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Rock Solid Prank

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(My father-in-law used to lead caving tours in a national park. This is one of the stories he told us. While leading a small group of VERY hung-over guys…)

Father-In-Law: “Okay, we’re going to have to crawl through this crack. It’s so narrow if you take a deep breath you’ll get stuck. You have to take your pack off and push it ahead of you while you crawl through. There’s also an incline half-way through, so you have to bend yourself up and over to keep going. I’ll wait for all of you to start in and go through last to make sure everyone gets through.”

(After the last person starts in, he runs through the totally open cave room to the other side of the rock formation they’re crawling through. As the first person begins to exit…)

Father-In-Law: “Man, you guys are moving slow today! What’s taking so long?”


Sale Right Through

| Philadelphia, PA, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Holidays

(It’s three days before Christmas and I’m helping my friend shop for presents for our other friends. We find a display with some great gifts on it advertised as 3/$10 but we can’t tell which items the sale applies to so we take it up front to ask.)

Friend: “Excuse me. The sign says the gifts on the stand are 3/$10 but the price check hasn’t identified any of these items as being part of the sale. Which items was the sign referring to?”

Employee: “Let me see.”

(She then proceeds to look at the items and the price checker for us.)

Employee: “It seems like none of these are 3/$10. Honestly that is probably an old sale sign.”

Friend: “Thank you. I guess we will keep shopping, then.”

(We turn around to put the items back when the employee suddenly calls us back.)

Employee: “Hang on. What did you say the sign said they were supposed to be?”

Friend: “Three for $10.”

Employee: “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give them to you for the sale price even if they don’t ring up that way.”

Friend: “Oh, my God! Thank you. That is so nice of you and I really appreciate it.”

Employee: “It is no problem. I’ve seen so many rude customers and people demanding I change prices lately. You did none of that and were really polite so it’s the least I can do.”

(To that kind employee, thank you. You really made our night and reminded us that sometimes being nice really does get you a lot further than being rude.)


The Gift Of Trust

| IN, USA | Awesome Workers

(I have to leave very early the next morning for a long trip so I decide to go get gas the night before because my car is almost empty. I don’t have any cash on me and plan on using a gift card. When I pull up to the pump the machine is not accepting my rewards card so I go in and wait in the long line of customers to pay inside.)

Me: “Hi, I wanted to put $10 on pump 3 but the machine didn’t accept my rewards card so I figured I’d do it inside.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but some of our machines are down so we can only accept cash or credit. Rewards cards and debit are not currently working.”

Me: “Oh, well, that explains that. I wanted to pay with a gift card so I’ll just do that here.”

Employee: “No problem and thanks for understanding. For the inconvenience we can give you a dollar’s worth of free gas.”

(As he says this he tries to run my gift card only for it to not go through.)

Employee: “This is the first gift card I’ve seen since our system went down and it appears that they are not working either. Just give me a moment.”

(He then steps off to apparently ask a manager what to do.)

Employee: “Do you have any other form of payment or is there anyway you could come back tomorrow?”

Me: “No. I only have debit and you said that wasn’t working. Also, I really need this gas tonight as the warning light has come on in my car.”

Employee: “Here is what my boss told me. I will pump your gas for you and we will hold onto the gift card and ring it through in the morning. That way you can still get your gas.”

(He then proceeded to follow me out to my car and fill it up with the right amount of gas. When he was done he told me I was good to go and not to worry about it because they would ring it up the next day. I was so appreciative of the employee’s help. He could have just told me to leave, but instead went above and beyond to help me out. Also, I called back the next day to thank him and the store and make sure everything went over well when the systems came on line. They did and I was grateful for the station’s help.)


At War With Your Employees

| IA, USA | Awesome Workers, Coworkers, Non-Dialogue, Pranks

Today I love/hate my employees.

During a training session earlier this week I had told them all to let me know of any changes needed to their schedule due to long calls, complicated issues, whatever. “Don’t write me a novel. I don’t need War & Peace, just give me the times and a quick note of what happened.”

Wise-a** rep responds this morning by sending me an email that succinctly states the times I need, then goes into 6 pages of an excerpt from War & Peace. Specifically, Part Three, XV.

To his credit, he didn’t write it, he just copy-pasted from a website.

“At eight o’clock Kutzov rode to Pratz….”


Nut About To Go Home Empty Handed

| Bozeman, MT, USA | Awesome Workers

(I attend college in a smaller town, and there’s an excellent local donut shop right across from my dorm that I’ve been to a couple of times and adored. My younger sister is on campus for a high school-related activity, so I offer to buy her some. Since I have classes, I’m not able to get there until one, about an hour before the shop’s closing time, so I thought I’d still be able to grab her a couple. Upon arriving, I see the owner is prepping a sign, as they are out of donuts. I did not notice this until entering the shop.)

Owner: “Oh, hey, sorry about that. I was just about to put the sign up. We have a couple of cake donuts left if you’re interested.”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s fine, I kind of guessed I’d be cutting it close. I was going to grab some for my sister, but I’ll just come back and get some before I head home for break.”

(I leave town to go home for Thanksgiving next week.)

Owner: “Hmm… what kind of donuts does your sister like?”

Me: “Um, maple and glazed, but she said—” *I had been texting for her opinion* “—that it’s fine, I can just—”

Owner: “How about this: I’ll just put some maple frosting on a couple of these cake donuts and you can take her a bag. They’re not our usuals but she’ll love them.” *begins doing just that*

Me: “Oh, wow, seriously? That’d be awesome! How much will that be?”

Owner: *handing me the bag* “None, it’s on the house. I’m not gonna charge you for half-a**ed maple donuts just because you came in just a few minutes too late.”

Me: “I, wow, thank you so much!”

(My sister loved the “half-a**ed” donuts, and I still intend to go buy a box to take home before I go home for break.)

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