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I work at the largest theme park in Canada. This happened in summer 2016.

We’ve been having a problem with rats in our back room (ya, it’s gross, we know). We often times find chips with holes in them making them unsellable.

Team lead: [My name] go and get some more chips from the back. We’re running low.

We have two back rooms and we’ve moved the chips to the smaller back room to avoid the rats.

Me: Okay

I go to the small back room and find two of my coworkers eating chips that we’re supposed to be selling to guests

Coworker #1: Would it help if I said I was super high right now? Can’t control the munchies man!

Me: (surprised)…you could just..not do weed

I didn’t mind they were doing marijuana but I don’t personally do it.

Coworker #2: (laughs)

I didn’t tell the team lead what happened. I just took their bags and wrote them off but they later got fired for coming to work under the influence

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