A Self-Lay-Offing Prophecy

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(Our company has just been bought out by a competitor. There is some significant downsizing expected. My manager calls me in to break the news first thing on Monday morning.)

Manager: “Here’s the deal: you have to let all eight people on your team go today. There’s a script that you have to use, and an HR rep will be with you.”

Me: “All eight? My whole team?”

Manager: “Yes, the whole team. We still have duties for you, though.”

(And so I go about firing my whole team. After it’s completed, I meet with my manager again.)

Manager: “We have to let you go.”

Me: “…What? I thought you said you had duties for me.”

Manager: “Yes, and you completed them.”

Me: “You kept me on to fire my staff before firing me? That was it?”

Manager: *brightly* “Glad you understand!”

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