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One Less Thing On Your Plate

| USA | Awesome Workers, Family & Kids

(I am eating at a restaurant when a toddler at the table next to me drops a plate and breaks it. He begins to cry and apologize.)

Waiter: “Hey, that’s okay, kid! I do that all the time. See?”

(He proceeds to drop all of the plates he is carrying onto the floor and let them shatter. His manager runs out and begins yelling at him. He then begins to leave. On his way out he notices my shocked expression and stops by me.)

Waiter: “I was planning on quitting anyway. My boss is horrible. At least this way I go out with a bang and make a kid feel better!”


Serving Is A Bree-ze

| Puyallup , WA, USA | Awesome Workers, Food & Drink, Geeks Rule

(My fiancé and I are having dinner with my parents. They arrive and order before we do, so when we get there, we order our beers, and this exchange happens:)

Dad: “They come in pints!” *referencing ‘The Lord of the Rings’*

(I and my mom laugh.)

Server: *laughing* “We made that reference earlier!”


Server: “Can I get two more pints for you?”

(My parents look indecisive, so I answer for them.)

Me: “Yeah, two more for them!”

Server: “But you’ve got a whole half already!”

Me: “She is officially my favorite server ever.”


There Is Security In The Situation

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Awesome Workers, Bad Behavior

(I am 13 and have been diagnosed with ADD for a few years. I have forgotten to take my medication and end up taking a hoodie out of the store without paying for it. After realising this, I full on sprint back to the store to pay for it. The sensors didn’t go off when I walked out and when I arrive back the manager, a security guard, and the cashier are all standing at the entrance arguing.)

Manager: *to cashier* “You idiot! Why did you just let her walk out like that!” *looks at me* “That’s her!”

Security Guard: “All right, miss, if you’d come with me.”

Me: *confused* “I didn’t realise until I got to the bus stop. I just came back to pay for the hoodie.”

Manager: “As if! We don’t tolerate your kind here. If you truly intended to pay for it, why didn’t you pay for it with the rest of your items?”

Me: “It’s kinda hard to explain, but in short, I’m Attention Deficit and didn’t take my tablets.”

Security Guard: “Well, if you pay for it now, we can let you go. No charges. I had seen you running back here so that’s sorted.”

Manager: *tells Cashier to go back to register* “And why don’t I believe you? Like I said earlier, if you truly intended to pay for it, why didn’t you to begin with?”

Me: “Why would I–“

Security Guard: *obviously siding with me because I am a child and do seem to be sorry* “Just let her go. She can pay for it now and all will be forgotten. Why would she have come back if she didn’t mean to pay for it?”

Manager: “Fine then… I guess she can be let off, THIS time.”

Security Guard: “Don’t worry about it. Most people would’ve just walked off and never thought about it again.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(A moment of awkward silence…)

Me: “I’m gonna go buy this now.”

Security Guard: “You do that.”

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