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(I have a job interview in the morning at nine. I get up early enough to have plenty of time and zip outside to start my vehicle so it can warm up a bit since it is -30C outside. I start the vehicle, lock the doors thinking I have my spare set in my purse, I run back into the garage where I fall face first, hurting both knees quite badly. I get up, finish getting ready, go to my vehicle to start work and I can’t get into my vehicle, I’ve locked both sets of my vehicle keys in there. And now I’ve shut the garage door on my way out so I’m essentially locked out of my house and my vehicle, it’s -30C and I have a job interview in 30 minutes. I call a cab company, panicking, explain what’s happened and they send someone out.)

Me: “Thank you so much for coming so fast, I know you guys are busy this morning.”

Cab Driver: “No problem, my boss said you sounded pretty panicked.”

Me: “Yeah, I have a job interview in 30 minutes and I’m locked out of my house and my running vehicle is close to empty so I need a ride to my mum’s house so I can get my other spare vehicle key, then a ride back to my house to pick up my vehicle.”

Cab Driver: “Oh, that’s no good! Okay, I’ll hurry up then.”

(The cab driver gets through town super fast, waits for me to grab my spare key, drives me back to my car then…)

Cab Driver: “I’ll follow you to the gas station to make sure you get there in time. Worst case I’ll zip you over to your job interview at least.”

(Worst interview morning ever. Best cab driver ever. I tipped him big and he followed me to the gas station. Didn’t get the job, but after that morning, I was just glad I got to the interview on time – all thanks to him!)


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Not A Very Product-ive Answer

| MD, USA | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers

(Our store has recently been purchased by another independent chain and has undergone a massive remodel. All of our stock has been moved to different locations and some things we used to have are not available anymore. As the staff is learning the new layout, we inevitably have this conversation with customers three times a day…)

Customer: “I’m trying to find [Product].”

Staff: “Well if you need any help finding it, let us know and we’ll be just as lost as you are!”

First World Responses To First World Problems

| Tallahassee, FL, USA | Awesome Customers, Awesome Workers, Time

(My boyfriend works in produce and I work retail, so we’re both familiar with the best and worst kinds of customers. So, when we go out to eat and the restaurant is busy we take it in stride. The waiter comes back with our drinks.)

Waiter: “I’m so sorry about the wait.”

Me: “Oh, gosh, we just had to sit here and enjoy each other’s company!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, it was just the worst.”

Waiter: *laughing* “I’m so sorry I made you go through that.”

An Anxiety-Inducing Fact

| UT, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Health & Body, Popular, Trending

(An extremely rude customer has just left our pharmacy after we refused to fill his prescription. We legally couldn’t fill it without his doctor’s permission because another pharmacy had filled the same medication the day before. The tech who helped him is telling us what happened.)

Tech: “…and so then he said, ‘I make more money in a day than you do in a month!’”

Pharmacist: “Well, what you should have said is, ‘Yeah, but I have ninety Xanax back here and you don’t.’”

Tae Kwon Don’t Forget To Pay

| USA | Awesome Workers, Bosses & Owners

(My dad and I frequent a nearby Chinese restaurant and usually stop there every other Friday. Because we come in frequently, and because I used to take tae kwon do classes with the owner’s son, the owner knows us pretty well and will often stop by our table to chat. This particular day, I’m eating alone because my dad isn’t hungry.)

Owner: “Hi, [My Name]! Where is your dad?”

Me: “Oh, he didn’t want to eat, so he didn’t come in.”

Owner: “Okay, just remember to pay. I know where you live.”

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