Aisle Never Listen

| NY, USA | Bosses & Owners, Ignoring & Inattentive

(I’ve come in before the store opens with a few other coworkers and a manager. Our task is to do an ‘aisle reset’, which means taking all the product off the shelves and moving them to where they are supposed to be. The only place to set the product while transitioning it is on the floor, in the aisle.)

Manager: “Okay, let’s start by taking everything off the shelves!”

Me: “Wouldn’t it be better if we did it in sections? That’s a lot of product, I don’t think we have room to take it all off at once—”

Manager: “No, it will be faster to take everything off all at once. Trust me.”

Me: “Alright, then—you’re the boss.”

(Three hours go by of our four hour shift. None of the product is back on the shelf yet, but is instead on the aisle floor and taking up a huge amount of space.)

Manager: “D*** it! We’re not gonna get this done in time!”

Coworker: “We’d have it done by now if there was room to move around.”

Me: “It would have worked better if we had done it in sections.”

Manager: “What did you say?!”

Me: “I said, it would have worked better if we had done it in sections.”

Manager: “Well, I wish you had suggested that before we took everything off the shelves!”

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