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(I work in the cash office. It’s behind two locked doors. My key is in the office, so I need someone to let me in. I clock in, and see my manager walking past the office.)

Me: [Manager]! Can you let me in?

(He turns around and I see he’s on his phone. As I walk up closer to him, he holds up the phone to my face. I give him a confused look.)

Manager: Smile!

Me: Oh I didn’t know you were recording.

Manager: I’m not! It’s just fun. Look, I can see my feet!

(He points the phone at his feet and unlocks the office for me, looking at the screen the whole time.)

Me: Uhhhh, ok. *nervous laughter*

(He smiled and walked out of the office. I’m starting to think some of the rumors I’ve heard about him are true…..)

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