Coworker Is A Real Headache