Bad Customer Service Can Be A Chain Reaction

| New Brunswick, Canada | Awesome Workers, Employees, Food & Drink

Hotel Guest: “Where might I get something to eat nearby?”

Me: “There are [some nearby restaurants], or if you prefer, there is a mall nearby with a pretty good food court.”

Hotel Guest: “Is there a [fast food chain]?”

Me: “Yes, on [nearby street].”

Hotel Guest: “Oh, do you ever recommend them?”

Me: “No, not unless a guest asks for them specifically.”

Hotel Guest: “May I ask why not?”

Me: “Certainly. I was a customer there some time ago and I had a really bad experience. The staff were quite rude to me, so I don’t really like to recommend to our guests that they go there.”

Hotel Guest: “I see. I’m the district manager of [fast food chain] and I sincerely apologize that you didn’t have a good experience. Here are two vouchers for you and your coworker for a free meal. I hope you’ll try us again. We’ve just hired a new manager and staff, so I hope your next experience with us will be better!”

(I did use the voucher, and my next dining experience was much better!)

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