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Part of my job is to visit customers and suppliers for various reasons. The problem is often my geography, even with a satnav i have issues.
This day i turn up early and go to let my contact know i am here.

Me: Good morning

Receptionist: (gestures me to be silent)

Receptionist: Yes?

Me: My name is (name) i’m here to see (manager).

Receptionist: Well he is very busy, do you have an appointment?

Me: He is expecting me yes.

(She picks up the phone and dials, before speaking to someone.)

Receptionist: He says that you will have to wait.

Me: That’s fine.

(I wait and wait, my allotted time comes up and the manager appears.)

Manager: (My name)! Its great to see you, thank you for coming!

Me: No problem, sorry that i was a little early. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.

Manager: You where? No, i came down as soon as i heard. I always have time for you. Why don’t we head up to the meeting room.

(I step through the open door and just make out…)

Manager: Make some coffee.

Receptionist: (unrecognisable)

Manager: I can SEE you on facebook! Make the coffee then go to my office.

(By the time i finish with all of my appointments i leave to find an empty reception.)

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