Bad Behavior Needs A Good Dressing Down

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(My girlfriend has recently lost a bunch of weight, but is still highly insecure and wears over-sized clothing because she isn’t comfortable with her body. My sister is getting married, so I take my girlfriend to buy a dress for the engagement party. We’ve found a nice dress, but we need a different size.)

Employee: “Hi… can I… HELP you, or something?”

(Note that employee is looking at my girlfriend with a disgusted look on her face.)

Me: “Can you find out what sizes you have this in stock in?”

Employee: “I’m sorry. That doesn’t come in circus tent.”

(Thankfully, a stock room employee overhears her rude comment and speaks up.)

Stock Room Employee: *to employee #1* “What is the matter with you?!” *to us* “Do you know what size you need?”

Me: “Well… about your size, I think? We’re not sure; she just dropped a lot of weight.”

Stock Room Employee: “Oh, congrats! That’s always the hard part. Um… how about this: I know we’ve got a bunch of these, so I’ll bring out one in my size, one below and one above just in case. How’s that sound?”

(My girlfriend tries to smile, but is still embarrassed because of the first employee.)

Employee: “Oh Em Gee, [stock room employee], no way is she gonna fit anything your size. LOOK at her!”

Stock Room Employee: “Clothing being too small doesn’t seem to stop you. Besides, if you’d actually look at her and not just dismiss her, you might notice how small she is.”

Employee: “B****!”

Stock Room Employee: “Anyway, I’ll be right back!”

(Turns out my girlfriend was the same dress size as the stock room girl, which nearly made my girlfriend cry because the dress looked wonderful.)

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